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BCCLS provides email addresses, distribution lists, and discussion lists to facilitate professional communication within the BCCLS community, including its member libraries. Individuals are encouraged to use email to further the goals and objectives of BCCLS. BCCLS email systems may not be used for personal communications.


Check your BCCLS email account regularly to be aware of important announcements.

Keep in mind the email system is not designed for or intended to be used as a records archival system. All email users are responsible for effectively managing their messages and folders. Messages and folders which are no longer needed should be deleted from the system. Messages which are required to be kept for historical records should be removed from the Inbox and stored in an appropriately labeled folder.

Persons working at multiple BCCLS libraries are permitted an email address at each employing library. Specific library business must be conducted on email accounts authorized by that library.



BCCLS respects the individual privacy of its employees; however, email, like other forms of communication, is a public record, subject to possible disclosure to the public pursuant to the provision of the Open Public Records Act. Email users shall have no expectation of privacy in anything they store, send or receive on BCCLS’ email system.

All emails sent or received by public employees regarding official business are by definition government record. It does not matter whether or not email was sent or received on a public agency email server. (N.J.S. 47:1A-1 et seq.)

Account Management


All BCCLS employees and Library Trustees are eligible for an email account. Requests for a new account must be submitted by the library director or assistant director. Friends and other non-employees are ineligible for email accounts.

Upon notification from the Director, employee email access will be terminated when their association with a specific BCCLS member library ends. Upon notification from the Director, Library Trustee email access will end at the conclusion of their service on the Library Board.


All users of BCCLS email accounts are subject to the laws governing the Open Public Records Act (OPRA) and Open Public Meetings Act (OPMA). Anyone using a BCCLS email account should be familiar with these laws.


To request the creation or termination of a BCCLS email account, a name change, or a password reset, the library director or assistant director should fill out an Email (Staff) form via the BCCLS Support Form. Library director email accounts are created automatically upon formal appointment or at the request of the Board of Trustees.

In the event that a library staff member is internally promoted to library director, the new library director’s email account will be renamed to follow the approved director naming convention. An alias will remain in place for the individual’s former email address. The director may request a new email address rather than migrating their existing staff email address, if preferred.

Email Addresses


BCCLS formats email addresses in a specific manner to distinguish BCCLS staff, library directors, library staff, and library trustees.

  • = circulation department
  • = BCCLS staff
  • = library director
  • = library staff
  • = library trustee



A signature is required on all BCCLS email accounts. For individual accounts, the signature must include:

  • Name
  • Library
  • Position


It is recommended that signatures include the library address and telephone number.

Vacation Responders


It is recommended that vacation responders be used when the employee will be away from the library for a prolonged period.