05-15-14 Minutes

05-15-14 Minutes

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SYSTEM COUNCIL 5/15/2014 – Township of Washington Library

PRESIDING:                 Len LoPinto, Paramus  

NOT PRESENT:            East Rutherford, Fort Lee, Harrington Park, Lyndhurst, Oakland, Roseland

GUEST: Michele Reutty, Former Hasbrouck Heights Library Director

sheet at the BCCLS office attached to the minutes.

  1. Call to Order: Mr. LoPinto called the meeting to order at 9:45 a.m.   Robert White called the roll.

  2. Minutes of Previous Meeting: MOTION: There being no additions or corrections to the minutes, they will stand as written.  
  3. Mary Joyce Doyle Scholarship Awards: Committee Chair John Trause noted that over $90,000 has been awarded to scholarship winners since 2002.  As he called up each of the scholarship winners, Directors Catherine Wolverton, Sue Lazzari, Kathleen McGrail, Jennifer Breuer, John Trause, Mary Riskind, and Stephanie Bellucci spoke about the recipients before the certificates were awarded.  The eight applicants on the attached list were awarded scholarship money to help them complete their library and information studies. He thanked the Scholarship committee members involved in the competitive selection process.

  4. Public Portion:  Robert White, Tim Murphy, and Michele Reutty shared their personal recollections about the named memorial scholarships for Brian DeSantis, Mary Lou Abrams, and Ann Sullivan McGill, respectively. John Sitnik presented BCCLS with a 35th Anniversary framed poster signed by the Livingston Public Library staff.

  5. Treasurer’s Report: Tim Murphy rendered the March P&L Report. No questions.   

    Of the 2014 Budget of  3,115,948                            2,675,515       has been received
    leaving a balance of       -440,433                            Total expenses              988,249
    leaving a balance of    -2,127,699                            NJ Cash Management 1,714,741
    Checking Account           190,063

    Mr. LoPinto noted that the financial report has been filed for audit.

  6. President’s Report: Len LoPinto updated the membership on the work of the Executive Director Search Committee.  The consulting firm of John Keister & Associates of Illinois has been hired to spearhead the search for a new Executive Director.  The firm will attend two of the three small group meetings on June 11 & June 12, interview Robert White and visit the BCCLS office.  They will work with the Search Committee up to the final interview process.  He announced that Robert White will retire in one year but noted that he still has goals to accomplish in those 12 months.  Mr. White will submit a written action plan at the June Executive Board meeting with regard to expending the New York Times Historical budgeted funds for inclusion in the 2015 proposed budget. 

    He commented on how proud he is of the work being done by all of the BCCLS committees and requested that committee agendas and minutes be sent to Laurie Meeske for inclusion in the Knowledgebase. Executive Board and System Council agendas and minutes will also be included in the Knowledgebase. 

    Len LoPinto urged the membership to attend the NJLA Conference and commented on the Association’s legislative activities and advocacy.  Incoming NJLA President Terrie McColl also encouraged the membership to attend her inaugural luncheon on June 3 and to join the Association, if they are not already members. 

  7. Executive Director’s Report: Robert White’s monthly report was distributed to the membership earlier.  He reported on the following:

    • NJLA Public Policy Forum where both NJLA’s and the State Library’s budget proposals were outlined

    • Pending legislation due to be introduced by District 37’s Assemblyman Johnson which would allow individual libraries to raise their minimum funding level above the 1/3rd of a mill by local referendum  

    • Northvale residents rallied earlier in the month wearing t-shirts emblazoned with the slogan ‘Northvale residents for a municipal public library’.  The residents are petitioning to put the establishment of a new municipal library on the November 2014 ballot.

    Short takes – BCCLS staff attended Baker & Taylor’s Axis 360 webinar and a Hoopla webinar.  He remarked on the success of Evanced, the purchase of Polaris by Innovative Interfaces, Inc., Collection HQ training, and establishing a separate bank account for scholarship funds.  He responded to questions from Nancy Greene about the number of BCCLS libraries funded above 1/3rd of a mill and budgeting for Zinio in 2015.

  8. Committee Reports:   

    Policies & Procedures – MOTION:  Chair Jennifer Breuer moved that the attached recommendations on Library Closings and Renovations be approved by the membership.  John Trause seconded.  Motion carried.

