09-18-14 Minutes

09-18-14 Minutes

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SYSTEM COUNCIL 9/18/2014 – Mahwah Public Library

PRESIDING:                 Len LoPinto, Paramus  

NOT PRESENT:            Edgewater, Oakland, Saddle Brook

Sign-in sheet is at the BCCLS office attached to the minutes.

  1. Call to Order: Meeting was called to order at 9:40 a.m.  Robert White called the Roll.  Len LoPinto introduced four new directors –   Caroline Brown, Maywood; Gretchen Kaser, Allendale; Amy Babcock-Landry, Livingston; Riti Grover, Norwood.

  2. Minutes of Previous Meeting: MOTION: There being no additions or corrections to the minutes, they will stand as written.

  3. Public Portion:  None.

  4. Treasurer’s Report:  Tim Murphy presented the June & July P&L reports.  No questions.

    Of the 2014 Budget of  3,115,948                            2,990,150       has been received
    leaving a balance of       -125,798                            NJ Cash Management        1,289,861
    leaving a balance of    -1,323,182                            NJ Cash Management             22,515
    Checking Account            88,902

    Mr. LoPinto noted that the financial reports have been filed for audit.

  5. President’s Report:  Len LoPinto informed the membership that County Executive Kathleen Donovan will present the $125,000 County Grant check to the organization this morning.  He congratulated all of the libraries on successful summer programs, referred to the articles from the late 19th and 20th centuries with regard to how the value of public libraries has been challenged since their inception, mentioned the link to the Executive Director Search website, and reported that a committee to present a program on the Johnson legislation will be appointed.  It was noted that an expansion of the World Language subscription collections in 2015 will include Japanese and Chinese and that the Structure & Organization Task Force will present a short program on how organizational decisions are determined.  Mr. LoPinto spoke about BCCLS 35th Anniversary Friends of the Library Breakfast on October 1…a celebration of BCCLS libraries working together to bring shared services to our residents for 35 years.

  6. Election – 2015/2016 Executive Board: Mr. LoPinto read off the names of the returning, rotational, and trustee Board members for 2014: Chris Hartigan, Kurt Hadeler, Adele Puccio, Mimi Hui, Riti Grover, Chris Doto, Laura Rifkin, Lodi Trustee Marilyn DeMolli, and Wallington Trustee.  Nominees for two 2-year terms are: Tim Murphy, Fair Lawn; Dave Franz, Hillsdale; Len LoPinto, Paramus; Samantha McCoy, West Caldwell.

    As there were no nominations from the floor, Len LoPinto closed the nominations.  Ballots were collected and tabulated while the following reports were given.

  7. Executive Director’s Report: Robert White’s monthly report was distributed to the membership earlier.  He commented on Collection HQ training; spoke about the continuous monetary support from the County for 35 years; commended the Public Relations committee for developing and customizing the summer Scavenger Hunt–an event that had many unexpected benefits; and reported on the proposed Johnson legislation that will allow a town to raise their minimum level of funding above the 1/3 mil by local referendum.

  8. Committee Reports:

    Bylaws – Committee Chair Eileen Karpoff reported that as requested by the Executive Board, the committee met to discuss the current funding of the Rochelle Park Library and that the committee reported back to the Executive Board that the committee voted to support the Bylaws as currently written as it pertains to the minimum municipal appropriation as outlined in the Bylaws.  She also reported that the committee is planning to look at the structure of the Executive Board.   Len LoPinto advised the membership that following discussion at the August Executive Board meeting, Board members decided to table any action at this time and the rationale for doing so.

    Policies & Procedure – Committee Chair Jennifer Breuer submitted the attached modifications to the Policies & Procedures Manual for approval.  MOTION: Carolyn Blowers moved that the committee recommendations be approved by the membership.  John Trause seconded.  She referred to her September 16th email with regard to barcode placement and identifying materials. It was noted that the recommended barcode placements are based on feedback from a membership survey.  The committee also recommends that all items be labeled with the owning library’s name on the exterior of the material.  The rationale for the recommendations is to increase efficiency in the circulation process system-wide.  Dave Franz pointed out that the recommendation about identifying materials dovetails with a reciprocity analysis that 25% to 30% of materials system-wide being packed up are from other libraries. Ms. Breuer also reported that the committee has just begun to discuss establishing a uniform fines policy.

