12.13.18 – SC Meeting Minutes

12.13.18 – SC Meeting Minutes

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Maywood Public Library

December 13, 2018 

___________________________________________________________________                          _____

PRESIDING:                 Kurt Hadeler, Mahwah 

NOT PRESENT:            Edgewater, North Bergen, Oakland, Old Tappan, Roseland                                   

                                    Sign-in sheet is attached to the minutes in the BCCLS office

1.     Call to Order

Kurt Hadeler called the meeting to order at 9:47 am.  He asked everyone, including guests, to pick up their name tags and sign in.  Attendance is taken from the sign-in sheets.  He reminded everyone to stand and introduce themselves when speaking so the minutes can be accurately recorded.  He also asked everyone to follow parliamentary procedure and wait to be recognized before speaking.  He thanked directors for their donations of hats, scarves, gloves and winter coats which will be given to individuals in need.  Lastly, he thanked Caitlin Hull for hosting today’s meeting. 

2.     Minutes of Previous Meeting – October 25, 2018

It was MOVED BY:  Gerry McMahon                         Seconded by:  Christine Hartigan

to approve the minutes

John Trause noted a few typos and those will be corrected.

All in favor.

Motion carried.

3.     Public Portion

None.  Kurt Hadeler reminded everyone that the Public Portion of the meeting is the opportunity for non-directors and members of the public (trustees, Friends, elected officials) to speak.  The Membership Hearing is intended for Directors to speak. 

4.     Treasurer’s Report

Samantha McCoy presented the November 2018 P & L Reports.

November 2018

Of the 2018 Budget

$3,305,283 has been received as of November 30, 2018

Expenses for year:                                                                                $2,951,162 

Account balances at month end were:

• Checking                                                                                           $390,980

• NJ Cash Management                                                                      $422,514    (to be corrected)

• Payroll                                                                                                  $64,28

• Scholarship                                                                                         $40,937

• Credit Card Fine Payments (was previously Petty Cash)                   $13,166

Interest earned on the NJ Cash Management account was $751.  There were no questions about her report.

It was MOVED BY:  Peter Coyl                                 Seconded by:  Holly Belli

to accept the Treasurer’s Report

All in favor.

Motion carried.

5.     President’s Report

Kurt Hadeler’s report was previously shared with the membership.  Most of his time has been focused on the BCCLS committees for 2019.  He thanked all of the committee chairs and their committees for their incredible work during the past year:  programs, continuing education and behind-the-scenes work.  The committee names will remain the same and the committee year will change from April-March to March-February.  He will now focus on the committee charges.  The call for committee volunteers will occur at the beginning of January and close at the end of January.  The Committee Chairs kick-off meeting will take place at the end of February so committees are ready to go on March 1.  There were no questions about his report.

6.     Executive Director’s Report

David Hanson’s report was previously shared with the membership.  It provided updates on the BCCLS office lease, delivery, world language subscription service, eBCCLS and his transition plan.  A progress update on the Strategic Plan will be released soon.  He also attended the NJLA Public Policy Forum in Monroe earlier in the week.  There was much uncertainty at the state level:  the construction bond, legislative priorities and funding for LLNJ.  Kurt Hadeler was concerned about the lack of information provided at the LLNJ town hall webinar earlier in the week and LLNJ’s future.  Ellen O’Keefe asked about the Delivery Manager position.  Interviews are in process and there are 2 good candidates.

7.     Committee Reports

        a.     Committee Chairs/Co-Chairs Meeting

                Minutes from the meeting on November 1, 2018 were included in the meeting packet.

        b.    Quarterly Committee Reports

               There were no questions from the membership. 

8.     Old Business

        a.     Delivery                                                                                                               

The main focus right now is hiring a Delivery Manager.  Hiring drivers, finding warehouse space and purchasing vehicles will come later.  A sample of the bin will be arriving shortly.  The Delivery Task Force and the Policies & Procedures Committee will have a joint meeting in January to discuss the delivery process.  Lina Podles asked for a timeline.  Kurt Hadeler expects to have something in mid-January and David Hanson wants to test delivery services by late March.  The BCCLS office is currently looking for warehouse space. 

