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Delivery Service


The BCCLS delivery service is for member libraries only. It is required that this service is used to send and receive materials within BCCLS.

Sending Materials via Delivery


Libraries are required to use BCCLS-issued bins only for BCCLS delivery. All items going out for delivery must have a destination slip generated by the ILS.


Libraries shall follow the following procedures for sending items through the BCCLS delivery service:

    1. DESTINATION SLIP: All items in delivery must have a destination slip. It is recommended to rubber band the slip to any items that might lose the slip while in transit, i.e. jewel cases, thin softcover books, magazines, etc. It is permissible to rubber band items together going to the same library. It is not necessary when an entire bin’s destination is the same library.
    2. SORTING: Items must be sorted by route and placed in the delivery bin by route. Depending on the number of items being sent on a particular route, libraries may put material for several routes in one bin and if possible, in numerical order by stop.
    3. PACKING THE BINS: Bins should be packed with heavier items on the bottom and media on top. Material may not be stacked higher than the bottom of the bin’s handles. Do NOT pack material in bags, padded envelopes or bubble wrap. Do NOT use tape.
    4. NON DATABASE MATERIAL: Libraries are permitted to use the BCCLS delivery service to send documents such as bills and program flyers to other member libraries.
      1. Documents must be placed in a 9×12” envelope clearly marked with the route and stop.
      2. Libraries may NOT use the BCCLS delivery service to send giveaways to other libraries.
    1. 5. Libraries may not hold onto more bins than they need for everyday and/or holiday usage.

Inter-Library Loan Requests


Items for JerseyCat must be processed according to LibraryLinkNJ guidelines and sent through BCCLS delivery.

Emergency Closings


Libraries must notify BCCLS delivery service that they will be closed for an emergency via the Closing Alert. Notification MUST occur immediately after the decision is made. An emergency, as defined for the purpose of delivery, is when unsafe conditions or physical obstructions (e.g. road closure) prevent BCCLS drivers access to libraries.

The Director and a designee shall be the library’s contacts for Delivery in the event the Delivery Manager needs to contact a library about an emergency closing. The Director MUST notify BCCLS immediately if there is a change in any contact information or designee.


    1. When the determination is made that a library will be closed for an emergency, the Director or designee must complete the Closing Alert.
    2. If the library will be closed, but the BCCLS driver is still able to deliver, the library shall receive delivery.
    3. If the library will be completely inaccessible to the driver,the library must indicate so on the Closing Alert.

Lost In-Transit


Items that are lost in-transit are not billable to the sending library, BCCLS, or LibraryLinkNJ and are considered the “cost of doing business.” The item-owning library should withdraw the item and replace it if it chooses.

Lost In-Transit must be marked missing after 6 months.


In the case of items enroute for patron requests, the item-owning library must:

1. Check in the item

2. Decline and reactivate the request

3. Mark the item missing

4. If you are the only holding library and the item has an outstanding request, follow the procedure for Missing Items


All items which are lost in-transit should be marked missing by the item-owning library. Libraries should establish a Book Replacement line item within their budget to absorb costs related to items that remain in-transit beyond six months.

Receiving Materials via Delivery


All database materials received in delivery must be checked in at the receiving library.