    Advocacy Services – Co-chair Martha Urbiel reported on the Essentials of Library Law program with Michael A. Cerone, Jr., Esq. scheduled for November 12th at the Closter Library and encouraged the membership to utilize the committee’s Trustee Info and Action sheets.

    Collection Development – Chair Mary Riskind advised that the committee is reviewing Web Subject Guides and also analyzing Statistical Codes in Polaris.

    C.A.L.M. – Chair Gina Webb-Metz reported that the final 7th and 8th community circle breakfasts will be held on October 8th at Hasbrouck Heights and October 28th at Waldwick.  Committee is also sponsoring a program on “Ten Policies Your Library Should Have” on December 2nd at the Hasbrouck Heights Library.

    eBCCLS Task Force – Chair Nicole Williams reported that the committee is looking at increasing minimum copy purchases, noted that the audio holds ratio has been lowered, and remarked that we need to look at collection growth for audio.

    Personnel – Chair Mary Witherell noted that the 2014 Salary Survey has been distributed and that the committee sponsored a Networking Breakfast for New Professionals in June.

    Public Relations – Co-chair Donna Perkosky thanked the membership for responding to the social media survey, spoke about the 14th Annual Friends of the Library Breakfast on October 1st at Seasons Restaurant, and reported that the Scavenger Hunt results included 216 participants for a total of 4,533 library visits.  Arlene Sahraie related some anecdotal positive feedback from the public about the Scavenger Hunt and read a letter from Kyusoon Lee on behalf of his wife and two daughters.

    At this point in the meeting, County Executive Kathleen Donovan presented the County Grant check in the amount of $125,000 to Robert White as she spoke about her library experiences as a child in Lyndhurst.

    Tech Committee – Chair Kurt Hadeler extended kudos to Eric Lozauskas, Laurie Meeske, and Trevor Diamond for getting text notifications and the email marketing system Constant Contact to the finish line.  He reported on the challenging aspects of the committee’s efforts to develop a flow chart for entering new records into Polaris and the growing complexity of the undertaking.  Committee hopes to have draft guidelines developed by the end of the year.   The committee is sponsoring a program on November 6th titled Google: Going Beyond the Basics.  More info to follow.

    World Language Task Force – Len LoPinto reiterated the new World Language initiative: adding Japanese and Chinese materials; books and magazines would be drop shipped to individual libraries; workshops for libraries collecting in new language will be held in the fall.

    Youth Services – Co-chairs Sharon Kalman & Lizzie Bender reported on the Common Core Boot Camp held at Ridgewood Library on September 12th for 86 people.  The slides from the presentation will be posted on the committee’s website.  The Mock Awards are scheduled for January 16, 2015 in Washington Township.

    At this point in the meeting, Kurt Hadeler addressed the membership to urge directors and staff to read the minutes, agendas, and documents posted to the Knowledge Base.

    Supervisory Task Force – Len LoPinto advised that the goal of the task force is to provide opportunities for staff so we can “grow our own”.

    Structure & Organization – Task Force members addressed the membership on how BCCLS decisions are made.  Eileen Karpoff spoke about the committee structure and charges and how committees respond to membership concerns and also how committees interact with each other.  As an example she explained how the Rochelle Park matter evolved.  Mary Riskind spoke about how small group meetings are one of the tools for building consensus among the membership on topics important to the organization, such as reimbursement, New York Times Historical, and the Executive Director search.  Terrie McColl spoke about how products, services, vendors, ideas, and membership views are forwarded to the appropriate parties.  Robert White commended the BCCLS staff as among the very best he has worked with over the years.  He noted that no piece of the puzzle is ever dropped by staff; spoke about the role played by Ruth Greenberg and Margaret O’Keefe in launching the Collection HQ product, mentioned Arlene Sahraie’s participation on Public Relations and Youth Services, and stated that the guiding principal of BCCLS is consensus building.

