06.18.20 – SC Meeting Minutes

06.18.20 – SC Meeting Minutes

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June 18, 2020

Stephanie Bellucci, Cliffside Park

Hillsdale, Hoboken, Little Ferry, North Arlington, Ridgefield and West Orange

Attendance sheet is attached to the minutes in the BCCLS office

  1. Call to Order
    Stephanie Bellucci called the virtual meeting to order at 9:44 am. Prior to calling the meeting to order, she reminded everyone to mute their mics if they are not speaking, to identify themselves when speaking and to wait to speak until the Public Portion, Membership Hearing or when comments are requested. She asked that the motion be clearly stated and to identify who made the motion and who seconded it. Voting should be via voice vote; if a library votes via the chat box, she will repeat the vote so it is documented. This will help to ensure that there is a clear record on the recording and in the minutes.
  2. Minutes of Previous Meeting – May 21, 2020
    It was MOVED BY: Mike Banick Seconded by: Sai Rao
    to approve the minutes as written with the correction that Diane Sweatlock is Director of River Vale not River Edge. All in favor. Motion carried.
  3. Public Portion
  4. Treasurer’s Report
    Terrie McColl’s report was previously shared with the membership. Regarding the funds that BCCLS received from the Payroll Protection Program, the Finance Committee is committed to reviewing the BCCLS bill to do what is best for the members and the organization financially, and is looking at ways to save money. There were no questions about her report.

    It was MOVED BY: Chris Hartigan Seconded by: Linda Corona
    to accept the treasurer’s report. All in favor. Motion carried.
  5. President’s Report
    Stephanie Bellucci’s report was previously shared with the membership. June was a busy month with committee meetings. There were a number of extra Executive Board meetings called when there were at least 2 time-sensitive issues. She will try to keep to the regular schedule going forward and thanked the Executive Board for their support. Peter Coyl commented that she has been doing a great job and is running BCCLS the way she sees best. She offered her condolences on the passing of Monica Sanchez, Englewood Public Library. John Arthur, Director, noted that there will be a plaque in the library in her memory. There were no questions about her report.
  6. Executive Director’s Report
    Dave Hanson’s report was previously shared with the membership. He noted that the BCCLS office is gradually reopening with a maximum of 5 people in the office at one time. Delivery has been operating on a limited basis. The document that was created by the four consortia in northern New Jersey showing that libraries play an important role in the recovery of New Jersey has been folded into the state’s effort by NJLA, LLNJ and NJSL. He continues to be involved with LLNJ and TOPCATS which is providing guidance to help libraries reopen across the state. There were no questions about his report.
  7. Committee Reports
    The committee reports were previously shared with the membership. Stephanie Bellucci advised that she hosted a quarterly meeting for committee chairs on June 4. Some committee charges may change due to current events and some timelines (primarily for the Capital Plan Committee, Mandated vs Opt-In Services Task Force and the Strategic Plan Committee) will change. In addition, the Finance Committee may take over some charges.
  8. Old Business
    a. Library Re-openings – Safely Opening & Operating Task Force (SOOT)
    Stephanie Bellucci thanked Peter Coyl and his task force for their hard work; the Executive Board approved their recommendation. She noted that it was hard for delivery to go live on Monday when the governor just approved curbside pickup on Friday so libraries are handling this at their own pace. She thanked Dave Hanson and the BCCLS office for setting this up.
  9. New Business
    a. Tech Committee – Recommendation – VOTE
    Joseph Emery, co-chair, explained that the MeeScan product allows patrons to borrow items, while socially distancing, by downloading an app on their phones. The cost for individual libraries is $2-4,000, but if 40 or more libraries participate, there is a flat fee of $12,000. If
    libraries join before December 31, they will receive a free self-check kiosk. The committee also hosted a Q&A session for the membership.

    It was MOVED BY: John Trause Seconded by: Chris Hartigan
    to approve MeeScan as an opt-in service.

    A discussion followed concerning how this will be billed and if the BCCLS innovation fund could be used to fund this service. The innovation fund is seed money and provides the opportunity for the BCCLS office or a committee to try something new. The discussion continued about using the innovation fund for an opt-in service and how to fund this expense next year.

