06.15.17 – SC Meeting Minutes

06.15.17 – SC Meeting Minutes

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Hasbrouck Heights Free Public Library

June 15, 2017

___________________________________________________________________                                    _____

PRESIDING:                 Kurt Hadeler, Mahwah 

NOT PRESENT:            Palisades Park, Rochelle Park                                   

                                    Sign-in sheet is attached to the minutes in the BCCLS office

1.     Call to Order

Kurt Hadeler called the meeting to order at 10:02 am.

He introduced new directors:  Holly Belli (Bloomfield) and Paul Shaver (Northvale) and congratulated Richard Mariconda (Little Ferry) on his upcoming retirement.  He also introduced Michael Grgurev, new System Administrator in the BCCLS office.  Lastly, he asked the library directors to identify themselves when speaking so the minutes can be accurately recorded and asked everyone, including guests, to sign in. 

2.     Minutes of the Previous Meetings on March 9, 2017 and May 12, 2017

It was MOVED BY:  Gerry McMahon             Seconded by:  Ruth Rando

to approve the minutes.  All in favor.  None opposed.  Motion carried.

3.     Public Portion 

No members of the public spoke.

4.     BCCLS Scholarship Winners – Mary Joyce Doyle Scholarship Awards

John Trause, Committee Chair, thanked the Scholarship Awards Committee (Amy Babcock-Landry, Catherine Dodwell, Becky Karpoff, Martin Gilbert and Arlene Sahraie) for their hard work in selecting this year’s winners.  Assisted by Acting Executive Director and committee member Arlene Sahraie, he presented 10 scholarship recipients with their awards:  Laura Chumas (Allendale) received the Patricia Anne Loughnane Memorial Scholarship, Kathryn Ennist (Hillsdale) received the Anne McGill Memorial Scholarship, Genesis Jais (Hackensack) received the Brian DeSantis Memorial Scholarship, Michelle Jurgensen (Cresskill) received the Mary Lou Abrams Memorial Scholarship, Denise Lester (Haworth) received the Michele Reutty Scholarship, Justin Portelli (Fair Lawn) received the Robert W. White Memorial Scholarship, Marcia Literati (Tenafly) received a BCCLS Trustee Scholarship, Deborah Fagnan (Ridgefield Park), Ashley Loria (Ridgewood) and Tommy Skrnich (Bogota) also received BCCLS Scholarships.  Dave Franz, Sharon Castanteen, Rita Browning, Adele Puccio, Nancy Greene, Radwa Ali, Kathy Cook, Alessandra Nicodemo, Shinae Hun and Omar Khan each spoke about the recipients from their respective libraries.  Mary Joyce Doyle Scholarships are awarded to assist the winners in completing their library and information studies.  John Trause was pleased to read a letter from Executive Director Marie Coughlin announcing that, effective immediately, BCCLS has established the Arlene Sahraie Scholarship Fund in recognition of her 42 years of service to libraries and BCCLS since its inception.  She is retiring on June 30. 

5.     Treasurer’s Report 

Samantha McCoy presented the May 2017 P & L Reports.

May 2017

Of the 2017 Budget of $3,391,100

$3,178,009 has been received as of May 31, 2017 

Leaving a balance of                         +   $213,091 

Total expenses                                    $1,920,374

Leaving a balance of                         – $1,470,726 

Checking Account Balance                    $158,492

NJ Cash Management                        $1,210,778

Scholarship                                             $40,817 

The printed Treasurer’s report included answers to previously received questions.  She also noted that the Spire Group will be working with the BCCLS office over the summer to create and refine improved financial reports and provide staff training.  There were no questions from the membership about her report.  She reminded everyone that if there are any questions about the financial reports, please contact her and she will address them.

6.     President’s Report

Kurt Hadeler’s report was previously distributed to the members.

