03-19-15 Minutes

03-19-15 Minutes

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SYSTEM COUNCIL 3/19/2015 – Maywood Public Library

PRESIDING:                 Len LoPinto, Paramus  

NOT PRESENT:           Fort Lee, Garfield, Palisades Park

Sign-in sheet is at the BCCLS office attached to the minutes.

  1. Call to Order: Len LoPinto called the meeting to order at 9:45. He welcomed new BCCLS Executive Director Marie Coughlin to her first System Council meeting.  He introduced new directors Radwa Ali/Bogota; Gretchen Kaser/Ho-Ho-Kus; Matthew Latham/Leonia; Catherine Chadwick/Midland Park; Ellen O’Keefe/Northvale; Peter Havel/Oakland; Julia Perrotta/Rochelle Park.

  2. Minutes of Previous MeetingMOTION: There being no additions or corrections to the minutes, they will stand as written.

  3. Public Portion: None

  4. Treasurer’s Report & Proposed 2015 Budget/Rate Card: Mimi Hui rendered the January P&L Report.  Len LoPinto noted that the Finance Committee consisting of himself, Dave Franz, Mimi Hui, Kurt Hadeler, and the Executive Director plan to revise the financial reporting to more closely mirror reports to library boards.  It is expected that categories will be expanded and an expenditure line for committee requests will be added.  Dave Franz and Luca Manna responded to a question from Susan Meeske about line 5560 Database carryover.  It was noted that the delivery costs of $12,720 for guaranteed 5 day a week delivery for all BCCLS libraries will come from the Delivery line in the budget.  Len LoPinto advised that we will respond to Ms. Meeske’s query about line 6020 Catalog Support/Database after the meeting and that he expects further clarification of the budget including Reserve funds by the April Executive Board meeting.  Executive Director Marie Coughlin is working on a long-term Strategic Plan and Budget analysis for the organization with feedback from the membership at small group meetings.  No further questions.

    Of the 2015 Budget of           $3,278,405                            $2,819,477       has been received
    leaving a balance of                    458,928                            Total Expenses                           819,547
    leaving a balance of                -2,458,858                            Checking Account Balance         657,709
    NJ Cash Management             1,300,323                             Scholarship                                   30,400

    It was noted that the financial report has been filed for audit.

  5. President’s Report:  Len LoPinto’s March President’s Report (copy attached) was distributed to the membership earlier.   Arlene Sahraie announced that she nominated Robert White for the NJLA Library Champion Award and that he is the 2015 recipient.  The Award will be presented at the Honors and Awards Reception at the NJLA Conference on April 21.  He reported that Robert White has been invited to the May System Council to award the first Robert W. White BCCLS Scholarship.  Terrie McColl urged the membership to attend the NJLA Conference, especially to honor Robert White at the Awards Reception.  He personally thanked each member of the Executive Director Search Committee.  He mentioned his goal of improving communication throughout the organization and noted that the knowledgebase site, Cobolt newsletter, and emails updating the membership on a variety of issues is addressing this goal.  Amy Babcock-Landry reported that NJLA hopes to push the Johnson Legislation through in the lame duck session of the legislature.  She explained the particulars of the legislation which will allow libraries to seek from their local voters by referendum the right to set a minimum higher than 1/3rd of a mil.

  6. Executive Director’s Report: Marie Coughlin’s first monthly report (copy attached) was distributed to the membership earlier.  She thanked directors, staff, and the public for their welcoming messages. She reported that she is working on establishing some short term goals for herself and also developing & implementing a long range strategic plan for the organization.  It was noted that she will begin library visits in April to meet with directors, staff, Boards of Trustees and elected officials.

  7. Committee Reports:

    Advocacy Services – Co-chair Ann McCarthy mentioned the Trustee Info & Action Tip on Laws Governing Library Funding distributed this month and reported that the NJLTA Road Show will be held on May 13 at the Secaucus Library.