    Judah Hamer made a friendly amendment that the MeeScan start-up expenses come from the innovation fund. John Trause accepted the friendly amendment to use the innovation fund line in the budget.

    Stephanie Bellucci clarified that MeeScan would then be available to all libraries. They would need to purchase the hardware on their own, but can use it just as an app if they choose. This would need to be included in the 2021 budget as an opt-in service. If passed, the goal is to get this product to the membership sooner rather than later as it does not need a lot of customization. Dave Hanson explained that the bylaws require a majority vote for opt-in services and a super majority vote if the service impacts the budget.

    A voice vote was taken: Yes (62), No (3), Abstain (1). There were 11 libraries not present at the time of the vote. Motion carried.

    b. Policies & Procedures – Recommendation – VOTE
    Chris Doto, co-chair, introduced the recommended changes which were approved by the Executive Board in January, but had not yet been presented to System Council:
    Lend & Send > Renewals
    Delivery > Inter-Library Loan Requests
    Lend & Send > Materials Lost in Delivery (moved to Delivery > Lost In-Transit)
    Communication > Email

    It was MOVED BY: Ruth Rando Seconded by: Jennifer Breuer
    to approve the recommendation from the Policies & Procedures Committee. All in favor. Motion carried.

    c. Personnel Manual – BCCLS Office – VOTE
    The updated Personnel Manual for the BCCLS office was previously distributed to the membership. There was a question about the reference to civil service or union. Dave Hanson advised that it does not currently apply, but the attorney recommended leaving it in since it had been included previously. Judah Hamer explained that the Personnel Manual originated from a library.

    It was MOVED BY: Adele Puccio Seconded by: Mary Jo Jennings
    to approve the Personnel Manual for the BCCLS office. All in favor. Motion carried.

    d. BCCLS Statement on Current Social Events
    At the suggestion of Stephanie Bellucci, the Executive Board issued a statement on current social events. It was discussed twice at Executive Board meetings and approved. It is not a statement for libraries to use and add their own names, but they can use it however they wish. In addition, a special issue of Cobalt was created and included the statement. A discussion followed. There was concern about naming names as other people have been killed as well. Stephanie Bellucci replied that this was a statement made at that moment in time and the
    Executive Board would consider amending the statement if it will be used again. A request was made to refer to this as a Statement from BCCLS Executive Board rather than BCCLS Statement on Current Social Events in the minutes. The statement will remain on the BCCLS
    website until the Executive Board makes a decision at its next meeting on July 15. A directorwas concerned about BCCLS making a statement that was wishy washy, statements have not been made before, actions are more important than words and it should have been approved by System Council. Another director felt that making a safe statement sets a precedent and he also pointed out that statements were not made for previous issues like gun rights and MeToo. He felt that the individual libraries’ mission statements, policies, programs, collections, etc. are their actions and it is the same for the Executive Board. Stephanie Bellucci replied that the Executive Board felt it was important to take action and the statement was approved unanimously. The Executive Board can discuss it and address future issues going forward. The board felt it was a heartfelt discussion, was proud of the statement and it will help how BCCLS operates going forward. Another director felt that racism will not go away, statements are better if they come from individuals and actions are important. Stephanie Bellucci said the Executive Board will revisit meeting decorum; debates must be polite and it is important that these meetings are a safe place to share opinions. It is also important that actions match statements.
  10. Membership Hearing
    • Lori Quinn, chair of the Election Committee, advised that they will be asking for selfnominations for 3-year positions on the Executive Board. The due date is September 1 and there will be a Meet the Candidates event prior to the election.
    • Danielle Serra, chair of the Bibliographic Tool Task Force, advised that they will be making a recommendation to the Executive Board in July and will be hosting an information session on June 30. They will share a draft of the recommendation and answer any questions.
    • Stephanie Bellucci wished the directors good luck with curbside and doorside delivery.
  11. Next Meeting
    System Council: Thursday, 9/24 at 9:30 am – Upper Saddle River (TBD)
  12. Adjournment
    It was MOVED BY: Mary Jo Jennings Seconded by: Tara Cooper
    to adjourn at 11:25 am. All in favor. Motion carried.

    dms: 6/22/20