System Council Minutes: 03-22-16

System Council Minutes: 03-22-16

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SYSTEM COUNCIL 3/22/2016 – Closter Public Library

PRESIDING:            Len LoPinto, Paramus

NOT PRESENT:      Glen Rock, River Vale, Roseland, Teaneck, Waldwick

Sign-in sheet is at the BCCLS office attached to the minutes.

  1. Call to Order:  Len LoPinto called the meeting to order at 9:50am.
    A moment of silence was observed in memory of Pat Loughnane.

  2. Minutes of Previous Meeting:
    There being no additions or corrections to the minutes of October 15, 2015
    It was MOVED BY:  Nancy GreeneSeconded by:  John Trause to approve the minutes as written.
    Motion carried.

  3. Public Portion:  – No public present.

  4. Treasurer’s Report: Gina Webb-Metz presented the January and February P&L reports

    February 2016
    Of the 2016 Budget of $ 3,417,500

    $ 2,286,881    has been received as of February 29, 2016
    Leaving a balance of         – 1,130,619
    Total expenses                          1,059,464
    Leaving a balance of                – 2,358,035

    Checking Account Balance                     288,732
    NJ Cash Management                  1,001,421
    Scholarship              35,595

    There being no questions-
    It was: MOVED BY: Nancy GreeneSeconded by:  Christine Hartigan
    To accept the Treasurer’s Report for audit.
    Motion carried.

  5. President’s Report – Len LoPinto reported he would like to begin to hold Executive Board meetings at member libraries as well as the BCCLS office.  He encouraged directors and new directors to attend Executive Board meetings with their mentors in order to learn the governance of BCCLS.

    He announced small group meetings for the Strategic Plan will begin in a few weeks.  All libraries were encouraged to sign up for one of the venues.

    Len introduced and congratulated new directors Omar Kahn of Ridgefield Park and Leo Bellino, North Arlington.

    He recognized and congratulated Alma Henderson on her upcoming retirement and thanked her for her service.  Ms. Henderson noted how much she appreciated working in a BCCLS library and introduced Saddle Brook’s interim director Katherine Hybertson.

    Len congratulated Marie Coughlin on her one year anniversary with BCCLS.

    Len distributed the following informational items:  League of Women Voters brochures and BCCLS brochures in World Languages.

  6. Executive Director’s Report:  Marie Coughlin recognized Luca’s contribution to BCCLS and wished him well in his new position at PALS Plus.

    Marie reported the BCCLS office is in a period of transition.  There are 3 full time vacancies. She will begin advertising to fill the positions this week.   The plan is to hire an Executive Assistant/Office Manager, a Senior Cataloging Librarian and a Digital Initiative Librarian which will include overseeing everything related to e-bccls.  The two librarian positions have been restructured to reflect current and future needs.

    Ms. Coughlin reported she was very pleased with the IUG Conference she recently attended.  IUG is the vendor for Polaris and SkyRiver.  They have new products and services that would enable libraries to further improve discoverability of catalog holdings such as having them display on Google.  There are also improvements with Leap.

    The Strategic Planning group meetings will be held next month.  The April 5th meeting at Oradell is full.  The other 4 scheduled meetings still have openings.  Marie requested anyone planning to attend one of the meetings should let her know as soon as possible.

    Marie said she enjoyed her first year with BCCLS and thanked everyone for their assistance during the year.

  7. Committee Reports:  Committee Reports were previously distributed with the packets.

    Policies & Procedures – Jennifer Breuer introduced revisions to the following policies:

    1. Restricted Card Requirements – Institutional Cards

      It was MOVED BY:  Jennifer Breuer      Seconded by:  Dave Franz
      To accept the revisions to the policy for Restricted Card Requirements – Institutional Cards as presented.
      Motion carried.

    2. Restricted Card Requirements – Library Staff Members

      It was MOVED BY:  Jennifer BreuerSeconded by: Dave Franz
      To accept the changes to the policy for Restricted Card Requirements – Library Staff Members as presented.

