Responsibilities of Membership

Responsibilities of Membership

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Membership in BCCLS benefits its libraries, their patrons and staff. Like all relationships, the one between BCCLS libraries and BCCLS staff thrives best when each party recognizes and carries out its responsibilities while communicating effectively its needs. The following guidelines were developed to further this essential element of BCCLS participation.

  • Pay attention to what is going on in BCCLS. Attend all System Council meetings (or send a delegate). Read all e-mail promptly. Reply as appropriate and/or distribute copies to pertinent staff.
  • Respond to system-wide requests, ballots, etc. within the appropriate time frame.
  • Conform to all BCCLS policies.
  • If you have questions or reservations about BCCLS policies, you should bring these to either the Executive Director, BCCLS President, an Executive Board member, or to the Policies and Procedures Committee for discussion. Regarding matters of extreme importance, you may request that it be brought to the Executive Board or full System Council as appropriate.
  • For matters regarding BCCLS staff, the matter (in most cases) should be brought to the Executive Director for discussion and resolution. When that is not possible, the concern should be brought to the President or other Executive Board member.
  • Remember — the staff is only human and needs your support and an occasional expression of appreciation for all that they do.
  • Pay all bills on time. E-mail the BCCLS office when payment might be delayed for unavoidable reasons.
  • Send key people to BCCLS training classes and require that they share the information with other staff.
  • Make certain that the responsibility of contacting the BCCLS office is limited to people who will do so appropriately. Remember to consult the sheet regarding which BCCLS personnel are “on call”.
  • If delivery of equipment is imminent, make certain that you have made all final decisions regarding its location, etc. and that the staff present are aware of these details. 


All correspondence relating to the Cooperative, the Council, copies of news releases, etc., should be sent to the BCCLS office for inclusion in the System files. Examples: Press releases, copies of committee reports, newspaper articles, newsletters, information flyers, etc.