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ILL is defined as borrowing or lending materials that are not available from BCCLS member libraries and must be obtained from outside sources.

To avoid duplication of effort, ILL should be placed only by the patron’s home library.

Inter-library loan policies should be as unrestrictive as possible, with due consideration to the interests of the local library and other BCCLS member libraries. ILL should be understood as the library acting on behalf of individual patron requests, not requests on behalf of institutions or groups. Borrowing libraries are responsible for supporting their local schools and any local programs, such as book discussion groups.

It is the responsibility of the local library to provide service to its school district as per local policy.

Bulk loan requests should be placed first within the borrowing library’s own consortium.

Overdue fines may be waived on BCCLS institutional cards by any BCCLS library, but charges for lost items may only be removed by the item owning library.


If and when a librarian requests a title on behalf of a patron, the title will be charged to the patron’s barcode and delivered to the patron’s home/school library. The patron will then be notified of the item’s arrival and that it will be available at the home/school library. Once charged, the patron then becomes responsible for the care of the material.

When a librarian requests material not specifically designated for an individual, or for a faculty member or student not residing in a BCCLS member library, then and only then, will the material be charged to the requesting library. The BCCLS card may also be handed to the faculty member to visit any BCCLS library, at the discretion of the Librarian/Media Specialist. If any material should become lost or damaged, it becomes the responsibility of the institution to reimburse the library issuing the card for overdue, damaged or lost material.

It is therefore recommended that a Memo of Agreement be signed by the appropriate person having financial responsibility for material charged to an institution’s library card. Each library in a school district or corporation should have a signed Memo of Agreement and barcoded card.