06.01.20 – EB Meeting Minutes

06.01.20 – EB Meeting Minutes

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June 1, 2020

Stephanie Bellucci, Cliffside Park

David Hanson, BCCLS                                   
Catherine Shaw, Trustee, Allendale
Gerry McMahon, Franklin Lakes
Paige Soltano, Trustee, Fort Lee
Ellen O’Keefe, Glen Rock
Gretchen Kaser Corsillo, Ho-Ho-Kus
Sai Rao, North Bergen
Terrie McColl, New Milford
Matthew Latham, Ramsey
Laura Leonard, Wyckoff

NOT PRESENT            
Amy Babcock-Landry, Livingston

Darlene Swistock, Recorder of Minutes

A list of the guests is attached to the minutes in the BCCLS office

Stephanie Bellucci called the virtual meeting to order at 11:32 am. She reminded everyone to ensure their name is listed in the list of participants (if not, let Darlene Swistock know), to mute their mics if they are not speaking, to identify themselves when speaking and to wait to speak until the Public Portion, Membership Hearing or when general comments are requested. Please raise hands or use the chat box to be recognized to speak.  She asked members of the board to announce the motion clearly and to identify who made the motion and who seconded it. This will help to ensure that there is a clear record on the recording and in the minutes. Since this is a special meeting, there will be no reports from the Treasurer, President or Executive Director. Official voting cannot be done via the chat box, it must be a voice vote.

  1. Minutes of the Previous Meeting on May 13, 2020

It was MOVED BY:  Terrie McColl                      Seconded by:  Sai Rao
to approve the minutes.  All in favor.  Motion carried. 

2. Public Portion

3. Correspondence

4. Committee Reports
Safely Opening & Operating Task Force (SOOT)

Peter Coyl, chair, spoke about the two documents prepared by the task force:

  • BCCLS Best Practices for Reopening to the Public which is a guideline for the member libraries. This document will helpful if it is possible for all libraries to follow it taking into consideration their individual circumstances and needs.
  • BCCLS Return and Delivery Procedures needs to be followed uniformly by all member libraries.  Materials must be quarantined for 72 hours in specific locations and drivers will only go to specific locations to pick up and drop off materials.

Stephanie Bellucci thanked Peter Coyl and the task force for their fantastic work. There were no questions from the membership.

5. Old Business

6. New Business
a. Tech Committee Recommendation – MeeScan – VOTE

At the request of the Executive Board, the Tech Committee surveyed the membership to ascertain their interest in this mobile self-check product; 80% of the libraries were interested.  There was a Q&A session for all libraries on May 28. This will be an opt-in service, not a mandated service.  Stephanie Bellucci thanked the committee for their work and the BCCLS office for their help with the pricing.  She also noted that some libraries are ready to sign up individually and asked them to wait as it will be more cost effective and smoother for the consortia if the libraries all sign up at the same time.

It was MOVED BY:  Matt Latham                  Seconded by:  Laura Leonard

To approve this as an opportunity for the System Council to vote at the June 18 System Council meeting as an opt-in product for the consortia. All in favor.  Motion carried. 

Since it is a new product, but an opt-in product, it may require a super majority vote from the membership.  Stephanie Bellucci will confirm prior to the meeting.

b. Safely Opening & Operating Task Force – Plan – VOTE
This was previously discussed under Committee Reports.  Stephanie Bellucci pointed out the governor’s press conference this afternoon may affect these guidelines and asked about a provisional vote pending the outcome of his press conference this afternoon.  Peter Coyl advised that the guidelines could be impacted by the governor’s order, but they do not require a vote.  The internal delivery procedures would not be affected by the governor’s vote and can be modified by individual libraries based on their situations so there is flexibility.

It was MOVED BY:  Ellen O’Keefe                Seconded by:  Gretchen Kaser Corsillo

To approve the document, BCCLS Return and Delivery Procedures, as presented by SOOT.  All in favor.  Motion carried.

c. Conditional Restart Delivery – VOTE
Stephanie Bellucci asked if the Executive Board wanted to give authority to restart delivery.  Dave Hanson advised that delivery can be restarted before libraries re-open to the public and it is not impacted by the governor’s order.  There are close to 90 bins of materials that need to be returned to their home libraries.  Items with holds will be pulled and returned to their home libraries.  To restart delivery, a script to manage holds will need to be run and the insurance must be reinstated on the delivery vans.  A survey will be sent to libraries asking if they are ready to restart delivery and delivery can be restarted after a majority of the libraries have returned the form.  In an abundance of caution, items will need to be quarantined for 72 hours before they are picked up and then for another 72 hours after they are delivered to the receiving library.  It is important to keep items for different routes in separate bins as drivers will need to pull the items from mixed bins and they will need to sit for an additional 72 hours. If bins contain items for the same route, the drivers can just wipe the outside of the bins and deliver them intact.  If necessary, another Executive Board meeting can be called if the dates need to be adjusted.

It was MOVED BY:  Ellen O’Keefe                            Seconded by:  Terrie McColl
to activate the plan of SOOT no earlier than June 8.  All in favor.  Motion carried. 

7.         Membership Hearing

8.         Date of Next Meeting
            The Executive Board will meet on June 18 to review the audit and any new items that need to be discussed.  There will be a Committee Chairs meeting on June 4.

  • Executive Board Thu 6/18/20 @ 10:00 am – VIRTUAL
    • Executive Board – Wed 7/15/20 @ 9:30 am – New Milford or VIRTUAL (TBD)
    • System Council – Thu 6/18/20 @ 10:30 am – VIRTUAL

9.         Adjournment

It was MOVED by:  Matt Latham                         Seconded by: Gretchen Kaser Corsillo to adjourn at 12:20 pm. All in favor. Motion carried.

dms:  6/4/20