      After extensive discussion the motion was withdrawn.

      It was then MOVED BY:  Jennifer BreuerSeconded by: Ruth Rando
      To accept the policy for Restricted Card Requirements – Library Staff Members with the following revisions:
      At the discretion of the employing BCCLS library active staff may be eligible for an unrestricted library staff card, regardless of residency.
      1 abstention.  Motion carried.

    3. Lend and Send – Overdue Notices

      It was MOVED BY:  Jennifer BreuerSeconded by: Amy Babcock-Landry
      To accept the revisions to the Lend and Send-Overdue Notices Policy as presented.

      Trevor Diamond explained overdue notices will now be sent by the patrons’ registered library instead of the item owning library.

      Further discussion followed regarding the word “also”.in the revision.
      Motion defeated.

      Ms. Breuer was then instructed to reintroduce the revisions striking the word “also” from the proposed revision.

      It was then MOVED BY:  Jennifer Breuer Seconded by:  Kurt Hadeler
      To strike the word “also” from the proposed revision to the policy.
      Motion carried.

    Public Relations – Donna Perkosky announced  printable brochures in various languages can be found on the Knowledge Base under PR- PR materials, World Language Brochures.

    Donna presented the PR Committee’s initiative, The Buckles Family.  The goal is to raise awareness of BCCLS libraries, its services, digital collections, and to help users better understand the BCCLS operation.  Posters were made available for each library.

    Youth Services – Youth Services Committee Co-chairs Sharon Kalman, Justin Kontonicolaou, and Marie Joyce presented a proposal and demonstrated Beanstack.  Beanstack is an online interactive tool to track summer readers.  This product gives those children and young adults who are out of town for the summer the opportunity to report online.   It can be used year round for many types of programs and customized to each library.

    Marie reviewed the spreadsheet she prepared which shows the costs of Beanstack per library.  Discussion followed regarding cost, and the pros and cons of the program.

    It was then MOVED BY:  Sharon KalmanSeconded by:  Ruth Rando
    To approve the purchase of Beanstack for March 2016 through March 2019.
    Roll call vote:  60 in favor, 7 opposed, 4 abstentions, 6 absent, Motion carried.

    Policy & Procedures II – Len LoPinto announced that the Policy & Procedures Committee has requested  New Formats and Material Types be tabled until the next meeting.

    Registration-Expiration of Privileges: 
    Jennifer Breuer explained library staff was added to the 1 year expiration date because of turnover in staff.

    It was then MOVED BY:  Jennifer BreuerSeconded by:  Laura Rifkin
    To add “and library staff” to Registration-Expiration of Privileges.
    Motion carried.

  8. Old Business – No old business

  9. New Business – No new business

  10. Membership Hearing – Laura Leonard gave an update on the upcoming NJLA convention in Atlantic City.  She highlighted some of the programs and social events that will take place.

    David Cubie reported for Amy Babcock-Landry:
    NJLA Advocacy Week is April 11-17th. On-line training through NJLA will take place March 31st.  Advocacy captains are being sought to organize small groups such as Friends, patrons and staff to visit local officials and hold meetings.  Amy will send out an e-mail to all directors to explain further.

    Len LoPinto reported he and other BCCLS representatives and directors attended Leonia’s Mayor and Council meeting on March 21st to show solidarity against the budget cuts to the Leonia Public Library.  Len commended David Cubie for his input at the meeting.

    David Cubie spoke about a serious budget issue and building repairs West Orange was faced with and how it was resolved.

    Len noted one library’s budget being drastically reduced affects all libraries.

    Luca was once again thanked for his work at BCCLS and was given a standing ovation.

  11. Adjournment

    It was MOVED BY:  Daragh O’ConnorSeconded by:  Ruth Rando
    To adjourn at 12:05pm