10-16-14 Minutes

10-16-14 Minutes

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SYSTEM COUNCIL 10/16/2014 – Closter Library

PRESIDING:                 Len LoPinto, Paramus  

NOT PRESENT:            Lodi, Millburn, Ridgefield, Roseland, Secaucus

sheet at the BCCLS office attached to the minutes.

  1.  Call to Order: Len LoPinto called the meeting to order at 10:15.  Robert White called the Roll.

  2. Minutes of Previous Meeting: MOTION: There being no additions or corrections to the September minutes, they will stand as written.

  3. Public Portion: None

  4. Treasurer’s Report & Proposed 2015 Budget/Rate Card: Tim Murphy rendered the August P&L report.  No questions.

    Of the 2014 Budget of  3,115,948                            2,990,150       has been received
    leaving a balance of       -125,798                            NJ Cash Management        1,289,861
    leaving a balance of    -1,323,182                            NJ Cash Management             22,515
    Checking Account            88,902

    It was noted that the financial report has been filed for audit.

    Proposed 2015 Budget/Rate Card:   Robert White thanked the Finance Committee for their assistance in preparing the Budget & Rate Card.  MOTION:  Tim Murphy moved that the 2015 Budget and Rate Card be approved by the membership.  Carolyn Blowers seconded. Motion Carried. 

  5. President’s Report:  Len LoPinto reported that a meeting of the Executive Board was called prior to the System Council meeting to give Board members the opportunity to review and decide whether or not to send three issues to the membership for discussion and vote – West Orange Public Library’s request to become a member of BCCLS; Open Borrowing Memo of Agreement; Rochelle Park’s non-compliance with the BCCLS Bylaws.  He mentioned that one of his goals this year was to have all directors involved in committees, small group meetings, the decision making process, and improved communication.  It was noted that small group meetings on e-materials and the Executive Director Search were well attended and productive and that most directors serve on committees. He also mentioned the presentation at the September System Council on the decision making process within the organization.  He remarked that communication is a two way street and that it is our shared responsibility to read the minutes of the Executive Board and System Council meetings as we now have the Knowledge Base site to keep us up to date.  He reminded the membership to address any questions or concerns to him or Robert White.  He pointed out that $750,000 has been budgeted for eBooks, Hoopla, Zinio and databases, that the World Language Subscription program is being expanded, extended kudos to the Public Relations Committee, Arlene Sahraie, Donna Perkosky, and the BCCLS staff for the success of the 35th Anniversary celebration on October 1st.  It was noted how important the Friends and the public are to our libraries and mentioned the creation of the named scholarship in honor Robert White.

    Thanking Jennifer Breuer for the suggestion, he will be requesting that each director write a short bio for each other and the incoming Executive Director…an e-mail with the details will be forthcoming.   He mentioned programs and initiatives developed by committees this year and thanked them for their work.

    At this point in the meeting, Len LoPinto announced Deborah Bigelow’s retirement from Leonia at the end of the year and Carolyn Blower’s retirement from Dumont in February.

  6. Election – BCCLS President: Robert White explained the balloting procedure for President and that among incoming 2015 Executive Board members; only Len LoPinto agreed to run. Therefore, Len LoPinto will serve as BCCLS President in 2015. MOTION:  Robert White as the Secretary of the organization cast one vote for the unanimous selection of Len LoPinto as 2015 President.  Dave Franz seconded.  Motion carried.

  7. Executive Director’s Report: Robert White’s monthly report was distributed to the membership earlier.  He reminded the membership that computer calendars are due by November 13th and requests for 2015 pre-pay invoices can now sent to BCCLS.  He thanked the PR committee for the success of the FOL 35th Anniversary Breakfast, discussed the ballot referendum in Northvale to establish a municipal library and his appearance along with their library committee at the Adult Services Forum on October 27, reported that Innovative/Polaris reduced their staff by 22% company-wide in advance of the Polaris Users Meeting last week, talked about the budget cuts at the Johnson Library and the proposed Johnson legislation which will allow libraries to seek from their local voters the right to set a minimum higher than 1/3 mil.

  8. Committee Reports:

    Advocacy Services – Co-chair Ann McCarthy reminded the membership about the Essentials of Library Law program with Michael A. Cerone, Jr., Esq. scheduled for November 12th at the Closter Library and encouraged the membership to utilize the committee’s Trustee Info and Action sheets, especially the most recent entitled Know Your Local Government Structure.

    Bylaws – Chair Eileen Karpoff referred to her recent email soliciting feedback on the composition of the Executive Board.

    Collection Development/Reference – Chair Mary Riskind reported that the committee is continuing to work on analyzing Statistical Codes through Collection HQ.

