New Formats and Material Types

New Formats and Material Types

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Adding New Formats to the Catalog


In order for a library to suggest that a new format be cataloged in the BCCLS database (including records visible in the online catalog), the relevant titles must be accessible to BCCLS members according to the policies in place at the time.


New formats in the catalog may also benefit from new material types in the ILS for use when linking items.


To request a new format for inclusion in cataloging:

  • The Library Director submits a written request to the BCCLS Executive Director, who will then contact the appropriate committee(s).

  • The committee(s) will survey Library Directors to gauge their interest in adding the format to their circulating collections within the next 6-12 months.

  • If at least 10% of the member libraries who respond to the survey are interested in adding the format, the committee that conducted the survey will recommend to P&P its addition to the catalog.

Adding New Material Types to the ILS


Material Types are used when linking items and are used to set the default replacement cost of an item. The material type can also be used for statistical purposes (usually in conjunction with collection, shelf location, and/or stat class). To request a new material type, contact the Policies and Procedures Committee.