03-20-14 Minutes

03-20-14 Minutes

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SYSTEM COUNCIL 3/20/2014 – Upper Saddle River Public Library

PRESIDING:                 Len LoPinto, Paramus  

NOT PRESENT:            Bogota, Livingston, Ridgefield, River Edge, Roseland

Sign-in sheet is at the BCCLS office attached to the minutes.

  1. Call to Order: Len LoPinto called the meeting to order at 9:45. He welcomed Sarah Lester and staff from the Maplewood Library, BCCLS’ 75th member. He introduced new directors Monica Smith/Hawthorne; David Marks/Haworth; Kassundra Miller/Wood-Ridge; and Interim Director Caroline Brown/Maywood. He congratulated Samantha McCoy on her appointment as the new West Caldwell director.

  2. Minutes of Previous Meeting: MOTION: There being no additions or corrections to the minutes, they will stand as written.  
  3. Public Portion:  None

  4. Treasurer’s Report: Tim Murphy rendered the March P&L Report. No questions.   

    Of the 2014 Budget of  $3,115,948                          $2,670,832       has been received
    leaving a balance of       -445,116                            Total expenses              655,938
    leaving a balance of    -2,460,010                            NJ Cash Management 1,889,650
    Checking Account           178,157

    It was noted that the financial reports have been filed for audit.

  5. President’s Report: Len LoPinto reported that although Robert White has not as yet announced his official retirement date, replacing him will be a monumental task. He informed the membership that he has activated the Executive Director Search Committee comprised of himself, the past BCCLS’ Presidents still active – Mike McCue, Tim Murphy, Eileen Karpoff, Mary Riskind, Terrie McColl, Judah Hamer, current Vice-President Dave Franz and Jennifer Breuer. He plans to solicit feedback from BCCLS staff and convene small group meetings when the search for a new Executive Director commences. In accordance with the Bylaws, the Search Committee will recommend candidates and a contract for the new Executive Director to the Executive Board. The Executive Board will hire the Executive Director and approve the contract. 

    He touched on the work of several committees — Bylaws will review the structure and composition of the Executive Board; Collection Development will continue to analyze and review databases and online services; Structure & Organization will review the Personnel Manual, Office Structure, and Job Descriptions. The Supervisory Training Task Force will work on training sessions for staff members to advance to supervisory positions so we can ‘grow our own’. He advised that Robert White will submit an an action plan with regard to BCCLS being a conduit for subscriptions, will render a written report to the Executive Board on the history of the collaboration between BCCLS and BELs, and will prepare an action plan on the particular issues discussed at the small group meetings. He mentioned that 2014 is the 35th Anniversary of BCCLS and that there is much to celebrate. 

  6. Executive Director’s Report:Robert White’s monthly report and his 2014 Goals were distributed to the ‘membership earlier. He reported that the consensus of the three small group meetings was to not renew the New York Times Historical in June. Two areas of immediate impact would be to make Zinio a BCCLS-wide offering for 2015, and to increase the funding for eBooks and downloadable audiobooks. Following discussion with Cheryl O’Connor about a new Delivery RFP, he advised that we may have to use the Delivery subsidy in 2015. He mentioned the coordination of subscription services, the addition of
    Maplewood Library as the 75th member of BCCLS and extricating BCCLS from BELs by June 2015, if not earlier. Margaret O’Keefe will join BCCLS as the additional cataloger on April 7. He extended kudos to Joe Guida and Rich Woldan on their work in implementing the Windows 7 upgrade, pc replacements, and RAM upgrades throughout the system.He reported on the soon to be introduced legislation by Assemblyman Johnson that will allow libraries to seek from their local voters the right to set a minimum higher than 1/3 mil. He commented that this is the best long term protection of stable funding for some libraries. He mentioned the strategy being employed by NJLA to advocate for the legislation district by district during National Library Week. More information as it becomes available.

    While reviewing his 2014 Goals, it was noted that the Executive Board approved the purchase of Collection HQ, a productivity tool which will provide some functionality that previously existed in POW and Librarian’s View. Implementation for the first 10 adopters is planned for September 1. He, Ruth Greenberg, Luca Manna, and Margaret O’Keefe will attend a Collection HQ forum in Delaware on April 10.

    He mentioned the development of an electronic submission process that would replace photocopy submissions, streamlining the offerings to members in terms of technical support, and exiting some marginal offerings for 2015 such as service contract support for network laser printers.

  7. Committee Reports:   
    Advocacy Services – Co-chair Ann McCarthy reported on the upcoming committee programs: You Don’t Read A Mission Statement. You Live It conducted by Hillsdale Director Dave Franz on March 27 at the Closter Library and the NJLTA Road Show on May 14 at Closter Library. She thanked the membership for their response to the committee’s education survey and reported that the committee plans to communicate bite-size pieces of “trustee information” on a monthly basis which can be shared at Board meetings. 

    Bylaws – Eileen Karpoff informed the membership that the committee will review the Bylaws and the structure and composition of the Executive Board.

    Collection Development/Reference – Mary Riskind thanked Ruth Greenberg and Laurie Meeske for their work on the web subject guides. She mentioned that the committee is looking at developing other guidelines and asked for suggestions from the membership.