    C.A.L.M. – Mimi Hui urged members to attend the final community circle breakfast in Waldwick on October 28th and mentioned the upcoming program on “Ten Policies Your Library Should Have” on December 2nd at the Hasbrouck Heights Library.

    Policies & Procedure – Chair Jennifer Breuer reported that the committee has begun to discuss the establishment of a uniform fines policy beginning with DVD analysis.

    Scholarship – Chair John Trause thanked committee members and Lucille Tendler specifically, for serving this year and noted that the committee recommended the named scholarship for Robert White.

    Technology – Chair Kurt Hadeler reported that the committee is sponsoring a program entitled “Google Going Beyond The Basics” on November 20th.

    World Language Task Force – Chair Deborah Bigelow mentioned the expansion of the world language offerings in 2015.

    Youth Services – Co-chair Lizzie Bender reported on the Common Core Boot Camp for 86 people on September 12th at Ridgewood Library and urged youth services librarians to participate in the Mock Awards on January 16th at Washington Township.

    Public Relations – Co-chair Donna Perkosky spoke about the 35th Anniversary Breakfast on October 1st, thanked the guest speakers and photographers, displayed the info graphic board, mentioned the two Scavenger Hunt winners from Hawthorne and Tenafly, and reported that BooksNJ2015 will be held in June 2015 at Paramus Library.

    Reciprocity Task Force – Dave Franz summarized the discussion at the Task Force meeting on October 7th with regard to renewing the existing Open Borrowing Memo of Agreement. Task Force members concurred that BCCLS renew the contract with the understanding that BCCLS supports and defends Rutherford Library’s decision to not participate in the program.  Task force members also recommended that the reimbursement amount be increased to $.42 from $.25.  Following discussion and commentary from Chair Dave Franz and several directors about the rationale for Rutherford declining to participate, referring the question of compelling system-wide program participation to Bylaws, statistics covering borrowing and lending between OB partners, increasing the reimbursement rate, keeping the number of  loans capped at 100, and also asking Bylaws to take up the issue of denying a library’s participation in such a program if they have withdrawn from BCCLS, the following action took place.  MOTION: Dave Franz moved to accept the Reciprocity Task Force recommendations on renewing the Open Borrowing Memo of Agreement for one year and increasing the reimbursement amount to $.42 per item.  Carolyn Blowers seconded.  Motion carried.

  9. Old BusinessRochelle Park Library
    Len LoPinto reviewed the various steps taken by the Rochelle Park Acting Director/Consultant in 2013, the BCCLS Executive Board on June 25, 2014, the BCCLS Bylaws Committee on August 13, 2014, the Executive Board on August 27, 2014 with regard to the failure of the Rochelle Park Library to comply with the 1/3rd of a mill requirement of Bylaws Article I, Section 3. (a)(ii) Qualifications for Membership.  He reviewed the past and current history of the library’s funding by the municipality and reported that the Executive Board voted today to find Rochelle Park Library non-compliant with Bylaws Section 3. (a)(ii) Qualifications for Membership.  Written notice will be given to the Director and Board of Trustees on November 5 with a hearing date not to exceed thirty (30) days beyond the date of the notice. The Executive Board will hold a hearing and reach a decision within 30 days of the hearing. If the charges are found to be accurate, Rochelle Park will be given 30 days to present a plan to conform to the bylaws.  The plan must be approved or disapproved by the Executive Board.   If Rochelle Park fails to present a plan or the plan fails to conform to the Executive Board’s approval or time line the Board can make a recommendation of either a reduction in privileges until the library is in compliance or the termination of membership.  Membership may be terminated by 2/3 majority of the System Council. A special meeting of the System Council may be called 30 days after the Executive Board recommends termination.  In response to a query, Robert White commented on the failure of the Rochelle Park Library to receive increases of 15% per year in accordance with the BCCLS Bylaw until the one-third of a mill of equalized valuation is reached.

  10. New Business:  West Orange Public Library – Request for Membership
    Robert White reviewed the financial data and rationale for approving West Orange Public Library for membership in BCCLS.  The contract does not take effect until approved by a majority (38) of member libraries’ Board of Trustees.  MOTION:   Wendy Bloom moved that the request from West Orange Public Library seeking membership in BCCLS be sent to Boards of Trustees for approval.  In response to a request, demographic information will be included with the documentation.  Len LoPinto informed the membership that Robert White has assured Executive Board members that the impact on BCCLS staff time and training will be minimal.  Caroline Brown seconded.  Motion carried.

  11. Membership Hearing: NJLA President Terrie McColl urged the membership to join NJLA and to utilize her theme #LibrariesOnTheEdge and #NJLibraries, Donna Perkosky mentioned SnapshotNJ, and Amy Babcock-Landry asked for volunteers to ‘get out the vote’ in Northvale.

  12. Date and Place of Next Meeting: TBD

  13. Adjournment:  11:55 a.m.