    At this point in the meeting, Robert White announced that Len LoPinto, Paramus and Dave Franz, Hillsdale have been elected to two year terms on the  2015/2016 Executive Board.

    Mr. LoPinto pointed out that our Bylaws mandate that every library must employ a certified librarian and reminded directors that it’s their responsibility to review the Executive Board and System Council minutes and agendas and to keep up with the Knowledge Base postings.  He welcomed back Phyllis Palley, current Interim Director at the Worth Pinkham Library, Ho-Ho-Kus and thanked Kurt Hadeler for hosting today’s meeting and noted that 72 libraries are represented today.

  9. Old Business: None

  10. New Business:  

    (1) Introduction of Proposed 2015 Budget & Rate Card

    MOTION:  Eileen Karpoff moved to go into Closed Session to discuss salary and wages.  Chris Hartigan seconded Motion carried.  MOTION:  Eileen Karpoff moved to resume Open Session.  Chris Hartigan seconded.  Motion carried.  In open session, Mr. LoPinto noted that no discussion took place in closed session.While the membership studied the proposed 2015 Budget Narrative & Rate Card, Mr. White mentioned the following line items on the Rate Card.

    While the membership studied the proposed 2015 Budget Narrative & Rate Card, Mr. White mentioned the following line items on the Rate Card.

    • Operating share remains at $3,000 annually
    • The LEAP Web Client is assessed at $500 per library in 2015
    • Telecomm charge is reduced from $4000 to $3500
    • The database & digital collections amount to be raised increases to $562,475 + $175,000 carryover from the NY Times Historical funds.  There will be no carryover in 2016.   The base rate is reduced from $3000 to $1500.  The amount to be raised from population by percentage and 1/3rd mill is each increased from $139K to $175K and a new Usage column. The digital collections fees will also fund Zinio system-wide beginning in January and Hoopla in March or April.
    • Collection HQ is assessed at $500 per library
    • There will be no service contracts on network printers beginning in 2015
    • Kirkus will now be handled at the local level

      Brief discussion took place about LEAP functionality, pricing & training, printer recommendations, and existing Hoopla customers getting some form of credit from Midwest Tape, and the possible phase out of 3M at the close of 2015.  Vote on the proposed 2015 Budget & Rate Card will take place at the October System Council.

  11. Membership Hearing: NJLA President Terrie McColl thanked the membership for attending her inaugural luncheon at the conference.  She asked the membership to get the theme for her year as NJLA President trending: #LibrariesOnTheEdge and #NJLibraries.  She informed the membership that Donna Perkosky of Paramus chairs the Public Relations committee, Mimi Hui of Hasbrouck Heights chairs the Personnel & Administration committee, and Amy Babcock-Landry of Livingston chairs the Public Policy committee. She reported that the annual conference has been re-located to the Ocean Place Resort on April 20-22.  The next NJLA Executive Board meeting will take place on October 18th at the Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, NJ.  Amy Babcock-Landry asked for volunteers to ‘get out the vote’ in Northvale.  She also mentioned that NJLA’s legislative agenda and the Johnson legislation will be reviewed at the Public Policy Forum on October 3rd in Monroe Township.

    Jennifer Breuer mentioned that one of her trustees is an architect who is currently taking photos of library doors; Eileen Karpoff and Daragh O’Connor spoke about the CoderDojo initiative in libraries; and Judah Hamer spoke about Lime Energy’s incentive program to help libraries reduce their energy bills while upgrading their facilities at the same time.  Several directors chimed in about their positive experiences with Lime Energy.

  12. Date and Place of Next Meeting: 10/16/2014 @ Closter Library

  13. Adjournment:  12:15 p.m.