He first congratulated and thanked the scholarship winners.  He attended the New Directors Breakfast and New Professionals Breakfast and was heartened by the newcomers and their potential impact on the future of BCCLS.  He mentioned that the Spire Group will visit the BCCLS office in June for help addressing various issues raised by the Finance Committee, including cleaning up the chart of accounts, improving financial reports and new financial controls.  Dave Franz, chair of the Billing Task Force and the Strategic Planning Task Force, will update everyone on the work of those task forces.  He explained that the Billing Task Force deals with how we pay for all of the BCCLS services and the Reciprocity Task Force focuses on how we compensate member libraries for serving our patrons.  He reminded everyone that the BCCLS Executive Board is now a fully elected board and a call for nominations will go out in the next few weeks.  He previously shared correspondence about the legal status of Rochelle Park and there were some questions: 

  • How are ILS/Jersey Cat requests handled?  (Bob Keith advised that the supplying library determines if it will fill the request.)
  • Is Rochelle Park still considered a library?  (Mary Chute of the NJ State Library sent a letter to the NJ Attorney General and is waiting for a formal legal opinion.)

Lastly, Kurt Hadeler thanked Arlene for her many, many years of service and noted that she was a former Director of the Fairview Library for 27 years, a former New York Times Librarian of the Year and a past BCCLS President for 2 terms in addition to 15 years as the Library Services Director in the BCCLS office.  There were no further questions from the membership about his report.   

7.     Executive Director’s Report

Arlene Sahraie represented Marie Coughlin who is on maternity leave.  Marie Coughlin’s report was previously distributed to the members.  There were no questions about her report.  She advised the membership that Laurie Meeske, Internet Services Librarian, will be leaving the BCCLS office on July 14 to accept a position at the Johnson Public Library.  She also thanked everyone for all of her wonderful years in libraries and the BCCLS office.

8.     Committee Reports

The following committees submitted reports which were included in the meeting packets:  Adult Services Task Force; Collection Development & Reference; Elections; Friends of the Library; Government Relations & Public Policy; Library Administration, Management & Personnel; Professional Development; Reciprocity Task Force; Scholarship; Special Populations Task Force; Technology; and Youth Services.  There were no questions about Committee reports.

In addition, there were oral reports from 4 committee chairs: 

Billing Task Force –Dave Franz provided a review on the proposed new billing formula.  There are many factors to consider so it will be phased in over 3 years if adopted.  In the first year, bills would reflect an adjustment of 33% of the new amount; in the second year, adjustments would be 66% of the new billing amount; and invoices for the full new amount would be billed in the third year.  Invoices would also be adjusted based on the overall BCCLS bill (for example, if new products are added).  The proposed billing formula was discussed in detail at the 7 Small Group Meetings held in March and April with opportunities for Directors to ask questions and provide feedback.  The task force was thanked for their work and a lengthy discussion followed.  Among the concerns discussed were: 

  • some libraries would be adversely impacted by large billing increases based on population rather than e-content usage and Polaris log-ins.
  • some libraries may be forced to cut services in order to pay their BCCLS bills since 22 libraries will see their bills increase by at least 10%.
  • potential change to the current reciprocity formula and its impact on member libraries.
  • some boards are concerned that their libraries are carrying the burden for other libraries since they are using local taxpayer money to subsidize other libraries. 

Kurt Hadeler advised that it is likely that either BCCLS bills will increase or BCCLS will need to cut services for bills to remain flat if the new billing formula is not passed this fall.  He concluded the discussion by advising that it is up to the Billing Task Force to take the members’ concerns into consideration before presenting the proposed billing formula to System Council in September for a vote in October.  Any additional feedback should be given to the Billing Task Force.

eBCCLS – Kathleen McGrail explained that the 9 beta libraries will suspend their testing of private clouds at this time.  Collection ownership issues should be resolved in 1Q18 and the situation will be reassessed in 6 months.  The committee still feels that a single vendor for e-content was a good choice. 

Government Relations & Public Policy – Riti Grover talked about advocacy and thanked her committee (Jenifer May, Anna Coats, Marie Coughlin and Darlene Swistock who is filling in during Marie Coughlin’s maternity leave).  She also thanked everyone who attended the NJ Library Construction Bond Act legislative session and breakfast on April 7. Ruth Rando was recognized for Closter’s PowerPoint presentation at the event showing their renovation.  She also thanked Matthew Latham, Radwa Ali, Mike McCue, Stephanie Bellucci, Omar Khan, Jane Forte, Jennifer Breuer, Holly Belli and Jenifer May for initiating meetings with their elected representatives.  Lastly, she thanked those who participated in the ALA Legislative Days and responded to the survey.  Five participants won Starbucks gifts cards as a thank you:  Stephanie Bellucci (Cliffside Park), Judy Bagdon (Glen Ridge), Marilyn Rees (Hawthorne), Jessica Sosa (Hoboken) and Linda Gerson (Secaucus).

