03.29.18 – SC Meeting Minutes

03.29.18 – SC Meeting Minutes

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Mahwah Public Library
March 29, 2018

___________________________________________________________________ _____

PRESIDING:         Kurt Hadeler, Mahwah

NOT PRESENT:   Ramsey and Wallington

Sign-in sheet is attached to the minutes in the BCCLS office

1. Call to Order
Kurt Hadeler called the meeting to order at 9:44 am. He reminded everyone, including guests, to sign in and pick up their name tags. He asked everyone to stand and identify themselves when speaking so the minutes can be accurately recorded. He welcomed two trustees and former Executive Board members, Laurence Bergmann (Livingston) and Thomas Madru (Park Ridge) and Jennifer Cullen (Interim Director of Rochelle Park) to the meeting. He congratulated Michael McCue on his upcoming retirement and thanked him for his 40 years of service in BCCLS including 31 years as Director of Teaneck, past BCCLS President and active participant of the Executive Director Search Committee. Michael McCue spoke for a few minutes and reminisced about BCCLS over the years. Lastly, Kurt Hadeler thanked everyone for donating food to the BCCLS food drive and mentioned that there will be other drives at our upcoming meetings.

2. Minutes of Previous Meeting – December 7, 2017
It was MOVED BY: John Trause Seconded by: Matthew Latham
To approve the minutes.
All in favor.
Motion carried.

3. Public Portion
Ellen O’Keefe, Director of Glen Rock and Chair of the Friends of the Library Committee, reminded everyone that the Friends Breakfast is scheduled for Tuesday, October 23, 2018 and was excited to share that one of her committee members and President of the Glen Rock Friends, Georgene Betterbed, arranged to have Harlan Coban as guest speaker.

4. Treasurer’s Report
Samantha McCoy presented the February 2018 P & L Reports.

February 2018
Of the 2017 Budget of $3,258,900

$2,025,547 has been received as of February 28, 2018

Total expenses $682,077

Account balances at month end were:
• Checking $188,283
• NJ Cash Management $720,436
• Scholarship $36,432

She also provided a narrative: the Finance Committee and the Interim Executive Director have worked together to restructure the chart of accounts and the new Executive Director will set up the capital budget and a separate NJ cash management account. Field work/audit to be completed soon.

It was MOVED BY: Holly Belli Seconded by: Peter Coyl
To accept the Treasurer’s Report.
All in favor.
Motion carried.

5. President’s Report
Kurt Hadeler’s report was previously distributed to the board members. He will discuss the Executive Director Search Committee later in the meeting under Old Business. There were no questions about his report.

6. Executive Director’s Report
The report of Cindy Czesak, Interim Executive Director, was also previously distributed to the board members. She thanked the BCCLS office and the BCCLS Committees for their hard work and dedication. Rochelle Park will be rejoining BCCLS soon. Their data needs to be loaded via Polaris and they are hoping that will be done by June 1. Guttenberg will begin paying 1/3 mill so they can receive full BCCLS services via the North Bergen Library. There was a question about the interpretation of funding in our by-laws at the last Executive Board meeting and Kurt Hadeler explained that he asked the BCCLS attorney to review what is permitted under BCCLS by-laws and state statute. The attorney advised that both statutes NJ 40.54-8 and NJ 40.54-8.1 must be read together with regard to funding and, therefore, the minimum funding is still 1/3 mill. The 15% step-up in funding did not apply to Guttenberg since they were not already funded at 1/3 mill. Under BCCLS by-laws which cite the NJ statue, it was determined that Guttenberg was not eligible to receive full BCCLS services if they did not pay 1/3 mill. She also mentioned moving forward to fill 2 open positions: IT Support Technician (to replace Richard Woldan who retired this month) and Digital Initiatives & Training Librarian (a modified position to replace Dan Lane who moved out of state this month and incorporate the training aspect mentioned in the BCCLS Strategic Plan) were posted and interviews will begin soon. She also notified Bibliotecha that BCCLS will be terminating their relationship and information will follow about the transition to Overdrive. She and Eric Lozauskas spoke with Carson Block who is evaluating the technology structure in New Jersey and specifically Jersey Connect. She was asked to share the report. There were no further questions about her report.

7. Committee Reports
Written quarterly committee reports were provided by the Delivery Task Force and the Friends Committee. Kathleen McGrail and Samantha McCoy, co-chairs of the eBCCLS Committee, spoke about the return to Overdrive. They modified their platform and it will now be possible for libraries to purchase e-content and share it with member libraries similar to how physical collections are shared and patrons of the owning library receive priority status for their requests. There will be a $250 set-up fee for Overdrive Advantage Plus customers which will then be treated as a credit to purchase material. Samantha McCoy thanked Cindy Czesak and Eric Lozauskas for their transition timeline. Purchases from CloudLibrary have been suspended until the transition is complete. The committee is checking with Overdrive to see if patron holds from CloudLibrary can be transferred; if that is not possible, the ability to place holds will be suspended at the beginning of May (exact date to be determined). Overdrive will provide training for content purchases. She also brought a supply of Overdrive promotional material for the membership. The existing beta libraries will be asked to be the beta testers for Overdrive and there is no minimum spend for Advantage Plus set by Overdrive. The eBCCLS Committee will ask beta testers to commit to spending a set amount (tentatively about $1,200) to ensure that collections are developed. Kurt Hadeler advised that the Delivery Task Force will be hosting Small Group Meetings in late spring to discuss the current delivery situation and options going forward.

