12.07.17 – SC Meeting Minutes

12.07.17 – SC Meeting Minutes

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Franklin Lakes Public Library

December 7, 2017

___________________________________________________________________                                          _____

PRESIDING:                 Kurt Hadeler, Mahwah 

NOT PRESENT:           Montvale, Old Tappan, Ramsey                                   

                                      Sign-in sheet is attached to the minutes in the BCCLS office 

1.  Call to Order

Kurt Hadeler called the meeting to order at 9:49 am and he thanked everyone for donating food to the BCCLS food drive.  He asked the library directors to stand and identify themselves when speaking so the minutes can be accurately recorded and asked everyone, including guests, to sign in.  He also asked that attendees save their questions and comments for the Public Portion and Membership Hearing rather than speaking throughout the meeting.  The By-Laws Committee felt this will more closely follow parliamentary procedure.  

2.  Minutes of Previous Meeting – September 28, 2017

It was MOVED BY:  Peter Coyl                     Seconded by:  Ruth Rando

To approve the minutes. 

All in favor.

Motion carried.

     Minutes of Previous Meeting – October 26, 2017

It was MOVED BY:  Laura Rifkin                  Seconded by:  Terrie McColl

To approve the minutes. 

John Trause asked that the minutes (Addendum #2) be amended to clarify his comment about asking the BCCLS staff continue to be aggressive in asking for enhancements (i.e. reporting) in Leap and Polaris until our contract expires on May 31, 2018.

It was MOVED BY:  Judah Hamer                 Seconded by:  Christine Hartigan

To approve the minutes as amended.

All in favor.

Motion carried.

3.  Public Portion

No members of the public spoke. 

4.  Treasurer’s Report

Samantha McCoy presented the November 2017 P & L Reports.

November 2017

Of the 2017 Budget of $3,391,100 

$3,358,614 has been received as of November 30, 2017

Leaving a balance of                               $  32,486 

Total expenses                                     $3,453,985

Leaving a balance of                                ($62,855) 

As of November 30, 2017, the account balances were:

•     Checking                                            $33,531

•     NJ Cash Management                       $270,436

•     Scholarship                                         $36,057

There was no written Treasurer’s Report this month.  Due to the extremely short timing between the end of the month, the availability of the financials and the date of this meeting, there was insufficient time to send a written report to the membership in advance of the meeting.  She will forward a copy of the Treasurer’s Report to the membership.  Going forward, the meetings will occur later and the month and this will not be a concern. 

Samantha McCoy reported that reserves at year-end will be about $150,000.  She advised that the Spire Group will be coming in to clean up the chart of accounts and help input the 2018 budget into QuickBooks.  Separate accounts will be set up for capital improvement/large projects.  A discussion followed:  Is the Spire Group our auditors?  (No).  Should our auditors have caught this negative number?  (The auditors should review, but not correct the books).  She stated that earlier this year, the board talked about issuing an RFP for a new auditor since it is common practice to change auditors every few years.  

It was MOVED BY:  John Trause                  Seconded by:  Kathleen McGrail

To accept the Treasurer’s Report.

All in favor.

Motion carried. 

5.  President’s Report

Kurt Hadeler’s report was previously distributed to the board members.  He will discuss his efforts to merge BCCLS-CC into BCCLS and provide an update on the work of the Executive Director Search Committee later in the meeting.  There were no questions about his report.

6.  Executive Director’s Report

The report of Cindy Czesak, Interim Executive Director, was also previously distributed to the board members.  She is working with the Spire Group to implement their financial recommendations.  She talked about Rochelle Park’s vote to municipalize their library and the process if they want to rejoin BCCLS; she met with their Interim Director and Borough Administrator.  Delivery will be discussed later in the agenda.  There was a question if the membership had to formally vote or if Rochelle Park is reinstated automatically since they are in Bergen County.  It is not a reinstatement since Rochelle Park will be a new municipal organization.  When Northvale rejoined BCCLS, a super majority vote of two-thirds of the membership was needed.  There were no further questions about her report.

Eric Lozauskas, Director of Information Technology, gave a detailed presentation and update of technology projects:  where we were, where we are today and where we are heading:  internet circuits, server migration, upcoming computer replacements, Windows 10, Leap and Polaris upgrades, security and third-party software.  The ongoing threat of phishing, spear phishing and ransomware/crypto viruses is a serious concern.  He was able to negotiate a special rate of $14,400 per year ($177 per 81 library circuits or $11 per PC on service contracts) for DNS protection which will protect the staff and public computers in all of the libraries.  The software will prevent malicious links from connecting even if users unknowingly click on them and prevent crypto viruses from “running” and encrypting files for ransom.  The membership was very interested and he will prepare a proposal for the Executive Board.  He also plans to visit member libraries to review their wishes, needs, pain points, etc. to see how BCCLS can provide additional assistance.  The goal continues to be to improve costs and efficiency for the member libraries, wherever possible, by standardizing hardware, software and telecom vendors while upgrading service to faster speeds and/or lower costs.  His presentation can be found at https://tinyurl.com/tu20171207.

