08.07.19 – EB Meeting Minutes

08.07.19 – EB Meeting Minutes

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Franklin Lakes Public Library

August 7, 2019

PRESIDING:                 Kurt Hadeler                              Mahwah

PRESENT:                    Dave Hanson                            BCCLS

Stephanie Bellucci                     Cliffside Park

Gerry McMahon                        Franklin Lakes

Jennifer Breuer                          Glen Ridge

                                    Ellen O’Keefe                            Glen Rock

Mimi Hui                                   Hasbrouck Heights

Sai Rao                                    North Bergen

Dave Marino                             Waldwick

NOT PRESENT:            Matthew Latham                        Ramsey

Sally Diaz                                 Norwood

Laura Leonard                           Wyckoff

ALSO PRESENT:         Darlene Swistock                      Recorder of Minutes

GUESTS:                      Eric Lozauskas                          BCCLS

Cynthia Czesak                         Demarest

Camille Valentino                      Emerson

Paul Shaver                              Montvale

Terrie McColl                            New Milford

Thomas Madru                          Park Ridge

Kathleen McGrail                       Upper Saddle River

Lori Quinn                                 Waldwick

Samantha McCoy                      West Caldwell

Kurt Hadeler called the meeting to order at 9:39 am. 

He reminded everyone to sign in on the sign-in sheet.  In an effort to follow parliamentary procedure, he asked guests to wait to be to recognized and identify themselves before speaking.  He thanked Gerry McMahon for hosting today’s meeting. 

 1.   Minutes of the Meeting on July 17, 2019

It was MOVED BY:  Ellen O’Keefe                      Seconded by:  Jennifer Breuer

To approve the minutes. 

Motion carried.

2.   Public Portion

None.  Kurt Hadeler welcomed Cindy Czesak back to BCCLS as Interim Director in Demarest.

3.   Treasurer’s Report

The Budget vs Actual and Check Register were previously distributed to the membership.  Stephanie Bellucci anticipates that the Business Manager, a new position, should be on board in mid/late October.  A new delivery worksheet should be available by September 30 which will help BCCLS to review the delivery budget to see if the proper amount was budgeted and to see if the membership will receive a credit towards next year’s bill.  There will be a joint meeting of the Personnel and Finance Committees in September.  A Capital Plan will be created and the amount and use will be defined at that meeting.  An RFP will be sent for auditing services.

It was MOVED BY:  Gerry McMahon                   Seconded by:  Ellen O’Keefe

To accept the Treasurer’s Report.

All in favor.

Motion carried.

 4.   Correspondence


 5.   President’s Report

Kurt Hadeler’s report was previously distributed to the board members and the membership.  In response to the eContent industry changes, he reached out to the 3 people named on the ALA eBook Pricing Task Force to offer BCCLS involvement, but has not received a response.  He noted that data show that some of the larger Advantage Plus libraries are not buying to meet local needs, but are consuming a lot of content.  He met with the chairs of the eBCCLS Committee to discuss its approach to eContent going forward:  central vs individual collections; the hybrid is problematic.  Kathleen McGrail suggested the eBCCLS Committee contact Mid-Hudson regarding libraries purchasing individual collections; in light of publishers raising prices and limiting access, he had already asked them to do that.  Jennifer Breuer wanted to communicate these issues to patrons and asked if it was possible to create talking points so the message would be consistent if other libraries wanted to do the same.  Kurt Hadeler will talk to the eBCCLS Committee chairs about this.  There were no further questions from the membership about his report.

 6.   Executive Director’s Report

Dave Hanson’s report was previously distributed to the board members and the membership.  He mentioned that BIBFRAME, the technology behind discovery layers, which pulls in the data and then the underlying data would be ultimately displayed to patrons, was tested in Colorado, but is not ready yet.  This could impact ILS in the future.  There were no questions from the membership about his report.

 7.   Committee Reports

a)    Friends & Trustees Committee – Friends Breakfast

Ellen O’Keefe, co-chair, reminded everyone that reservation forms and payments are due to the BCCLS office by October 1.  The committee is creating an ad journal as an additional revenue source; they will solicit the major book suppliers and hopefully Friends Groups will show their support as well.  The committee is also looking for a sponsor to underwrite the cost of the car service for the speaker.  She is waiving her speaking fee.  There will be vegan and gluten-free food options again this year.

