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Standard Card Requirements


Library cards are issued by the community in which the patron resides or owns property.

If a patron owns property in one BCCLS town and lives in another BCCLS town the patron is entitled to one (1) unrestricted card in each town. Unrestricted cards are Adult, Juvenile, and Young Adult patron codes. Library Staff eligibility is outlined below.

Library Staff Members

At the discretion of the employing BCCLS library, active staff may be eligible for an unrestricted library staff card, regardless of residency.  Each member library should develop guidelines for the use of the library staff card in keeping with BCCLS general usage policies.  It is recommended that libraries adopt local guidelines and expectations for eligibility (including revocability) and use of staff cards.


It is strongly suggested that libraries require some “official” document as proof of residency. Patrons that own property in one BCCLS town and live in another BCCLS town should be encouraged to only have one (1) library card.

Dependents Who Live in Multiple BCCLS Households/Towns


Dependents in the custody of parents/guardians residing in different households/towns (due to divorce, separation, etc.) are eligible for two (2) library cards, so long as the parent or legal guardian living in that household/town is willing to sign for the dependent’s card. All other local library requirements, e.g. for parent eligibility to sign for a child, pertain.

Restricted Card Requirements


Restricted cards include:

Courtesy Cards

Patrons who work or attend school in a BCCLS town, but do not live in a BCCLS town, may be issued a Courtesy Card. Courtesy card patrons are restricted to on-site use at the issuing library. Courtesy Cards are not permitted access to eBCCLS content. ReBL and Hudson County Library Cards are also defined as Courtesy Cards.

Pay Cards

A Pay Card is purchased by an individual or family that is not entitled to a resident or courtesy card to allow use of the issuing library. Pay cards patrons are restricted to on-site use at the issuing library.  Pay Cards are not permitted access to eBCCLS content.

Institution Cards

This card type is used for local institutions (e.g. schools, senior centers, etc.) and libraries outside of BCCLS (ex. Mallville Public Library) for ILL checkouts. Institution Cards are restricted to on-site use at the issuing library. Institution Cards are not permitted access to eBCCLS content.


As the issuing library is responsible for any lost or damaged items checked out to an institution card, it is recommended that libraries draft a written agreement with a local institution before issuing an institution card.