System Council Minutes: 06-16-16

System Council Minutes: 06-16-16

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Special System Council Meeting – Held at Maywood Public Library – June 16, 2016


PRESIDING:            Len LoPinto, Paramus

NOT PRESENT:      Allendale, Hoboken, Lodi, Lyndhurst, Maplewood, Montvale, Oakland, Ridgefield Park, Ridgewood, Roseland, Wallington and Westwood.

Sign-in sheet is at the BCCLS office attached to the minutes.

1.     Call to Order: 

Len LoPinto called the meeting to order at 9:46 am.

He explained that the purpose of this special System Council Meeting was to review and vote to change the by-laws for Article II:  Governance (Executive Board make-up).

Marie Coughlin introduced Darlene Swistock, new Executive Assistant and Office Manager, and asked the library directors to state their name and town when speaking.

2.     Minutes of Previous Meeting: 

There were 2 corrections to the minutes of May 12, 2016:

     a)  Meeting was adjourned at 11:17 am, not pm.

     b)  The Essex County Library Directors won the Big Read Grant, not the Maplewood Library.

It was MOVED BY:  Christine Hartigan and seconded by:  Mike Banick to approve the minutes as written with those 2 corrections.

Motion carried.

3.      Public Portion: 

No public present.

4.      By-laws Vote – Article II:  Governance

Len thanked the By-laws Committee for their hard work and asked Judah Hamer, Chair, to speak about the motion to revise Article II:  Governance to move from a mixed-rotational and elected executive board to an all-elected executive board.  This topic was introduced at the last meeting (May 12) to be voted on during the June 16 meeting.  It was seconded by:  Kurt Hadeler.  Before the vote, Len asked for comments and a discussion ensued.

Topics covered included:

  • whether the new system would be representative of the full membership
  • the role of board members to act in the best interest of the organization rather than advocating for their home libraries
  • concerns that a 1-year period between terms was not long enough to ensure sufficient diversity in representation on the Executive Board
  • how 3-year terms would reduce board turnover each year and improve institutional memory
  • efforts to embrace change and that amendments can be made to further adjust the composition of the Executive Board, as needed
  • the importance of participation and serving on the Executive Board regardless of the size of the library
  • the value of a 3-year term to allow Executive Board members to become fully conversant in the issues impacting the organization

Len advised that the proposal is being voted on as presented, but that the by-laws can be amended in the future by sending recommended changes to the By-laws Committee.

Len called for the vote.  There were no other motions or concerns.  The motion passed by a two-thirds majority of the quorum of members in attendance:

  • 57        Yes
  •   7        No
  •   1        Abstain

Len thanked everyone for a good discussion and reminded them that proposals for further changes can be recommended and made any time.  The Elections Committee (previously the Nominating Committee) will proceed with preparations for this year’s elections. 

5.      Membership Hearing

Judah reported that Rutherford will be closed Tuesday through Saturday next week in preparation for its re-opening the following week.

Marie reminded everyone about the small group meetings next month.  These meetings will be held in Millburn, Hasbrouck Heights, Haworth and Upper Saddle River; only a few slots remain for Hasbrouck Heights.  Please e-mail meeting preferences to as soon as possible.  These meetings will discuss the state of eBCCLS, what is working and what new services are available.  The original topic for these meetings was the strategic plan and budget.

Marie advised everyone that BCCLS will offer bus transportation for 1 trustee per library to the NJ Trustee Institute Conference in East Windsor on Saturday, September 10.  There will be 2 buses that each make 2 stops so no one should need to drive more than 20 minutes for the bus.  Details about the event and transportation will be sent out next week.  Library directors can attend the NJ Trustee Institute Conference if their trustees attend.  Bus registration will take place in July.

Marie introduced Dan Lane, BCCLS’ new Digital Initiatives Librarian.

Len announced that Paramus will close for renovations on Monday, June 20.  They hope to re-open in November.  The Charles E. Reid branch in Paramus will house all of the new material, and old material will be in storage.  Paramus will use Midland School for programming, and the staff will be going to other libraries:  Hasbrouck Heights, Glen Rock, Washington Township, Oradell, River Edge, Maywood and Fair Lawn.  Most of the foreign language collection will be housed at the Charles E. Reid branch library, and most of the Japanese language collection will be located in River Edge.  Tech Services will be in Maywood.  Len and his administrative team will be located at the Borough Hall.

On a sad note, Terrie McColl advised that Mary Joyce Doyle, one of the founders of BCCLS, is now in hospice care. 

6.      Date and place of Next Meeting: 

 September 22, 2016 at 9:30 am – Millburn Library

7.      Adjournment

         It was MOVED BY:   Lori Quinn                             Seconded by:  Jennifer Breuer

         to adjourn at 10:34 am.

dms:  6/16/16