Technology – Matthew Latham and Radwa Ali provided an update on the initiative to accept credit card payments for library fines and missing materials.  They explained that Directors can make this decision; according to our legal counsel, board approval is not necessary and the legal opinion will be shared with the membership.  There will be a 50-cent convenience fee which will cover the actual processing cost of 43 cents and the remaining 7 cents will be applied to future processing costs.  Reports will be distributed monthly and fees distributed quarterly.  The recommended vendor is Comprise because it provides better PCI compliance.  Patrons can log in at home or use a library computer to pay their fines.  Libraries cannot designate a specific computer to pay fines and credit card information is not stored.  Patrons will check off which fines to pay and it is expected that most fines will be paid off-site.  Fines will go to the material-owning library.  Refunds cannot be generated through the system, but libraries can issue manual refunds (via cash or check) if they wish.  Confirmations are generated when payments are made.  The decision to accept credit card payments will be voted at the System Council meeting in September.

9.     Old Business

a)  Bylaws Committee  Recommended Proposed Changes – Article I, Section 3.1; Article II, Sections 1 & 2, Addendum

Gerry McMahon, chair, made a motion to accept the changes to the Bylaws which were approved at the Executive Board meeting on February 8, 2017.

It was MOVED BY:  Judah Hamer and Seconded by:  Laura Rifkin to approve these changes to the Bylaws as presented.  None opposed.  No further discussion.

10.    New Business

a)    Bylaws Committee – Recommended Proposed Changes – Article I, Sections 3 & 5, Addendum I, II; Article III, Sections 2, 4, 6 & 7; Article V; Article XI

Gerry McMahon, chair, reviewed the recommended changes to the Bylaws which are primarily to update language in the Bylaws.  The sections pertaining to Paycards and Courtesy Cards will be updated after attorney review, and then presented to the Executive Board and System Council for a vote.  There were no questions from the membership and she asked that any subsequent questions be e-mailed to her for a reply.

b)    Policies & Procedures Committee – Recommended Changes & Update

Chris Doto reviewed the recommended changes to update the language in the Policies & Procedures Manual.  There were no questions from the membership.   

It was MOVED BY:  Gerry McMahon and Seconded by:  Riti Grover to approve these changes to the Policies & Procedures Manual as presented.  None opposed.  No further discussion.

c)    Strategic Plan Vote

The Strategic Plan was re-sent to Directors so they could review it again prior to the meeting.  The Strategic Planning Task Force was thanked for their hard work and a short discussion ensued. Dave Franz will fix a typo and change “incentivize” to “evaluate” when referring to possible mergers or joint operations of libraries.

It was MOVED BY:  Amy Babcock-Landry and Seconded by:  Daragh O’Connor to approve the Strategic Plan.  Three opposed.  Two abstained.  No further discussion.

11.  Membership Hearing 

Arlene Sahraie thanked Sai Rao for printing Cloud Library posters for every library. 

Kurt Hadeler advised that the 2018 BCCLS Budget will be introduced in September and voted in October.  If a new billing formula is presented, it will also be introduced in September and voted in October.  There was a question about the proposed settlement with Rochelle Park.  After a special Executive Board meeting on June 2, the BCCLS attorney was authorized to negotiate a settlement, but it has not yet been reached.  The primary objective is to ensure that owning libraries are compensated for unreturned materials.  The settlement will have no impact on the budget. 

12.  Next Meeting         System Council:  Thursday, 9/14/17 at 9:30 am – Maywood Public Library

13.  Adjournment

It was MOVED by:  Kurt Hadeler                 Seconded by:  Chris Hartigan

to adjourn at 12:49 pm.  Unanimously approved.

dms:  6/20/17