07.28.21 – EB Meeting Minutes

July 28, 2021

Stephanie Bellucci, Cliffside Park

David Hanson, BCCLS
Chelsea Coleman, Bogota
Meri Kearns, Trustee, Edgewater
Ellen O’Keefe, Glen Rock
Tara Cooper, Hackensack
Karen Kaner, Trustee, Little Ferry
Amy Babcock-Landry, Livingston
Terrie McColl, New Milford
Omar Khan, Ridgefield Park
Gretchen Corsillo, Rutherford
Laura Leonard, Wyckoff


Darlene Swistock, Recorder of Minutes

A list of the guests is attached to the minutes in the BCCLS office

Stephanie Bellucci called the virtual meeting to order at 10:04 am. She reminded everyone to say their name and library when speaking, clearly repeat the motion, who made it and who seconded it, and that guests should save their comments for the Public Portion, Membership Hearing or when comments are requested.

  1. Minutes of the Previous Meeting on May 26, 2021
    It was MOVED BY: Terrie McColl Seconded by: Amy Babcock-Landry
    to approve the minutes as written. All in favor. Tara Cooper and Karen Kaner abstained as they were not present at that meeting. Motion carried.

    Stephanie Bellucci also welcomed the new and acting Directors: Esperanza Pacheco (Acting Director, Englewood), Kerri Wallace (Director, Franklin Lakes) and Jennie Pu (Director, Hoboken in 2 weeks). She also congratulated Omar Khan who won the special election to fill the remaining term of John Arthur who recently resigned from BCCLS.

  2. Public Portion
  3. Treasurer’s Report
    Terrie McColl’s report was previously distributed in the meeting packet. She reminded everyone that the financial summary pages are included in the meeting packet and the detailed reports are available in the Director Portal within MyBCCLS. There were no questions about her report.

    It was MOVED BY: Chelsea Coleman Seconded by: Tara Cooper
    to approve the Treasurer’s Report. All in favor. Motion carried.

  4. Correspondence
    The correspondence from Allison Ballo, chair of the Library, Administration, Management & Personnel Committee will be discussed in New Business: Reconsideration of board action regarding in-person meetings and events.
  5. President’s Report
    Stephanie Bellucci’s report was previously distributed in the meeting packet. Because of the full agenda for today’s meeting, she did not add anything further. There were no questions about her report.
  6. Executive Director’s Report
    Dave Hanson’s report was previously distributed in the meeting packet. He mentioned 2 programs offered by the State Library: Literary Project and Navigator (he was asked to chair that task force). He also mentioned that Jen Nelson, the new State Librarian, will attend System Council in September, and she will also visit some of the BCCLS libraries. Stephanie Bellucci and Dave Hanson will arrange the visits. There were no questions about his report.
  7. Committee Reports
    a. Diverse & Underserved Populations Committee – Leap Preferred Name Q&A – Event Evaluation
    b. Library Administration, Management & Personnel Committee – New Directors
    Orientation – Event Evaluation
    c. BCCLS – Parliamentary Procedures Training – Event Evaluation
    d. Committee Program Approvals

    Copies of the event evaluations and the list of upcoming committee programs were previously distributed in the meeting packet. There were no questions or comments about them.

  8. Old Business
  9. New Business
    a. Tech & Digital Services Committee – Recommendation – VOTE
    Christopher Elford, committee chair, and Eric Lozauskas, Director of IT, discussed the committee’s research for a discovery layer and app. They reviewed the features, benefits and costs for 3 vendors and made a recommendation. Working with the recommended vendor during development will allow BCCLS the opportunity to partner in development of the products as well as cost savings for signing early. In addition, the vendor offers other products that may help BCCLS to consolidate vendors while saving additional money. Stephanie Bellucci and several board members thanked the committee for their presentation. A discussion followed and directors asked about the timeline, disabling unwanted features, privacy and security, adding charges to the BCCLS bill, how it will be rolled out, where it will be in the budget, whether it was being used anywhere else, and the cost to individual libraries. Dave Hanson explained that last year’s census will be used to calculate each library’s share of the total cost. It was suggested that the presentation be shared with all directors and Small Group Meetings be held to provide additional information. The Finance Committee will determine where to include it in the budget.