9.     New Business

        a.     Policies & Procedures – Recommended Changes

        Jennifer Breuer, chair, reviewed the recommended changes to the Policies & Procedures Manual: 

  • Fines & Bills > Lost Items and Paid > Accepting Payment Policy
  • Fines & Bills > Lost Items and Paid > Refunds Policy
  • Collection Development > Damaged, Incomplete, and/or Mislinked Materials Procedures
  • Collection Development > Linking Items > Street Dates Policy
  • Collection Development > Catalog Submissions > Information Required to Submit Materials for Cataloging Procedures
  • Patrons > Residency > Standard Card Requirements Policy 

She also noted that the P&P Manual will indicate what PCI stands for.

It was MOVED BY:  Peter Coyl                           Seconded by:  Michael Banick

to approve these changes to the Policies & Procedures Manual as presented. 

A discussion followed: 

  • Ellen O’Keefe suggested that the policy for street dates be a requirement rather than a recommendation and it should be put into policy.  She introduced it as a friendly amendment.  The friendly amendment was accepted by Peter Coyl who moved the original motion.
  • Chris Doto questioned the time limit of 7 months to recover fines paid to another library in error.  Mary Disanza thought it should be7 months from the payment date rather than 7 months from the due date.  Kurt Hadeler asked if there should be a statute of limitations.  Jennifer Breuer advised that the timeline would encourage libraries to run reports to check the status of their fine payments and be an incentive to encourage patrons to pay fines with their credit cards so the money goes directly to the correct library.   Amy Babcock-Landry agreed that the timeline should run from the date paid rather than due date and libraries need to run these reports.  Peter Coyl agreed to modify the motion so it is considered a friendly amendment.  

All in favor to accept the motion as amended (incorporate the recommendation regarding street dates into the policy and to change the timeline to (7) months from the payment date rather than seven (7) months from the due date.  None opposed.  Motion carried.  No further discussion.

b.    BCCLS Office Relocation

David Hanson advised that the BCCLS office relocation is on schedule and is looking to move in March.  Eric Lozauskas and Darlene Swistock will be looking at office furniture on Friday.  Margaret Mellett asked if the new office space could host a System Council.  (No, but there will be flexible office space so it can comfortably host an Executive Board meeting and guests.)

10.  Membership Hearing

  • Kurt Hadeler introduced the new directors:  Jennifer Kelemen (Northvale), Tara Franzetti (Hackensack), Lynn Reiff (Norwood) and Louise Yan (Elmwood Park) and noted that Matthew Latham moved from Leonia to Ramsey.  He recapped the newly elected members of the 2019 Executive Board:  Laura Leonard (Wyckoff), Ellen O’Keefe (Glen Rock) and Stephanie Bellucci (Cliffside Park) who was elected to a 3-year term after completing Laura Rifkin’s remaining term of 6 months.  The new trustees on the 2019 Executive Board will be:  Sally Diaz (Norwood) and David Marino (Waldwick) whose names were drawn at System Council in October.  Lastly, he thanked Christine Hartigan, Samantha McCoy and Laura Rifkin for their service on the Executive Board as their terms have ended.
  • Peter Coyl encouraged new directors attend the training offered by the state in February.
  • Kurt Hadeler mentioned that BCCLS also offers new director training and mentors, and that LAMP will be hosting breakfasts for new directors in the spring and fall.
  • Dave Franz was excited to report that the Hillsdale Public Library was the beneficiary of a $1,000,000 donation, payable over 10 years, and they will be starting a foundation.  It will now be known as the Hillsdale Public Library at the Gayle and Paul Gross Building.
  • Kurt Hadeler asked that one of the BCCLS committees host a presentation for the membership about foundations:  what is the role of foundations in libraries, how do they work, how to manage them and how to benefit from them.
  • David Hanson noted that this year or next year is a good time for patrons to make big donations because of the changes in the tax laws. 
  • Ellen O’Keefe offered to share the slides from the Friends Group presentation: “Keeping Uncle Sam Out of Your Non-Profit Pocket” held the week before. 
  • Christine Hartigan said that East Rutherford will be opening a little library, in conjunction with the girl scouts, in the gazebo by their town hall.

11.  Next MeetingSystem Council:  Thursday, 3/14/19 at 9:30 am – Maywood Public Library

12.  Adjournment

It was MOVED by:   Peter Coyl                                 Seconded by:  Mary Jo Jennings

to adjourn at 10:36 am.  All in favor.

dms:  12/16/18