    C.A.L.M. – Gina Webb-Metz reported that the committee will host a new director breakfast on May 22 and 4 Community Circle breakfasts in the spring and 4 in the fall on a variety of topics. 

    eBCCLS – Nicole Williams advised that the holds ratio for downloadable audio has been lowered, the committee is looking at selection procedures & subscription protocols, and is recommending that BCCLS sign on to ReadersFirst – a movement to improve e-book access and services for public library users.  

    Personnel – Mary Witherell reported that the committee will meet in April.    

    Policies & Procedures – MOTION: Jennifer Breuer moved that the attached recommendation #1 covering additional patron codes be approved by the membership. Kurt Hadeler seconded. Motion carried.
    MOTION: Jennifer Breuer moved that the attached recommendation #2 on the new item type Ebook and policy addition for Collection Development > Catalog Submissions > Criteria for Submission. Wendy Bloom seconded. Motion carried.

    Public Relations – Co-chair Donna Perkosky displayed the 35th Anniversary poster and reported that in recognition of the Anniversary, the website slides will be customized monthly to reflect library services and achievements. She announced BCCLS Blue Day on April 15 to celebrate National Library Week, National Library Worker Day and the Anniversary. She pointed to the informational flyers in the front of the room. Programs planned for 2014 include Selected Shorts on June 24 at North Bergen Library, Friends of the Library Breakfast on October 1 at Seasons Restaurant and a summer scavenger hunt. Committee is also exploring a mall expo to showcase libraries on a Saturday in September at the Garden State Plaza.

    Reciprocity Task Force – Dave Franz reported on the issues discussed at the first meeting – inequities of service, reviewing statistics to measure usage, and the norms of borrowing.

    Scholarship – John Trause informed the membership that the committee will meet on March 26 to review 11 scholarship applications.

    Structure & Organization – Terrie McColl advised that the committee will review the BCCLS Personnel Manual, Office Structure, and current Job Descriptions. As incoming NJLA President, she urged directors and staff to attend the Conference at the Revel from June 3 to June 5, and to especially make a point to attend the Inaugural luncheon on June 3.

    Technology – Kurt Hadeler reported on the charges and initiatives being addressed or researched by the committee: Evanced calendaring software going live April 3; texting patrons through the catalog; email list management such as Constant Contact; building dynamic websites; transitioning committees to Knowledge Base software; replacing the current listserv software with a product with more features; online catalog submissions; panel discussions on Makerspaces. More info as it becomes available. As this point, he asked for a show of hands if the membership is interested in the committee exploring a system-wide credit card system for fines and fees utilizing a direct payment system such as eCommerce.

    He echoed Len LoPinto’s remarks on the importance of the Supervisory Training Task Force developing a continuing education model for training staff members to advance to supervisory and managerial positions.

    World Language Task Force – Deborah Bigelow reported that the main goal is to determine a way to get a broader selection of languages in the catalog and on library shelves to meet the needs of patrons. The task force is working on job descriptions for specialists in language selection with a planned presentation at the May System Council. Len LoPinto spoke about the shelf life of foreign language materials. In response to a question from Jason Kim of Palisades Park about Korean cataloging, he advised him to contact Matthew Mitchel at the Paramus Library.

    Youth Services – Co-chair Lizzie Bender mentioned the monthly program ideas disseminated to the youth services listserv, reported on the 5th annual mixer on May 2, and the Common Core Boot Camp on September 12 at the Ridgewood Library.

  8. Old Business:  None

  9. New Business: 
    (1) Ridgewood Library
    Len LoPinto advised the membership that the Ridgewood Library Board of Trustees has submitted a plan to comply with Bylaws Article I, Section 3(a) (iii) in that they will cease charging BCCLS cardholders for reciprocal services or for any other services provided by BCCLS, effective March 19, 2014.

    Nancy Greene addressed the membership by stating that the extra $8,000-$10,000 income derived from Ridgewood’s policy of ILL service fees of $.25 per book; $.50 per CD; $1.00 per movie enables the library to open on summer Sundays and enhances services to all and that only Ridgewood residents were charged the fee. She questioned the specific Bylaw that a member library shall not charge BCCLS valid card holders for BCCLS reciprocal borrowing or any of the other services provided by BCCLS. Bylaws Chair Eileen Karpoff replied that the Bylaw has been in effect since the 1990s and stated that we cannot sell services for something we all share. She also noted that the Bylaws Committee will review and discuss that particular section.

    Several directors opined that free public libraries should not put up barriers to patrons; that one library should not subsidize another; and that fines are avoidable – services are not. Len LoPinto closed the discussion by referring to the NJLA policy statement on Charging for Public Library Services adopted on November 19, 2013.
  10. Membership Hearing:  Terrie McColl spoke about meeting former Edgewater Director Donna Bachowski at PLA while visiting an exhibit for Epoch – a free obituary software; Wendy Bloom remarked that Collection HQ is a great product; Donna Perkosky invited the membership to attend an author event at the Paramus Library with Tom Angleberger on March 22; Sarah Lester mentioned the Maplewood Ideas Festival from April 2 through April 12.

    Kathleen McGrail thanked the membership for attending today’s meeting and invited them to peruse the items in the Friend’s Book Room. Len LoPinto thanked Kathleen and the Upper Saddle River staff for their hospitality.

  11. Date of Next Meeting:  Thursday, May 15 @ Township of Washington Library   

  12. Adjournment: 11:30 a.m.