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Mass Mailings

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Distribution Lists


Distributions lists are for communicating important information to a large number of people. They should not be used for ongoing discussions.

ALL messages are delivered to all email addresses. Messages to ALL should meet the following guidelines:

  1. Message should contain information that is of immediate relevance to the entire membership
  2. The subject line should be as informative as possible – Example: ALDL Phones Down

Messages to ALL can be sent from any computer at any time, but it is important to consider whether the ALL list is the best place for this information before sending.

DIRECTORS messages are delivered to all BCCLS directors and assistant directors.



Listservs are specialized email distribution lists used to communicate to distinct audiences, either library staff or constituents.  E.g an individual library may have a news listserv for their patrons.  BCCLS also maintains various system-wide listservs for professional communications among various groups.  Listserv messages are addressed to (e.g. These listservs all provide online archives. For a full list, including subscription information, go to the Electronic Newsletters page on the BCCLS homepage under the Services category.