7.  Committee Reports

Written quarterly committee reports were provided by the Friends, Government Relations & Public Policy, Professional Development and Trustee Development Committees.  In addition, Kurt Hadeler gave an update on the BCCLS Committees for 2018.  The number of committees and task forces will be consolidated from 19 to about 10 to reduce overlap and the burden on the BCCLS office.  For example:  Friends, Government Relations & Public Policy, Public Relations and Trustee Development will fall under the Advocacy Committee umbrella while Collection Development & Reference will become part of the Adult Services and Youth Services Committees and eBCCLS and Technology will be combined since their work is related.  The committee timeline will also change from January-December to April-March.  These decisions were made as a result of feedback received from the committee chairs and Kurt Hadeler will distribute his recommendations to the membership; it was previously shared with the Committee Chairs and Executive Board.  A call for committee volunteers will go out in February or March.  A discussion followed about the importance of keeping World Languages separate from other committees and time limits to serving on a committee (historically 3 years, in order to balance continuity and allow for new members while addressing the unique needs of each committee).

8.  Old Business

a.  Executive Director Search Committee Update

Kurt Hadeler summarized the Executive Director Search Committee (EDSC) meeting with Bradbury Miller Associates on December 6:  structure of search, schedule, key attributes, job advertisement, additional meetings with staff and confidentiality.  This meeting was followed by meetings where Directors had the opportunity to ask questions and give their input about the next Executive Director. 

The ESDC will be involved in several rounds of interviews (via Skype and in person) with the candidates and anticipate identifying a new Executive Director in about 4 months.  A discussion followed with questions about salary range (in process) and relocation expenses (yes).  These meetings were archived as webinars so Directors who were unable to attend can view them; future meetings will also be taped for those unable to attend and help them to stay up-to-date in the process.  Another discussion followed about the possibility of videotaping System Councils so Directors do not have to attend these meetings in person.  At this time, it is not feasible because NJ law does not permit remote voting.  Per BCCLS By-Laws, if Directors are unable to personally attend a meeting, they may send a representative.  

9.  New Business

a.  Unanimous Consent to Merge BCCLS-CC into BCCLS

Kurt Hadeler sent detailed documents to the Executive Board for their review and approval and then forwarded these documents to the membership prior to the meeting.  All 4 resolutions require unanimous consent.  The purpose is to merge the 2 organizations legally. A discussion followed:  have the BCCLS Executive Board and By-Laws Committee reviewed these documents (Yes)? 

It was MOVED BY:  Peter Coyl                           Seconded by:  Ruth Rando to approve the recommendation to merge BCCLS-CC into BCCLS.  All in favor.  None opposed.  Motion carried.  No further discussion. 

b.  Policies & Procedures Committee – Recommended Changes

Jennifer Breuer, Chair, reviewed the recommended changes and updates to the Policies & Procedures Manual:  Missing Items; Damaged, Incomplete and/or Mislinked Materials; Lost Cards; Local Fines; Unclaimed and Missing in Action Items.  There were no questions from the membership.

It was MOVED BY:  Holly Belli                            Seconded by:  Samantha McCoy to approve these changes to the Policies & Procedures Manual as presented.  All in favor.  None opposed.  Motion carried.  No further discussion. 

c.  Statewide Delivery

Cindy Czesak reminded Directors that LibraryLinkNJ’s contract with the delivery company is expiring at the end of the year and an RFP was sent out.  As a result, they are changing the delivery vendor effective January 2, 2018.  The current vendor will continue to deliver, but not pick up outgoing items after December 22, 2017; the new vendor will pick up outgoing items during the week of January 2, 2018. Shipping labels will be printed as needed and libraries will be able to track items in transit.  A discussion followed about turning off holds, Directors returning materials to other libraries, fine amnesty, extending due dates, drivers and their vehicles, and effect on e-content.  It was suggested to disable holds after December 15, 2017, extend due dates and Directors should coordinate amongst themselves to return materials to other libraries.  

It was MOVED BY:  Peter Coyl                           Seconded by:  Judah Hamer to approve item specific holds as presented.  A discussion followed and Peter Coyl rescinded his motion.

It was moved by:  Judah Hamer             Seconded by:  Christine Hartigan

To suspend holds in the PAC, extend loan periods and waive fines as the Executive Director, BCCLS staff and BCCLS President see fit.   All in favor.  None opposed.  Motion carried.  

10.  Membership Hearing

  • Ellen O’Keefe offered to share plexiglass book displays for shelving endcaps.
  • Kurt Hadeler introduced new the Director of Bogota, Chelsea Dodd, effective December 11.
  • Kurt Hadeler also introduced the board members recently elected to 3-year terms:  Matthew Latham, Gerry McMahon and Sai Rao.  He also thanked Daragh O’Connor and Susan Meeske for their service on the board as well as trustees Laurence Bergmann (Livingston) and Tina DeLucia (New Milford). 

11.  Next MeetingSystem Council:  Thursday, 3/29/18 at 9:30 am – Mahwah Public Library 

12.  Adjournment

It was MOVED by:  Kurt Hadeler                   Seconded by:  Matthew Latham

to adjourn at 11:57 am.  All in favor.

dms:  12/10/17