8. Old Business
a. Executive Director Search Committee Update
Kurt Hadeler advised that the Executive Board has decided to extend the search for the Executive Director. Bradbury Miller Associates (BMA) made an offer to the selected candidate on our behalf who made a counter offer. The Search Committee made a counter offer which it felt reconciled many of the differences between the two, but this offer was rejected. Salary was not the sticking point; it was other factors. It is anticipated that the extended search will take another 3 months and Cindy Czesak has agreed to continue as Interim Executive Director.

b. Statewide Delivery
Cindy Czesak noted that LLNJ awarded the contract for statewide delivery back to TForce which was the vendor before Expak won the contract effective January 2, 2018. Expak has terminated that contract effective May 29, 2018. BCCLS own delivery agreement with NJLS ends in mid-July which will address some of the demands of summer reading. Details about the new delivery schedule with TForce have not been released and will be shared upon receipt. There was a question about the $16,000 that BCCLS allocated in its budget to pay LLNJ to ensure that all libraries receive 5-day delivery; these funds were used to pay NJLS for delivery. When BCCLS returns to LLNJ state-provided delivery, where will that $16,000 come from to pay LLNJ for 5-day delivery? Cindy Czesak advised that we will need to look elsewhere in the budget. She also noted that the cost varies from $10.50 to $16.00 per stop. One director commented that her library anticipates minimal volume with Expak and Cindy Czesak advised that stops must be cancelled; they cannot be reduced. She will check the data and see if it is possible to negotiate the frequency of stops with TForce. Lastly, another director thanked the Delivery Task Force, Cindy Czesak, Eric Lozauskas and the rest of the BCCLS office for their hard work during this disruption.

9. New Business
a. Personnel Committee – Recommendation
Cindy Czesak asked Laura Rifkin to review the Personnel Committee’s recommendation: update the Table of Organization and reporting lines, and post 2 new positions (Cataloging Librarian and Web Products & Development Coordinator) after the IT Support Technician and Digital Initiatives & Training Librarian have been hired. We can no longer wait for the new Executive Director to be hired. Kurt Hadeler asked if there was any discussion: was any staff lost as a result of these changes? (The 2 part-time catalogers will be replaced by a full-time cataloger.) Kurt Hadeler also noted that there will be 2 temporary part-time people to assist with the migration to Overdrive.

It was MOVED BY: Jennifer Breuer Seconded by: Alessandra Nicodemo to accept the revised Table of Organization as presented. A discussion followed. Would it be better if the P/T Foreign Language person reported to the Senior Cataloging Librarian? Cindy Czesak advised that the org chart, as presented, is consistent with the current reporting structure, but could change. The majority in favor with one opposed. No further discussion. Motion carried.

b. By-Laws Committee – Recommended Changes
Gerry McMahon, chair, shared the attorney responses to the recommended changes to by-laws that were accepted at the January 24 Executive Board meeting pending legal review and approved by the Executive Board at the February 28 meeting. They were presented today and there will be a vote at System Council in June: Article I: Organization & Membership – Qualifications for Membership and Obligations of Membership; Article II: Governance – System Council and Executive Board; Article IV: The BCCLS Computer Consortium; Article VII – Policies and Article VIII: Meetings. The attorney agreed with the recommendations.

