01.15.20 – EB Meeting Minutes

01.15.20 – EB Meeting Minutes

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JANUARY 15, 2020

Stephanie Bellucci, Cliffside Park

David Hanson, BCCLS
Catherine Shaw, Trustee, Allendale
Paige Soltano, Trustee, Fort Lee
Gerry McMahon, Franklin Lakes
Ellen O’Keefe, Glen Rock
Amy Babcock-Landry, Livingston
Sai Rao, North Bergen
Terrie McColl, New Milford
Matthew Latham, Ramsey
Laura Leonard, Wyckoff

Gretchen Kaser Corsillo, Ho-Ho-Kus

Darlene Swistock, Recorder of Minutes

Susan Wilkinson, Allendale
Christina Park, BCCLS Office
Linda Corona, Edgewater
Jennifer Breuer, Glen Ridge
Laurence Bergmann, Livingston
Paul Shaver, Montvale
Thomas Madru, Park Ridge

Stephanie Bellucci called the meeting to order at 9:35 am. She reminded everyone to sign in on the sign-in sheet. She congratulated the newly elected 2020 Executive Board members: Amy Babcock-Landry, Gretchen Kaser Corsillo and Terrie McColl. She also welcomed the trustees who will serve 1-year terms on the Executive Board: Catherine Shaw (President, Allendale) and Paige Soltano (President, Fort Lee). Their libraries were selected to have trustee representation on the 2020 Executive Board through a drawing at System Council in October. Since this was the first meeting of the new year, Stephanie Bellucci asked everyone on the Executive Board to introduce themselves. In an effort to follow parliamentary procedure, she reminded guests to limit their comments to the Public Portion and Membership Hearing parts of the meeting. Finally, she thanked Susan Wilkinson and Catherine Shaw for hosting today’s meeting.

  1. Minutes of the Meeting on November 20, 2019
    It was MOVED BY: Ellen O’Keefe Seconded by: Sai Rao
    to approve the minutes.
    All in favor with the exception of Amy Babcock-Landry and Terrie McColl who abstained because they were not present at that meeting. Motion carried.

    Minutes of the Meeting on December 19, 2019
    It was MOVED BY: Gerry McMahon Seconded by: Ellen O’Keefe
    to approve the minutes.
    All in favor with the exception of Amy Babcock-Landry and Terrie McColl who abstained because they were not present at that meeting. Motion carried.
  2. Public Portion
  3. Treasurer’s Report
    Stephanie Bellucci prepared the final Treasurer’s Report for 2019 as outgoing Treasurer; it was previously distributed to the board members. The Budget vs Actual Report and Check Register were also previously distributed to the board members. Amy Babcock-Landry asked why the amount received as of December 31, 2019 was significantly lower than the amount of the budget; Dave Hanson will research it further and provide additional information to the board.
    It was MOVED BY: Terrie McColl Seconded by: Laura Leonard
    to accept the treasurer’s report as reported.
    All in favor. Motion carried.
  4. Correspondence
    a. Bergen County Grant Request Letter for 2020 – Laura Leonard asked for an update on the grant for 2019; Dave Hanson advised that funds have not yet been received and the BCCLS office continues to follow-up with administration and the freeholders themselves. The BCCLS office is also trying to schedule meetings with the freeholders to discuss future grants and ways to partner together.

    b. Aviva Werner/Cliffside Park Patron Letter – Dave Hanson replied to her letter requesting a change in BCCLS policy for holds and pickups.

    c. Bergen Volunteers Letter – This was a thank you to the Executive Board, staff and member libraries for the winter clothing donations to the All Wrapped Up Holiday Giving Program that were given to the Bergen County Housing, Health and Human Services Center. Stephanie Bellucci thanked Darlene Swistock for coordinating the winter clothing drive for BCCLS.
  5. President’s Report
    Stephanie Bellucci’s report was previously distributed to the board members. She advised that she met with Dave Hanson and Darlene Swistock at the BCCLS office to discuss time sensitive responsibilities of the BCCLS President. Her first President’s column was sent to all via Cobalt last week and included a call for committee volunteers. Responses are due January 24, the committees will be announced at the beginning of February, there will be a committee chairs meeting at the end of February and the committee year will begin on March 1. Committees are not limited to directors and Friends and Trustees are welcome to lend their expertise as well. She said she is also available to accompany Dave Hanson to freeholder meetings to discuss the 2020 grant. There were no questions about her report.
  6. Executive Director’s Report
    David Hanson’s report was previously distributed to the board members. He mentioned that the first set of high-interest adult fiction titles have been uploaded into the catalog, there has been an increase in the number of libraries joining the world language subscription service and Turkish is a popular request. The BCCLS office is waiting for the remainder of responses to the delivery service survey and then the results will be shared. He will be sending directors a new communications tool, a 2019 Year in Review graphic,
    that they can include in their board packets. He will try to provide this report monthly going forward. He thanked Joseph Palmer, Mike Grgurev and Darlene Swistock for their efforts on this project. Laura Leonard thought it would be helpful to have a document that communicates the value of all the work the BCCLS office does for the membership. He also gave an update on the Strategic Plan. A branding consultant will be hired and there will be a Mandated vs Opt-In Services Task Force to review all BCCLS services to the membership. The Strategic Plan Committee will come together to report on their goals in September. Lastly, he mentioned that he attended Fort Lee’s premiere of the new film that celebrates the 100 years of library service. Amy Babcock-Landry asked about the branding piece and the primary goals. Dave Hanson replied that during the initial study, it was decided that a consultant was needed to define what is branding and what BCCLS is currently. The second part is to determine if that accurately reflects BCCLS or if BCCLS wants to be defined differently. This will likely be addressed in meetings with various stakeholders (Executive Board, Branding Task Force and Small Group Meetings). There were no further questions about his report.
  7. Committee Reports
    a. Policies & Procedures Committee – Recommendation
    Jennifer Breuer, chair, presented the committee’s recommendations which were previously distributed to the board members:
    Lend & Send > Renewals (Telephone Renewals, Renewal Limits, Renewals & Requests)
    Materials Lost in Delivery > Delivery > Lost In-Transit
    Communication > Email
    Directors can now request email addresses for their trustees. Catherine Shaw recommended that directors remind their trustees to familiarize themselves with OPRA and, as with all emails, BCCLS email is subject to all discoverable acts. In the Renewal Limits section, “may” will be deleted; it should only read “must”. Stephanie Bellucci, Amy Babcock-Landry and Laura Leonard thanked the committee for their hard work.
    It was MOVED BY: Ellen O’Keefe Seconded by: Amy Babcock-Landry
    to accept the recommendations and send the policy to System Council in March for adoption. All in favor. Motion carried.

