Patron Status

Patron Status

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A patron record is blocked by the system when:

  • Unrestricted Card – Charges on the account total $10 or more.
  • Restricted Card – Charges on the account total $5 or more.
  • The patron has 10 or more items overdue.
  • The patron has any item long overdue (45 days).


Though it is possible to click “Yes” on the pop-up that is presented at checkout, staff should refuse to check out items to the patron when the system presents a block that indicates the patron has exceeded their maximum allowable fines or outstanding overdues.



Barred patron code is used for patrons to whom the home library does not wish to extend circulation or loan privileges. Only the home library may bar a patron record. All barred records must be accompanied by an explanatory note, dated and signed. Barred status can only be cleared by the home library, or new home library.


Reasons for which the Barred status might be used:

  • Patron has moved
  • Patron record information is incomplete or incorrect
  • The home library policy states that all household members are blocked when one member is seriously delinquent


Barring a Patron

  1. Open the Patron’s Patron Registration work form using any means at your disposal.
  2. Use the pull-down menu associated with the Patron code and change it to Barred.
  3. Press F9 on the keyboard to switch to the Patron Status work form.
  4. Click on the Notes view icon in the left-hand side-bar.
  5. Type the reason for the barring into the Blocking notes field, also include your initials, the name of your library, and today’s date.