System Council Minutes: 09-22-16

System Council Minutes: 09-22-16

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Minutes of


System Council Meeting

Held at Millburn Free Public Library

September 22, 2016


PRESIDING:                  Len LoPinto, Paramus

NOT PRESENT:            Edgewater, Emerson, Haworth, Montvale, Ridgefield and Roseland.

Sign-in sheet is at the BCCLS office attached to the minutes.

1.  Call to Order: 

Len LoPinto called the meeting to order at 10:05 am.

He asked the library directors to announce their name and town when speaking so the minutes can be accurately recorded.

2.  Minutes of Previous Meeting:

It was MOVED BY:  Terrie McColl and seconded by Marianne Willms to approve the minutes as written.  Motion passed.

3.  Public Portion: 

No public present.

4.  Treasurer’s Report:

Gina Webb-Metz presented the August 2016 P & L Report.

August 2016

Of the 2016 Budget of $3,417,500

$3,315,593 has been received as of August 31, 2016

Leaving a balance of                    – $101,907

Total expenses                            $2,340,135

Leaving a balance of                 – $1,077,365

Checking Account Balance               $52,751

NJ Cash Management                  $1,325,530

Scholarship                                        $23,625

It was MOVED BY:  Marianne Willms and seconded by:  John Trause to accept the Treasurer’s Report for audit.  Motion passed.

5.  President’s Report

Len introduced new directors, Karyn Gost of Lodi and Catherine Dodwell of Dumont, and mentioned that Adele Puccio has moved from Bloomfield to Fair Lawn.

He thanked the committees for the wonderful work they do all year and the BCCLS staff for backing them up. 

There were no questions from the membership about his report.

6.  Executive Director’s Report:

Marie introduced Yumi Choi, BCCLS’ office new Senior Cataloging Librarian.

In her report, she recommended to change the meeting schedule to ensure meetings are held regularly throughout the year.  Under the proposed new schedule, there would be a meeting every quarter as well as the special budget meeting in October.  There were requests for more information about the tickets that are received by the BCCLS Support Desk (e.g. cataloging, Polaris) and Marie provided reports YTD and additional information is available if needed.  There were no questions from the membership about her report. 

Eric Lozauskas, Director of Information Technology, gave a detailed presentation of the technology in the libraries:  where we were, where we are today and where we are heading.  The goal continues to be to improve costs and efficiency for the member libraries, wherever possible, by standardizing hardware, software and telecomm vendors while upgrading service to faster speeds or lower costs.

7.  Election – 2017 Executive Board:

Lori-Ann Quinn explained the process to elect board members for the 2017 Executive Board.  There are 13 directors running:  Amy Babcock-Landry, Stephanie Belluci, Jennifer Breuer, Dave Cubie, Riti Grover, Kurt Hadeler, Judah Hamer, Christine Hartigan, Mimi Hui, Samantha McCoy, Susan Meeske, Margaret Mellett and Laura Rifkin; 7 will be elected to the board (3 3-year terms, 3 2-year terms and 1 1-year term).  The candidates were also introduced in alphabetical order for face recognition.  

Directors received e-mails with a link to the candidates’ bios, which are also available in Knowledge Base and on the election ballot, and a link to vote via Election Buddy.  Directors can only vote 1 time and if the e-mail is forwarded, the link to vote is lost.  Voting will take place between September 22-October 6.  There was an opportunity to use Chromebooks to vote after the meeting. 

8.  Committee Reports:

Committee on Administration & Library Management:

Adele Puccio advised that the location for the CALM Community Circle Breakfast on September 28 has been changed from New Milford to Fair Lawn.

John Trause asked about universal fines and Jen Breuer advised that since BCCLS is still working on a strategic plan, there is no clear consensus yet.

Government Relations & Public Policy:

Dave Cubie advised that the Executive Director is setting up an information session with Pat Tumulty, State Library, regarding legislative initiatives.  He also mentioned the importance of  See website for petition. 

Kathleen McGrail reported that the Upper Saddle River library and school co-wrote an article to encourage the partnership between town libraries and school libraries.  She reiterated it is important to go to and ensure that all schools have a school media specialist for the success of the students.

Public Relations:

Donna Perkosky announced there will be 2 winners for the Buckles Family Vacation.  There were 50 participants and 4 people visited all 81 libraries.  The more libraries participants visited, the greater number of entries they had for the drawing.  Two names were drawn at the meeting:  the winner for the under 18 category was Jay Jones of Saddle Brook and the winner for the over 18 category was Betsy Erhand of Haworth.  They will each be awarded a $100 American Express gift card. 

Policies & Procedures: 

Jen Breuer and Gerry McMahon presented the proposal to include money orders as an acceptable source of payment for lost books and fines. 

It was MOVED BY:  John Trause and seconded by Kathleen McGrail.  Motion passed.

Len advised that there will be a meeting for catalogers and they will be looking at the number of items to catalog as BCCLS catalogs a significantly greater number of items compared to other consortia.

9.  Old Business:


10.  New Business:

Len advised that the 2017 BCCLS Budget will be introduced and discussed today, and voted upon at the next System Council in October.

2017 BCCLS Budget:

Kathleen McGrail made a motion to separate salary structure approval from the budget approval.  It was seconded by Peter Havel.  A discussion followed to consider the reason for this motion as components of the budget were never considered and approved separately in the 37-year history of BCCLS.  A voice vote was conducted and the motion did not pass by the required majority of the quorum of members in attendance.  (Yes-19, No-44, Abstain-7).

Table of Organization:

It was moved by Mary Jo Jennings and seconded by Maureen Cuschieri to accept the Table of Organization as presented.  A discussion followed and Kathleen McGrail commented that the proposed job title changes were inconsistent with the job titles referenced in the salary research and the membership was being asked to vote on a budget with job titles that will change.

Ann McCarthy made a motion to move to a closed session to continue the discussion.  It was seconded by John Trause.  Motion passed.

Daragh O’Connor made a motion to move out of the closed session and it was seconded by Mary Jo Jennings.

A motion was made to postpone discussions about the Table of Organization and title changes until the Strategic Plan is complete.  It was moved by Amy Babcock-Landry and seconded by Julia Perrotta.  A discussion followed and a voice vote was conducted.  The motion passed by the required majority of the quorum of members in attendance (Yes-58, No-2, Abstain-3).  Len advised that another motion can be made to re-open the discussion in the future.

11.  Membership Hearing:

Marie thanked Judah Hamer for bringing Chromebooks to the meeting so the directors could use them to cast their votes for the Executive Board after the meeting if they wished. 

Len thanked the neighboring libraries for their hospitality while Paramus is undergoing its renovation.

Riti Grover invited everyone to the upcoming art show at the Ramsey Library on October 1.

Dave Cubie advised that the façade has been approved to go back up in West Orange.  The Friends are having a wine & cheese event on September 30 and book sale on October 1-2.

Maria LaBadia was pleased to report that her Board President was recognized as a volunteer of the month by NJ Monthly.

12.  Next Meetings:System Council  – 10/20 @ 9:30 am – Upper Saddle River

                                      Executive Board – 10/20 – after SC  – Upper Saddle River

13.  Adjournment:       It was MOVED BY:  Sharon Castenteen            Seconded by:  Kathleen McGrail to adjourn at 12:26 pm.

dms:  9/23/16