A discussion followed:
• Is there a limit on the number of proxy votes? No, it is really intended for emergencies due to short staffing; it is not considered an excused absence. Also, if there are changes made to the recommendation at the meeting, the proxy vote cannot be used.
• The Sunshine Law allows for remote participation; will that apply to BCCLS? That will be discussed further in the future. Currently, the BCCLS by-laws does not permit remote teleconferencing for board meetings and they would need to be amended if approved. Former Governor Christie passed Jersey First and required employees to reside in NJ; this also applied to elected officers and board members. Our attorney advised that does not affect BCCLS. Kurt Hadeler advised that we need to consult with our attorney to determine if BCCLS (as a 501c3) needs to comply with the Sunshine Laws.
• Another director expressed concern about the wording about voting with their library board’s consent. Kurt Hadeler explained that the vote to include new members is the will of the members’ boards. Kathleen McGrail clarified that the vote is with the consent of their library board, not their approval.
• There was a question about the approval of the budget and addendums approved at System Council. For example, when $100,000 was shifted from personnel and econtent in the existing budget, when does that change to the budget need to return to System Council? Gerry McMahon explained that shift was approved by the Executive Board and it was considered an emergency situation. If the budget would be exceeded, then the changes would be presented to System Council. Another director commented that we need to look at the ability of the Executive Board to amend the budget; further discussion about the power of the board is needed if shifts are made, and the President should call a special System Council. Kurt Hadeler questioned the purpose of the Executive Board if System Council is required to approve changes and he advised that BCCLS is following the same structure as libraries; if directors need to amend their budget, they go back to their board for approval and that is what BCCLS is doing. It was pointed out that the addendum for Beanstack required a special System Council vote to increase the budget. The Executive Board should work within the existing budget. There was concern about shifting funds from e-content and personnel to support delivery; shifts should be within the same category. A member of the Executive Board noted that delivery was an emergency situation and time was of the essence. Another director stated that the membership needs to have trust in the Executive Board when faced with emergency situations.
• One director was concerned about the change to 5 business days for distribution of the System Council packet, when meeting dates change. Cindy Czesak explained that the change from 10 calendar days to 5 business days allows committees the time to submit their reports and recommendations for inclusion to the packet since they often meet less than 10 days prior to System Council. Kathleen McGrail advised that the time requirement is an artifact from the day when packets were printed and distributed via delivery. Gerry McMahon pointed out that Directors can review the Executive Board minutes in the Knowledge Base to see what will be presented and voted at System Council. Another director felt the transparency and turnaround time for the financials has greatly improved and he is fine with the change to 5 business days.
• If anyone has any questions about the recommended changes, Gerry McMahon asked that they call her or anyone on the committee.

c. Policies & Procedures Committee – Recommended Changes
Jennifer Breuer, chair, reviewed the recommended changes to the Policies & Procedures Manual:
• Patrons >> Restricted Card Requirements >> Courtesy Cards
• Lend and Send >> Initiating Requests >> Restricted Cards
• Collections Development >> Missing Items
• Policies & Procedures >> Patrons >> Registration >> Uniform Manner of Entry Policy
• Policies & Procedures >> Lend & Send >> Loan Period
• Policies & Procedures >> Lend & Send >> Resource Sharing

It was MOVED BY: Laura Rifkin Seconded by: Peter Coyl to approve these changes to the Policies & Procedures Manual as presented. All in favor. None opposed. Motion carried. No further discussion.

Kurt Hadeler thanked everyone who has volunteered to serve on a BCCLS committee and thanked Directors for giving their staff the time to help as well. As of today, there are 83 volunteers. He will be reviewing the responses and finalizing the committees for 2018-2019 soon.

10. Membership Hearing
• Judah Hamer, on behalf of Riti Grover, chair of Government Relations & Public Policy Committee and members of the NJLA Public Policy Committee, reminded everyone of the need for Legislative Advocacy captains for the districts to explain what funding means to their libraries. Robert White used to do all of the advocating on behalf of BCCLS and now “we all” need to step up. Kurt Hadeler said that we need advocacy to restore the state aid checks to previous funding levels. Cindy Czesak recommended making that personal connection with local legislators and Amy Babcock-Landry suggested inviting them to programs at the library or giving a tour. She and others are happy to provide guidance about how Livingston was successful in their funding efforts. Kurt Hadeler reminded everyone that the Government Relations & Public Policy Committee created an Advocacy Toolkit at the Federal Level and it is available in the Knowledge Base.
• Ellen O’Keefe mentioned that the Friends of the Library Committee will be presenting a program “How to Build a Capital Campaign” on June 6 in Maywood. It is for Friends, Trustees, Directors and anyone else who is interested.
• Kathleen McGrail mentioned the Unconference for Small Libraries on April 23. She also asked about submitting claims for delivery items lost or damaged by Expak. Will BCCLS issue guidelines? There are still a lot of floating collections to be returned. Eric Lozauskas advised that materials are well under way to their home/owning libraries. Once they have all been returned, Mike Grgurev will generate reports that libraries will need to run to help locate lost material. Sarah Lester suggested that libraries not send each other bills for lost items until we have the opportunity to run these reports and determine what is actually lost.
• Peter Coyl reminded everyone to vote in the ALA Election and to resubmit their vote if it was not received due to technical issues. Voting closes in about 2 weeks.
• Matthew Latham mentioned the NJLA Conference (May 30-June 1) and there is an early bird rate. Laura Leonard stated that the pre-conference has been expanded.
• Nancy Greene shared that the Ridgewood Library arranged for a bus for PLA in Philadelphia, combined with a museum outing, and it was well received. They are also staying open until 11:00 pm during school finals.

11. Next Meeting                      System Council: Thursday, 6/28 at 9:30 am – Hasbrouck Heights Public Library

12. Adjournment
It was MOVED by: Ellen O’Keefe Seconded by: Mary Jo Jennings
to adjourn at 11:26 am. All in favor.

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