    It was MOVED BY: Amy Babcock-Landry Seconded by: Tara Cooper
    to ask the Tech & Digital Services Committee to host Small Group Meetings for the membership and bring their recommendation back to the Executive Board meeting in August.

    If the Executive Board approves this recommendation at their August meeting, there will be an abbreviated presentation to the membership at System Council in September and there will be 2 budgets: one that includes the recommendation and one that does not include it. The vote at System Council in September regarding this recommendation will determine which of the 2 budgets will be voted on at System Council in October. Stephanie Bellucci advised that the membership can also listen to the discussion at the Executive Board meeting in August.

    b. Sharing of Materials (Standardizing Embargo Guidelines)
    Dave Hanson explained that a member previously requested a reconsideration of sharing of materials and embargos. Dave Hanson explained that the Executive Board can remand this request to the Bylaws Committee, the Policies & Procedures Committee, or not take any action.

    It was MOVED BY: Amy Babcock-Landry Seconded by: Gretchen Corsillo
    to ask the Policies & Procedures Committee to review the embargo period on eMaterials and see about parity with physical collections. All in favor. Motion carried.

    Stephanie Bellucci asked that they do this as soon as possible.

    c. BCCLS Stipend for Committee Chairs/Executive Board – Discussion
    Stephanie Bellucci explained that this idea is a way to recognize the volunteers on the Executive Board and the committee chairs as it has been difficult to get enough people to volunteer. Dave Hanson noted that the volunteers cannot be repaid for the time they have given, but a rough calculation of the stipend, to be used for continuing education (conferences and professional development), would be approximately $240 which would add about $10,000 to the core budget. A discussion followed. Board members thought this was a nice idea, but not necessary, as board members and committee chairs understand what the commitment is and accept it. It is important to explain to directors and library boards the importance of participation. There was a suggestion to find out why the pool of volunteers continues to shrink.

    d. BCCLS Office – Phase 3 Re-Opening Plan – VOTE
    Dave Hanson stated that the re-opening plan will move from a maximum of 8 to 9 people in the office at one time on August 1 and that the use of face masks will follow CDC guidelines.
    It was MOVED BY: Laura Leonard Seconded by: Ellen O’Keefe
    to approve the amendment to the Phase 3 Re-Opening Plan as presented. All in favor. Motion carried.

    e. Reconsideration of Board Action Regarding In-Person Meetings and Events – VOTE
    Dave Hanson advised that some of the committees have asked about hosting in-person events. This would apply to committee events and meetings, not meetings for Executive Board and System Council. In light of the ever-changing CDC guidelines and the current substantial and moderate risks for the counties in BCCLS, this will be reviewed again at the Executive Board meeting in August. Dave Hanson also mentioned that the Friends Breakfast needs to be considered. Stephanie Bellucci suggested tabling this discussion until the August Executive Board meeting and looking at CDC guidelines at that time.

    f. Scholarship Announcement
    Dave Hanson gave a shout out to Laura Leonard and her team. A Wyckoff patron, who wished to remain anonymous, made a donation that will provide two large 1-time scholarship awards next year.

    g. Emergency Connectivity Fund – Discussion
    Dave Hanson explained that this program helps libraries loan equipment to patrons who cannot afford to purchase it themselves. Libraries must be e-rate eligible. Applications are due in mid-August and funds must be spent by June 2022. Since the grant does not favor individual libraries or the consortium level, it was decided that BCCLS should let individual libraries handle their own applications. Stephanie Bellucci asked Dave Hanson to share the information with the membership.

  10. Membership Hearing
  11. Executive Session
    Not needed
  12. Date of Next Meeting
    • Executive Board: Wed 8/25/21 @ 10:00 am – VIRTUAL
    • System Council: Thu 9/23/21 @ 10:00 am – VIRTUAL
  13. Adjournment
    Stephanie Bellucci thanked the committees for their hard work.

    Karen Kaner was happy to report that her library received a $20,000 donation from one of their patrons, and it was used to help with their local bills.

    It was MOVED BY: Tara Cooper Seconded by: Ellen O’Keefe
    to adjourn at 12:26 pm. All in favor. Motion carried.

    dms: 7/29/21