Overdue Notices

Overdue Notices

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Overdue notifications are sent by the patron’s registered library.  Billing notices (once the item becomes at least 60 days overdue) are only available as print and are sent by the patron’s registered library.  Email overdues are sent each day, the first notice coming no sooner than 14 days after the item due date.  Files containing the print notices are emailed to the libraries each Wednesday, for the library to process.  Notices are queued on the schedule below.  Email notices and reminders are sent automatically.  Print notices accumulate until they are generated on Wednesday.

1st Overdue – 14 days after due date.

2nd Overdue – 28 days after due date (and the first notice has been sent).

Billing Notice – 60 days after due date (and the second overdue notice has been sent)