    Advocacy Services – Co-chair Martha Urbiel extended kudos to Dave Franz for the Mission Statement workshop he conducted on March 27, reported on the NJLTA Road Show workshop for 85 people on May 14th, and recommended that the May action talking point on state aid be shared at board meetings.  The planned monthly talking points can be utilized as useful educational tools for trustees. 

    Bylaws – nothing to report at this time

    Collection Development/Reference – Mary Riskind reported that the committee met with Laurie Meeske and Margaret O’Keefe about changes to the web subject guides.  She mentioned the photocopies being returned from the cataloging office and suggested that directors look at the justification for including them in the catalog.  Mr. White responded to a question about cataloging costs.

    CALM – Chair Gina Webb-Metz mentioned the 4th community circle breakfast on May 20th and the 4 breakfasts planned for the fall.  Mimi Hui will conduct a program on December 2nd on Ten Written Policies Your Library Should Have On Hand. 

    eBCCLS – Chair Nicole Williams reported on the discussions at the April 9th meeting of the task force about budget models for Overdrive and 3M and utilizing Collection HQ in the selection process.  Task Force is also reviewing eBook offerings from Ebsco.  

    Personnel – Mary Witherell advised that the Salary Survey questionnaire will solicit new information on total staff on payroll, including Sunday and part-time.  Committee will host a Networking Breakfast for New Professionals on June 9th at the Township of Washington Library from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m.    

    Public Relations – Co-chair Donna Perkosky assisted Robert White in choosing Wood-Ridge Library at random from all libraries to receive a $50.00 gift card to Panera for participating in BCCLS Blue Day on April 15th.   She spoke about the registrations to date for Selected Shorts on June 24th at North Bergen Library and reminded the membership about the celebration of BCCLS 35th Anniversary at the Friends of the Library Breakfast on October 1st at Seasons Restaurant.  She reported on the planned summer scavenger hunt and the informational packets being distributed today.

    Reciprocity Task Force – Chair Dave Franz reported that the committee will meet again in two weeks.  He has been analyzing reciprocal borrowing numbers and the reciprocal relationships among BCCLS libraries. He mentioned that there are libraries with greater than 20% reciprocal borrowing from a neighboring library and noted that materials budgets do not necessarily correlate to reciprocal borrowing habits.

    Structure & Organization – Chair Terrie McColladvised that the task force has tweaked the BCCLS Personnel Manual and is looking at the new Executive Director compensation package for referral to the Executive Board.

    Technology – Chair Kurt Hadeler reported that the committee is working on tweaking the criteria for Evanced, reviewing email marketing software such as Constant Contact, Robly and MyEmma, and looking to recommend Lib Guides software after version 2 is released and vetted.  The committee is still exploring system-wide credit card functionality for fines and fees and will recommend that the Executive Board approve texting patrons through Polaris.  Committee is looking to present a program on Google apps after the summer and is starting to work on a new and improved process for submitting items to BCCLS for inclusion in Polaris.  He thanked Dave Franz and Matt Latham for being a panelist on the Making Spaces for Makerspaces panel discussion on May 8th for 85 people.

    World Language Task Force – Deborah Bigelow remarked that the committee continues to work on getting a selection of languages in the catalog and on library shelves to meet the needs of patrons, such as Chinese, Japanese, and Portuguese.

    Supervisory Training Task Force – Kurt Hadeler spoke about the mechanics of developing & coordinating specific criteria for implementing a sustainable program for training future supervisors and managers. Discussion has also taken place about a new director training program down the road.

    Youth Services – Co-chairs Lizzie Bender & Sharon Kalman spoke about the Mixer at the Paramus Library on May 2nd.   The committee is sponsoring a Common Core Boot Camp on September 12th at the Ridgewood Library.  She reminded the membership that the committee disseminates program ideas every month through youth services listserv.

  9. Old Business:  None

  10. New Business:  None

  11. Membership Hearing:  Robert White introduced new employee Margaret O’Keefe.  Wendy Bloom complimented the new dusty book report.  Terrie McColl mentioned that the NJLA Urban Libraries Section is soliciting food donations to be brought to the Conference.  Kurt Hadeler and Assistant Director Allison Moonitz will be presenting a Facebook program at the Conference.  Mary Witherell urged the membership to vote for the Wyckoff Library through the State Farm Facebook page in their quest to receive a $25,000 grant to create a Makerspace.  As Donna Perkosky played the Library song on a laptop, several directors and Robert White contributed $466 to the scholarship fund. 

  12. Date of Next Meeting:  9/18/2014 @ Mahwah Library   

  13. Adjournment: 11:30 a.m.