09-17-15 Minutes

09-17-15 Minutes

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SYSTEM COUNCIL 9/17/2015 – Wyckoff Public Library

PRESIDING:                 Len LoPinto, Paramus  

NOT PRESENT:           Lyndhurst, Millburn, Norwood, Ridgefield, Secaucus

Sign-in sheet is at the BCCLS office attached to the minutes.

  1. Call to Order: Meeting was called to order at 9:50 a.m. Pat Loughnane called the Roll. Len LoPinto introduced new directors Caitlin Hull, Maywood and Mary Romance, Allendale. He acknowledged the following moves: Mary Witherell from Wyckoff to Englewood; Riti Grover from Norwood to Ramsey; Kristin Nelson from North Arlingtonto Fairview. The following libraries have interim or acting directors: Bergenfield/Louise Moroses; Fort Lee/Sara Pardi & Marilyn Fishkin; North Arlington/Kate Landis; Wood-Ridge/Penney Giammatteo; Wyckoff/Caroline Brown.
  2. Minutes of Previous MeetingMOTION: There being no additions or corrections to the minutes, they will stand as written.

  3. Public Portion: None

  4. Treasurer’s Report: Mimi Hui presented the June & July P&L reports.

    Of the 2015 Budget of           $3,278,405                            3,157,699                  has been received
    leaving a balance of                   -120,706                            Total Expenses                        2,373,446
    leaving a balance of                   -904,959                            NJ Cash Management             1,165,530
    Checking Account                        37,142                            Scholarship                                 38,836

    Mr. LoPinto suggested that queries about the financial reports be sent to the Executive Director and Treasurer with a cc to him in advance of the membership meetings so that correct answers can be rendered at the meeting.  Marie Coughlin replied at length to questions from Kathleen McGrail about line item #5560 Database Carryover; line #5528 Employee Medical Contribution; line #6300 Net Plus Reimbursement; line #s 6500 & 6501 Employer Deferred 403b and Employee Deferred 403b; and line #5587 Telecomm Upgrade/Consult Fee. Both Dave Franz and Kurt Hadeler commented that it would be advantageous for the membership to receive financial reports in a timelier manner. Mr. LoPinto noted that the financial reports have been filed for audit.

  5. President’s Report:  Len LoPinto referred to his President’s Report (attached) distributed to the membership earlier. He noted that the small group meetings to review and discuss the proposed 2016 Budget and Rate Card were well attended and very well received. The 2016 budget format for 2016 with serve as the basis for budget forecasting for 2017 and 2018 and developing a strategic plan.

  6. Election – 2016/2017 Executive Board: Mr. LoPinto read off the names of the returning, rotational, and trustee Board members for 2016: Dave Franz, Len LoPinto, Edna Ortega, David Marks, David Hinkley, Christopher Lee, Kelly Fitzgerald, Park Ridge and Lyndhurst Trustees. Nominees for two 2-year terms are: Jennifer Breuer, Glen Ridge; Daragh O’Connor, River Edge; Gina Webb-Metz, Tenafly; Laura Rifkin, Washington Township.  

    As there were no nominations from the floor, Len LoPinto closed the nominations. Ballots were collected and tabulated while the following reports were given.

  7. Executive Director’s Report: Marie Coughlin referred to her monthly report (attached) distributed to the membership earlier. She commented on the visit to the Board of Chosen Freeholder meeting on August 19, 2015 and reported that following an analysis of the number of weekday and Saturday inquiries to the Helpdesk, the Executive Board concurred with her recommendation that the Computer Center be closed on Saturdays effective December 26, 2015.

  8. Committee Reports: Written committee reports were distributed to the membership earlier – some were updated today.

    Policies & Procedure – MOTION: Committee Chair Jennifer Breuer moved that the attached recommendations be approved by the membership. A lengthy discussion took place pertaining to the automated block stipulation under section Fines & Bills > Six- Month Bill. John Trause seconded. Motion carried.

    At this point in the meeting, Len LoPinto announced that Gina Webb-Metz of Tenafly and Daragh O’Connor of River Edge have been elected to two year terms on the 2016/2017 Executive Board.

    Key Hunt Presentation – Arlene Sahraie reported on a sampling of heartwarming letters received in conjunction with the key hunt. Dunkin Donuts gift cards were presented to the three libraries with the highest number of stamped entry forms – Paramus, Ridgewood, Teaneck and to the three libraries with the most number of patrons completing the key hunt – Fort Lee, Teaneck, Fair Lawn. At this point, Marie Coughlin randomly picked an adult and juvenile entry form from amongst all of the entry forms. Both the adult winner from Westwood and the juvenile winner from Waldwick will be presented with $100 Amex gift cards.

    Johnson Legislation – Amy Babcock-Landry reported that NJLA is working with Assemblyman Johnson’s office to make some changes.

    Advocacy Services – Co-chair Ann McCarthy reported that the committee is working to finalize an Info & Action Sheet on privacy concerns, in particular how it pertains to eBooks, Hoopla, Wi-Fi, third party vendors, etc.

    Friends of the Library – Chair Mimi Hui reported on the Public Relations program on social media held on September 16 at the Maplewood Library for 35 people. Committee is working with Marie Coughlin to assign a Constant Contact logon to Friends of the Library groups.

