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Initiating Requests 


Requests for materials, and their delivery, may be initiated by the patron, the patron’s home library, or the requesting library. Hold requests must be placed by all libraries for any patron presenting a valid unrestricted BCCLS library card.

A patron can have 25 requests at one time.

Restricted Cards


Pay, Courtesy, and Institutional Card holders are blocked from placing requests in the PAC. Libraries may place item-level holds on their own material for their restricted card holders.

Bulk Requests


Libraries wishing to request bulk amounts of a title for their book clubs must place duplicate requests via the client for the book club card. Libraries filling requests for book club cards should treat the request as any other.  Items must be checked in when received and checked out within four (4) days.


A library can either check the item out to a book club card or the patron’s card, if the patron is present.

Declining Requests


Libraries unable or unwilling to fill hold requests should decline then reactivate the request.