Library Closings and Renovations

Library Closings and Renovations

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When a member library will be closed for more than one week the BCCLS office must be notified. This notification should be at least 60 days in advance of the closing for major renovation work or new construction. A plan of service must be submitted to the BCCLS office regarding delivery service, notification to patrons, and use of BCCLS libraries. Failure to give this notice may result in BCCLS being unable to meet library deadlines and in the assessment of a $1,000.00 penalty fee. Terms for financial payment will be worked out with the Executive Board.

Guidelines for Adding Equipment to the BCCLS Network


Any installations, modifications or add-ons to the existing BCCLS automation system must be cleared through the BCCLS office a minimum of 90 days before the expected installation. In the case of self-check machines, an additional log-on for self-check is required. In lieu of licensing fees, self-check will be treated as a one-time capital share, as quoted in the current rate card.

Planning for Library Closings for New Buildings, Renovations, Carpeting, New Circulation Desks



  • Verify current cabling requirements with BCCLS staff.
  • BCCLS must be informed of the library chain of command for the project with telephone and/or email contact information for at least 3 people.
  • Library projects lasting more than 90 days must provide an alternate library service location.



  • Inform the BCCLS office well in advance so that cabling & installation timetables can be planned. BCCLS staff is prepared to advise you of technical requirements before your architect completes plans. BCCLS staff should review blueprints and/or walk through your building.
  • Plan on cabling for new PC workstations and in new or renovated buildings. You must verify that the cabling job is complete and correct before BCCLS staff is scheduled to install new equipment.
  • When choosing new furniture allow for PC and printer footprint, grommet openings for cables and electrical cords.
  • Try to locate telecomm equipment in a low traffic area of the library for greater ease in PC and telecomm equipment disconnect and re-connect.
  • Plan to have electrical outlets easily accessible to PCs & printers.
  • Inform the BCCLS office well in advance if you will be changing a circulation desk or carpeting your library which may require moving wires or changing work station locations. A new circulation desk may alter the location of your work station(s), which may require cabling and/or new electrical outlets. Measure to be sure new circulation desk will accommodate PCs, printers, etc.
  • Inform BCCLS of your plan of service for your residents. Establish a temporary “home library” for new patron registration, patron card renewals, electronic reciprocal and inter-library loans, reserves, reference and Internet access. Provide temporary home library with adequate supplies: patron cards, patron bar codes, etc.
  • Inform BCCLS as to whether you will continue to receive electronic mail and/or materials via the delivery service while you are closed. If you will not receive materials via the delivery service, how will items checked in at other libraries be returned to your library after your closing date? Make arrangements with the LibraryLinkNJ office, which handles the delivery service. 

A Checklist

  • Letter sent to BCCLS outlining proposed construction/renovation schedule.
  • Walk through or consultation scheduled with BCCLS staff to ensure that all technical requirements have been met.
  • When planning building/renovating, locating telecomm equipment in a low traffic area has been considered.
  • Cabling job is complete and correct in preparation for BCCLS installation.
  • New furniture chosen taking into account size of PCs, printers, etc. as well as easy access for all electrical wires & outlets.
  • For smaller projects such as carpeting or room rearrangement, BCCLS has been given sufficient notice that location changes for work stations may require additional cabling.
  • A temporary “home library” has been established for your patrons. BCCLS has been informed of this temporary home library so that they can share this information with the membership.
  • An action plan for requests/holds has been developed in cooperation with the BCCLS office.
  • LibraryLinkNJ has been contacted regarding any change in your delivery service during your renovation/building period.
  • The BCCLS office has been informed of any changes in your delivery service during your renovation/building period.
  • The BCCLS office has been informed as to whether or not a staff member will be reading e-mail on a regular basis during the building/renovation period. If e-mail contact is not possible, a phone number at which messages can be left for library staff has been given to the BCCLS office.
  • All of the above have been given with approximate dates. BCCLS office has been kept up to date regarding schedule adjustments.