    Technology – Chair Kurt Hadeler advised that he plans to send out a survey soliciting input from the membership on the initiatives and programs that will be most relevant to the membership in 2016.

    Personnel – Chair Laura Rifkin reminded the membership to submit the salary survey questionnaire if they haven’t done so already and mentioned a program on progressive discipline planned later in the year.

    Supervisory Training Task Force – Laura Rifkin and Kurt Hadeler spoke about the great mix of applicants among the 34 submissions and the difficulty in selecting the 20 participants this year.

    Youth Services – Arlene Sahraie reported on the success of the Serving Diverse Populations in the Digital Age Boot Camp held on September 11 at the Ridgewood Library for 89 attendees

    NJLA – Past President Terrie McColl reported that the association will attend the next League of Municipalities conference, urged the System Council members to renew their NJLA membership, and reported that many state associations are writing to the President of the United States and their congressional delegations urging the President to appoint a professional librarian as the next Librarian of Congress.

  9. Old Business: None

  10. New Business:

    1. Introduction of Bylaws Revision Section 2. Executive Board

      Bylaws Chair Eileen Karpoff introduced the attached proposed Bylaws revisions including the new rotational list which has been adjusted to show four Board groups. She pointed out that as result of the defeat of the proposed Bylaws change by the System Council in May, the Bylaws Committee surveyed the membership on various aspects of the defeated change in order to get a clearer picture of the direction in which the membership wished to proceed. She summarized the survey results, noted that 67 libraries responded to the survey, reported that 2/3rd of the membership must approve any change in the Bylaws, and noted that the Committee’s original charge was to try to find a way to safeguard institutional memory on the Executive Board. Commentary took place about changing the rotation schedule to allow for staggered terms so that the four rotation group members do not complete their terms in the same year as some at-large members. It was pointed out that such a change would mean that there would be more of a delay in addressing the revisions. At the conclusion of a discussion about revising the bylaws as part of the strategic plan, a history of the bylaws process over the last several years, the work the committee has done wrestling with the issues, and the governance issues involved in amending the rotational list, Eileen Karpoff noted that the vote will take place in October. 

      At this point in the meeting, Len LoPinto called for a 15 minutes recess.

    2. Introduction of Proposed 2016 Budget & Rate Card 
      Len LoPinto asked for a motion to go into closed session to discuss staff salaries. MOTION: Eileen Karpoff moved to go into Closed Session to discuss salary and wages. Mimi Hui seconded Motion carried. MOTION: Eileen Karpoff moved to resume Open Session. Mimi Hui seconded. Motion carried. In open session, Mr. LoPinto responded to a further request for a closed session to discuss the Executive Director’s proposed salary. MOTION: Amy Babcock-Landry moved to go into closed session to discuss the Executive Director’s proposed salary. Samantha McCoy seconded. Len LoPinto asked the membership to stand to be counted for the vote. By a count of 28 opposed to 22 in favor, the motion to go into closed session was defeated. He pointed out that Marie Coughlin’s contract will be discussed at the October Executive Board meeting.

      While the membership studied the proposed 2016 Budget documents, Marie Coughlin responded to a question about the efficiencies of the SkyRiver Cataloging Utility as it relates to BCCLS staff. She pointed out that through research of other library systems using the product, BCCLS will find matches for approximately 80% of searches conducted by libraries. This will eliminate time at photocopiers and submissions made by libraries to the BCCLS office via SkyRiver will be made available in the catalog within 24-48 hours. Discussion continued about the changing roles and workflows for library technical staff, one-on-one training in the BCCLS training room, follow-up webinars, analyzing staff time when SkyRiver goes live and fine-tuning the workflow as a result. In response to a question about how SkyRiver was selected, Kurt Hadeler informed the membership that one of the major charges for the Technology Committee in 2014 and 2015 was the identification and recommendation of a utility that would facilitate faster, more efficient submissions of items to be included in the catalog from member libraries.

      Ms. Coughlin responded to a question about Delivery and about the Lynda Pro online training resource budgeted at $6,000 per year for use by staff members of BCCLS libraries. She addressed the various pricing mechanisms for 20 licenses at $6,000/yr and 78 licenses at $17,000/yr, how the logons reset each month, offering the initial month on a first come, first serve basis, and putting a mechanism in place to make the 20 licenses per month equitable for all interested participants.

    3. Contracting Libraries – Eileen Karpoff addressed the membership with regard to extending voting privileges to out-of- Bergen contracting libraries, her rationale for recommending the action, and the history of contractual agreement. MOTION: Eileen Karpoff moved that all BCCLS libraries, in and out of Bergen County, be eligible to vote on all matters once the approval process has been completed. Terrie McColl seconded. Judah Hamer recommended that the motion be amended to state that the System Council authorize the Executive Director and Executive Board to redraft the current contractual agreement entered into by Maplewood & West Orange Libraries to grant them voting privileges. Motion carried.

  11. Membership Hearing: Kurt Hadeler suggested, and Marie Coughlin concurred, that the strategic planning process seeks active participation from the membership. He also asked for a show of hands about individual libraries putting more money into eBook purchases as soon as Overdrive has the software to support the initiative.Len LoPinto led a round of applause for Eileen Karpoff’s announced retirement in early 2016 and for her many years of contributions to BCCLS.
  12. Date and Place of Next Meeting: 10/15/2015 @ Franklin Lakes Library

  13. Adjournment:  1:20 p.m.