06.18.20 – EB Meeting Minutes

06.18.20 – EB Meeting Minutes

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June 18, 2020

Stephanie Bellucci, Cliffside Park

David Hanson, BCCLS
Catherine Shaw, Trustee, Allendale
Gerry McMahon, Franklin Lakes
Paige Soltano, Trustee, Fort Lee
Ellen O’Keefe, Glen Rock
Gretchen Kaser Corsillo, Ho-Ho-Kus
Amy Babcock-Landry, Livingston
Sai Rao, North Bergen
Terrie McColl, New Milford
Matthew Latham, Ramsey
Laura Leonard, Wyckoff

Darlene Swistock, Recorder of Minutes

A list of the guests is attached to the minutes in the BCCLS office

Stephanie Bellucci called the virtual meeting to order at 9:04 am. She thanked everyone for attending this special meeting.

  1. Minutes of the Previous Meetings on June 1, 2020 and June 8, 2020
    It was MOVED BY: Sai Rao Seconded by: Gerry McMahon
    to approve the minutes as written. All in favor. Motion carried.
  2. Public Portion
  3. Correspondence
    • Peter Coyl, Director of Montclair Public Library, sent a letter to Stephanie Bellucci. It was received on June 16 and discussed with the Finance Committee on June 17. He requested that the excess funds that BCCLS received through the Paycheck Protection Program be
    returned to its member libraries or that a credit be issued equal to the PPP funds. Currently these funds are still considered a loan. If BCCLS meets the criteria to convert this to a grant, the savings will be passed onto the membership as soon as they become available. Stephanie
    Bellucci asked Dave Hanson to formally respond to Peter Coyl since he was not present at the meeting.
    • Stephanie Bellucci said she also received a letter from Judy Heldman, Director of Harrington Park, on June 6 about the BCCLS Executive Board statement on current social events. The same letter was recently forwarded to some of the other Executive Board members. Stephanie Bellucci advised that it was addressed to her and it was not clear if it was intended to be formal correspondence and there were opportunities for Judy Heldman to speak at the Executive Board meetings on June 8 and June 11. Stephanie Bellucci or Dave Hanson will speak with her separately.
  4. Old Business
    a. Four Consortia Document – Update
    Dave Hanson advised that the work of the four consortia in northern New Jersey has been folded into the state’s effort to show that libraries play an important role in the recovery of New Jersey.
  5. New Business
    a. Auto Materials Renewal
    The Executive Board previously voted to extend the due dates for all items for an additional 2 weeks after the executive order is lifted or otherwise requested by a member library.
    It was MOVED BY: Amy Babcock-Landry Seconded by: Gerry McMahon
    to sunset auto renewals for materials. All in favor. Motion carried.

    b. Auto Patron Renewal
    The Executive Board previously voted to auto extend the expiration date of library cards to September 1.
    It was MOVED BY: Amy Babcock-Landry Seconded by: Matt Latham
    to sunset auto renewals for patrons. All in favor with one opposed. Motion carried.

    c. Digital Cards
    Almost 3,000 temporary cards have been issued to provide new patrons with access to our digital collection.
    It was MOVED BY: Amy Babcock-Landry Seconded by: Matt Latham
    to keep this process in place as is and reassess it at the next Executive Board meeting in July. All in favor. Motion carried.

    d. Audit – VOTE
    The audit was previously distributed to the members of the Executive Board. The Finance Committee was pleased as it was a good, clean audit. Stephanie Bellucci thanked the members of the Finance Committee for their work.
    It was MOVED BY: Amy Babcock-Landry Seconded by: Matt Latham
    to approve the audit. All in favor. Motion carried.

    e. Programming Disclaimer – VOTE
    Stephanie Bellucci explained that she initiated the programming disclaimer so attendees are aware that the content of committee presentations reflect the views of the committee and not BCCLS or any of its board members or employees. There was a comment that the disclaimer needs to be modified as Friends and Trustees are not a part of member library staff. Stephanie Bellucci also advised that she will be conditionally approving committee programs going forward to ensure that they align with the BCCLS mission statement and will share the list of programs each month with the board. Amy Babcock-Landry felt that this topic and the need to assess content in relation to the scope and objectives of the organization requires a bigger conversation.
    It was MOVED BY: Amy Babcock-Landry Seconded by: Laura Leonard
    to table this discussion until the next Executive Board meeting. All in favor. Motion carried.

    f. Statement of Conduct
    Amy Babcock-Landry and Peter Coyl volunteered to draft this document at the end of last year and no action had been taken. Stephanie Bellucci asked the Executive Board to share their input. Amy Babcock-Landry suggested that this discussion be tabled until the next Executive Board meeting.
  6. Membership Hearing
  7. Date of Next Meeting
    • Executive Board – Wed 7/15/20 @ 9:30 am – New Milford or VIRTUAL (TBD)
    • System Council – Thu 9/24/20 @ 9:30 am – Upper Saddle River or VIRTUAL (TBD)
  8. Adjournment
    It was MOVED BY: Matt Latham Seconded by: Ellen O’Keefe
    to adjourn at 9:38 am. All in favor. Motion carried.

    dms: 6/19/20