Cards for Patrons Moving Between Libraries

Cards for Patrons Moving Between Libraries

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To register patrons who have moved from one library community to another the following conditions must be met:

  • The patron must be in good standing with no unpaid bills (outstanding fines or lost materials).
  • The patron’s record should not have any outstanding materials including materials which are not yet overdue. Claims Returned items are not considered outstanding materials.
  • The new home library may clear a barred status if all other conditions are met and the sole reason for the barred status is that the patron has moved from the town of the previous home library, as indicated by the accompanying note.
  • The new home library becomes responsible for checkouts and bills.
  • The Patron’s new library must inform their previous library of the change in registration.


  1. Check in any items the patron may have brought with them.  
  2. Bring up the Patron Status work form using the Patron Status find tool or via any other method you may be familiar with. Go to their ITEMS OUT list. If there are items out, the patron must return them before their card can be migrated to a new library. 
  3. Now check the ACCOUNTS view and handle any fines that might appear there. Any replacement cost fines must be paid in the form of a check and sent directly to the item’s owning library. The patron’s record cannot be moved between libraries until these issues are resolved.
  4. Check to be sure the patron can provide adequate proof of their change of address.
  5. Patrons who have moved will often have a Patron code of barred simply because their mail has been returned to sender and their previous library has taken note and decided to deny service to them until they can provide a new address. A note should appear in the NOTES view of the Patron Status Work Form to explain any barring. If they are barred for any reason other than change of address, these issues will need to be dealt with. If it is due to change of address, the note can be removed at this time.
  6. Now bring up the Patron’s Registration work form by pressing the F9 key or by any other means at your disposal. 
  7. Change the patron’s address, phone number, and email address if they have changed. To change a patron’s address you can either highlight the address and click EDIT to make the changes, or highlight the address and click REMOVE, then click ADD to enter a new address.
  8. Replace the patrons barcode by first copying their current Barcode, then pasting it into the Former barcode field. Now scan a new barcode number into the Barcode field.
  9. If their Patron code is set to Barred, change it to whatever is appropriate (Adult, Juvenile, etc.)
  10. Change the Registered at field to the name of your library or town.
  11. In the GENERAL view, be sure that the Statistical class is set to your county and town. example: “Bergen – Tenafly”
  12. It is a good idea to renew the patron’s card at this time so that they get a full 3 years of borrowing before they must renew again. 
  13. Click the Save icon near the top-left of the work form.
  14. If the patron can produce their old library card, destroy it.
  15. Use the Patron Barcode Change Support Form found on the Support Form  page of the BCCLS Staff website to report this change of patron information. This will allow the patron’s previous library to update its records and enable BCCLS staff can migrate any eholdings from the patron’s previous to current patron IDs.