System Council Minutes: 10-20-16

System Council Minutes: 10-20-16

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Minutes of


System Council Meeting

Held at Upper Saddle River Public Library

October 20, 2016

PRESIDING:                 Len LoPinto, Paramus

NOT PRESENT:            Lyndhurst, Ridgefield Park, Roseland and West Orange.

Sign-in sheet is at the BCCLS office attached to the minutes.

1.  Call to Order: 

Len LoPinto called the meeting to order at 9:40 am.

He asked the library directors to announce their name and town when speaking so the minutes can be accurately recorded and to please remember to sign in. 

He thanked all those who ran for the Executive Board, congratulated new President, Kurt Hadeler and introduced the new members of the Executive Board:  Jen Breuer, Chris Hartigan, Mimi Hui, Samantha McCoy, Susan Meeske and Laura Rifkin, in addition to returning board members, Daragh O’Connor and Gina Webb-Metz.

2.  Minutes of Previous Meeting:

It was MOVED BY:  Chris Doto and seconded by Terrie McColl to approve the minutes as written.  Motion passed. 

Copies of the minutes of closed session were available at the meeting.  They are confidential and only for directors or their representative.

It was MOVED BY:  Ruth Rando and seconded by Riti Grover to approve the minutes as written.  Motion passed.

3.  Public Portion: 

No public present.  David Hinkley thanked Len for his outstanding work as President for BCCLS and Len congratulated David on his upcoming retirement.  David reminded everyone that time is money in these meetings when discussing matters ad infinitum. 

4.  Treasurer’s Report and Proposed 2017 Budget/Rate Card:

Gina Webb-Metz presented the September 2016 P & L Report. 

September 2016

Of the 2016 Budget of $3,417,500 

$3,321,408 has been received as of September 30, 2016

Leaving a balance of                    – $  96,092 

Total expenses                            $2,468,497

Leaving a balance of                 – $   949,003 

Checking Account Balance               $49,899

NJ Cash Management                 $1,060,530

Scholarship                                       $23,625

It was MOVED BY:  Sharon Casteneen and seconded by Judy Heldman to accept the Treasurer’s Report for audit.  Motion passed. 

It was MOVED BY:  Gina Webb-Metz and seconded by Ellen O’Keefe to accept the budget as proposed.  Len stated that he trusts the Executive Director, the research and justification for the salary adjustments and corrections, and agreed that if it was necessary to hire new staff, they would be hired at the proposed rates or even higher.  He also trusts the judgement of the Budget Committee [(Dave Franz, David Hinkley and Gina Webb-Metz (and Len)] as well as the rest of the Executive Board and encouraged everyone to vote yes for the budget. 

Kathleen McGrail made a motion to move to closed session to continue the discussion.  It was seconded by Judah Hamer.  Motion passed. 

Samantha McCoy made a motion to return to open session for the vote.  It was seconded by Daragh O’Connor.  Motion passed.

A voice vote was taken and the budget passed:  Yes (56), No (15), Abstain (2) 

5.  President’s Report

Len thanked everyone for the honor and privilege to be the BCCLS President and said that it has been interesting and hopefully our cooperative is moving forward together.  He thanked the committees for all they achieved, the Executive Director and the BCCLS staff for their excellent work, and he hopes to remain an active participant helping libraries give the best possible service as there are many challenges that we face and we can do it together.  

Len introduced new directors, Alessandra Nicodemo of Allendale, Shinae Hyun of Haworth and Katherine Hybertsen of Saddle Brook.  He also introduced Tom Madru, Park Ridge Trustee and Executive Board member, who attended the meeting.  

In 2017, Glen Ridge was scheduled to have a trustee on the BCCLS Executive Board.  Since Jen Breuer will be on the Executive Board, Glen Ridge was removed from the trustee rotation.  In a drawing of eligible libraries (libraries who have not had trustees on the Executive Board since 2002), Elmwood Park was chosen to take its place. 

There were no questions from the membership about his report. 

6.  Executive Director’s Report:

Marie thanked Len for all of his efforts and strong support as President of BCCLS.  She said he easily transitioned from wearing his Paramus hat to his BCCLS hat and championed BCCLS in presentations to the freeholders.  She looks forward to a smooth transition from Len to Kurt and invited everyone to come up for a piece of cake to wish Len well. 

The $150,000 grant check was issued by the Bergen County Freeholders and the BCCLS office will be cutting checks to the libraries that receive Net Plus reimbursement.  Darlene will send an e-mail to let those directors know when a check is on the way and the amount.  There will be a ceremonial presentation of the county grant check at the Friends’ Breakfast on Tuesday, October 25.  

Marie attended the MAIUG conference and several BCCLS staff gave presentations at the conference.  

Marie complimented Laura Rifkin and the P&A Committee for the Progressive Discipline Workshop.  It was a fantastic program and we hope to offer similar programs in the future.  There are HR issues, and with no HR personnel on staff, Marie will look into some type of HR on call.  

Axis 360 is coming along; the contract with Overdrive expires in May 2017.  Nothing has been signed yet and Marie will keep everyone informed.  

Marie proposed a revised schedule for System Council to ensure that meetings are held regularly throughout the year.  Kurt to review and then the meeting schedule will be confirmed. 

There were no questions from the membership about her report. 

7.  Committee Reports:

Now that the budget has passed, there was a question if we will be accepting credit cards now.  Marie explained that a plan is in place, money will be allocated for credit cards and we can move forward if necessary. 

Trustee Education:

Sarah Lester mentioned the Long-Range & Capital Planning presentation for trustees in Tenafly on December 6.   This is 1.5 hours of CE.  Directors can also attend.

Government Relations & Public Policy:

Terrie McColl advised that the Votes, Hard Hats & Schools – NJLA event is in Closter on November 1; trustees are welcome to attend. 

World Language Task Force:

Serving the World:  Boosting Essential Services to New Americans is scheduled for November 3 in River Edge.  

8.  Old Business:


9.  New Business:

Chris Doto wanted to let everyone know that the state was wiring the state aid payments to the borough’s operating account and directors should check with their CFOs for status and transfer the money from the borough’s operating account to their library’s account.

10.  Membership Hearing:

Dave Franz mentioned that he will be participating in NJ Makers Day at Barnes & Noble in Paramus on November 5. 

Len advised that the renovations in Paramus are coming along, the shelving is going in and he closed with the BCCLS library song.

11.  Next Meetings:System Council – TBD 

12.  Adjournment:         It was MOVED BY:  Chris Doto  Seconded by:  Ruth Rando to adjourn at 10:55 am.

dms:  10/24/16