    Collection Development/Reference – Co-chair Kassundra Miller reported that the committee meetings have been set for the remainder of the year and that the committee will continue to issue Weeding Tips, maintain and review the Web Subject Guides, and possibly mentor libraries in the use of Collection HQ

    C.A.L.M. – Adele Puccio reported that the committee will host a new director breakfast on May 5th at the Hasbrouck Heights Library.  Community Circle breakfasts by topic have also been scheduled – the first is on March 26th at the Secaucus Library for non-union libraries.

    eBCCLS – Samantha McCoy advised that Hoopla will launch on April 1.  The Task Force decided to initially cap the loans at 8 per library card per month and will revisit the cap after three (3) months.  The Task Force is also looking at travel ebooks and language products.  At the conclusion of a brief discussion about the financial implications beyond the 8 per patron per month if a library wants to pay to exceed the cap and tweaking the formula in the future, Dave Franz remarked that the dialogue points up the rationale for developing a long range plan.

    Friends of the Library Task Force – Mimi Hui updated the membership on the three (3) programs to date on Mission Statements, Membership Development and Book Sales.  The next program is on May 19th at the Paramus Library @ 7:00 pm on Legal, Organizational, and Financial Issues.

    Nominating – Terrie McColl reported that the committee will call for nominations and recommendations of candidates for the Executive Board via e-mail and an announcement at the May System Council meeting.

    Personnel & Administration – Laura Rifkin reported that the committee will distribute two surveys – salary and benefits and sponsor a two-part workshop for directors on progressive discipline and legal counsel.

    Policies & Procedure – MOTION: Jennifer Breuer moved that the attached recommendation covering Electronic Resources be approved by the membership.  Tim Murphy seconded.  Motion carried.

    Public Relations – 
    Co-chair Donna Perkosky mentioned the initial Tips & Tricks email and the Scavenger Hunt planned for summer.  The website publicizing BooksNJ2015 @ Paramus Library on June 14 is up.

    Scholarship – John Trause informed the membership that the committee will meet on March 23 to review the scholarship applications.  The awards will be presented at the May System Council meeting.

    Technology – Kurt Hadeler reported that at the conclusion of a webinar with the Suffolk County Library System on the functionality of the SkyRiver software, it was decided to request a demonstration from the vendor.  Tech Tuesdays has been renamed Tech Talks and will be more interactive and webinar based. The first Tech Talk scheduled for March 31 is an introduction to Excel pivot tables with Monica Smith, Committee is also looking at software to replace the current Helpdesk functionality, conducting Tech Talks on Constant Contact, wireless technology, and building dynamic websites.  Committee will also research what individual libraries can do to accept credit card payments.

    Youth Services – Co-chairs Sharon Kalman and Lizzie Bender mentioned the Youth Services Mixer on May 1 at the Paramus Library.  In conjunction with Children’s Book Week on May 4, the committee will distribute a packet of information to facilitate the 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten initiative in every library. The Boot Camp workshop has been scheduled on September 11.  Len LoPinto talked about scheduling a program with an attorney on unattended and misbehaving patrons.

    Supervisory Training Task Force – Laura Rifkin reported that the task force is hoping to have the budget proposal and the training model ready for May.

    At this point in the meeting, Dave Franz called for a five-minute break.  Meeting re-opened with a discussion of the proposed Bylaws changes.

    Bylaws Introduction – 
    Eileen Karpoff reported on the background discussions with regard to restructuring the composition of the Executive Board as outlined in the attached proposal.  The bylaws as currently written calls for 4 At Large members with two year terms and 5 Rotation members and 2 Trustee members with one year terms. The proposed changes call for 5 At Large members and 4 biennial Lottery members each serving two year terms staggered in odd and even years and two Trustee members chosen through a biennial Lottery at the September System Council meeting. At the conclusion of a very lengthy discussion about filling all Executive Board positions by election, eliminating the rotating positions, reaching out to the County Executive about the County slot on the Board, the stipulation about removing a member for ten years after having served a turn on the Board by lottery, the revised nominating process, building relationships with stakeholders and polling the membership by a show of hands on many different iterations of the proposed changes, the Bylaws recommendations will be submitted to the membership for approval at the May System Council meeting.

  8. Old Business: None

  9. New Business: None 

  10. Membership Hearing: Tim Murphy thanked Len LoPinto for heading up the Executive Director Search Committee.

  11. Date of Next Meeting: Thursday, May 14 @ Township of Washington Library

  12. Adjournment:  12:45 p.m.