    b. Advocacy & Government Relations Committees – Construction Bond Update
    Amy Babcock-Landry, chair, advised that the regulations for the Construction Bond Act have been released and they are available on the state website.
    c. Scholarship Committee – Proposed Changes to BCCLS Scholarship Criteria

    The Scholarship Committee recommended a few updates to the scholarship application and guidelines which were explained in detail in the meeting packet.
    It was MOVED BY: Amy Babcock-Landry Seconded by: Matt Latham
    to accept the recommendations as presented. All in favor. Motion carried.

    d. Youth Services Committee – Boot Camp 2019 – Event Evaluation
    e. Advantage Plus New Library Internet Session – Event Evaluation

    f. Friends & Trustee Committee – Hot Topics for Trustees: Relationships, Legislation, Community Outreach & More – Event Evaluation

    The 3 events were well attended and well received. Stephanie Bellucci thanked the committees for hosting and for their hard work in planning these events.
  8. Old Business
  9. New Business
    a. 2020 Executive Board Officers and Standing Committees
    Stephanie Bellucci advised that Ellen O’Keefe will be Vice President and Terrie McColl will be Treasurer. The BCCLS Bylaws call for 2 standing Executive Board committees: the Finance Committee will be Amy Babcock-Landry, Terrie McColl and Gerry McMahon; The Personnel Committee will be Gretchen Kaser Corsillo, Laura Leonard and Ellen O’Keefe. She asked that the current members of the Personnel Committee bring the new members up to speed regarding the process for the Executive Director’s evaluation which will take place in the fall.

    b. Personnel Manual – BCCLS Office
    Dave Hanson advised that the updated Personnel Manual will be emailed to the members of the Executive Board so they can review it prior to next month’s meeting. If the Executive Board approves the manual, it would move to the membership for approval at System Council in March. Stephanie thanked Jennifer Breuer and the Personnel Committee for their hard work on the Personnel Manual.
  10. Membership Hearing
    • Catherine Shaw asked about the status of the library wanting to leave BCCLS and the document that was prepared. There was a subsequent request to prepare a similar document for all libraries; the feasibility to do that is being reviewed. She asked if the branding consultant would interview directors as well as trustees. Dave Hanson advised that there will be 2 conversations about branding: a value proposition for individual libraries and a review of BCCLS services by the Mandated vs Opt-In Services Task Force. The billing formula will need to be reviewed with members and then evaluated.
    • Stephanie Bellucci advised that the 2020 meeting schedule was designed to avoid conflict with holidays and industry conferences. The BCCLS scholarship award presentation may be moved from System Council in June to its own evening meeting so more family members are able to attend. The Scholarship Committee and Member Services Committee would co-host this event and it would also include other professional library recognition awards.
    • Dave Hanson mentioned Library Journal’s article about who’s reading and how the different generations are using libraries. He will share it with the directors.
    • Laura Leonard mentioned First Amendment Audits in American Libraries. It is important to define what is public, what is restricted, what can be shared and how staff should handle these situations. She will share it with the directors.
    • Matt Latham advised that the Tech Committee’s Maker Funconference is scheduled for February 19 in Wyckoff.
  11. Next Meeting Executive Board: Wed 2/12/20 @ 9:30 am – Ramsey
    System Council: Thu 3/19/20 @ 9:30 am – Maywood
  12. Adjournment
    It was MOVED by: Matt Latham Seconded by: Terrie McColl
    to adjourn at 10:42 am. All in favor. Motion carried.

    dms: 1/18/20