 8.   Old Business

a)    Delivery

Dave Hanson has been conducting a bin study.  He noted that the volume for Route 2 decreases during the week, while the volume for Route 3 stays consistent during the week.  He also noted that the new delivery vans are being badged and they should be out on the road this week.  Since the warehouse is now volunteer free, it is necessary to look at FTE usage.  Jennifer Breuer asked how libraries are notified if their stop is missed.  (Dave Hanson replied that the libraries should contact Christine Zeni about missed stops as the driver should notify libraries if their stop will be missed.)  Mimi Hui thanked Christine Zeni for her quick response when there is a problem. 

b)    Strategic Plan    (VOTE)

Kurt Hadeler thanked Chelsea Coleman and the committee for the great amount of work they did in a short time.  Dave Hanson advised that the Executive Board can ask the committee to add a 6th priority, the Capital Plan, to the Strategic Plan at the next committee meeting on August 15.  He also advised that the Strategic Plan can be approved with this amendment and Ellen O’Keefe asked about approving the Strategic Plan and amending it later.  Kurt Hadeler felt it was important to understand the Capital Plan (the need and establishing a capital account).  Jennifer Breuer suggested adopting the plan and adding the addendum.  Kurt Hadeler summarized that the vote is for the 5 strategic priorities and changing 4 counties to across the BCCLS service area (in priority #3).

It was MOVED BY:  Mimi Hui                       Seconded by:  Stephanie Belluccii

To accept the Strategic Plan (5 strategic priorities and change 4 counties to across the BCCLS service area in priority #3) and the 6th goal will be to identify strategic priorities and plan accordingly.  The Strategic Plan will be introduced to the membership at System Council in September. 

All in favor.

Motion carried.

c)    BCCLS Office Staffing Update

Dave Hanson advised that interviews for the new Business Manager position will take place next week.  The consultant is working on the benefits and salary study and is waiting for comps from other library consortia and non-profit organizations.  He will review the proposed changes of non-exempt to exempt positions with the Personnel Committee and then they will need to be reviewed by legal counsel.

 9.   New Business

a)   Policies & Procedures Committee – Unified Loan Recommendation    (VOTE)

Jennifer Breuer, chair, reviewed the committee’s recommendation for unified loans.  Ellen O’Keefe asked for clarification of the definition for an uncataloged record and not being visible in PAC.  Kathleen McGrail thought the confusion may be due to the use of the word “send” vs “loan”.  Jennifer Breuer advised that if an item is linked in the catalog, it must be loaned out to patrons of other libraries.  Uncataloged items can be limited to the owning library’s patrons or walk-ins.  Ellen O’Keefe thanked everyone for the clarification and withdrew her concern.

It was MOVED BY:  Gerry McMahon                         Seconded by:  Sai Rao

To accept this recommendation and send the new policy to System Council in September.

All in favor.

Motion carried.

b)   Statement of Conduct

Kurt Hadeler thanked Amy Babcock Landry and Peter Coyl for their work creating the Statement of Conduct.  He advised that prior to the meeting, Kathleen McGrail suggested that some of the bullet points be condensed and that 2 of the levels in the matrix were missing:  there was no reference to harassment of library staff by the BCCLS Executive Director or harassment of the BCCLS Executive Director by library staff.  Ellen O’Keefe asked that Personnel Committee be capitalized and Kurt Hadeler suggested that “the accused” be changed to “the subject”.  The Executive Board is the court of last appeal.  A discussion followed:  what is the action process?  (The ramifications are listed in the statement.)  There was concern that the code does not address the concerns about speaking up and bullying.  (Kurt Hadeler suggested adding “BCCLS encourages thoughtful, deliberative debate whether in person or written communications” between the last 2 sentences of the first paragraph.

  • Ellen O’Keefe pointed out that bullet #5 is important to cut down on outbursts. 
  • Paul Shaver was concerned about the process and that people do not rush to contact a board without letting the subject know the behavior was not appropriate.
  • Kurt Hadeler talked about the challenge of balancing civil discourse, in writing and in meetings, in 77 libraries.  Everyone should have the opportunity to speak and be heard to express their opinions, but everyone may not get their way.  It is important to acknowledge and respect opinions, but every opinion may not come to pass.
  • Camille Valentino said there needs to be a certain level of maturity and not everything needs a response.
  • Stephanie Bellucci suggested a level of formality:  having speakers line up, go the podium and state their name.
  • Dave Hanson suggested that educating new directors what to expect in meetings and via written communications could be addressed during incoming new director training by the LAMP Committee. 
  • Kurt Hadeler thought it was a good idea and it is helpful that new director training is now held twice a year and the mentorship program can also help.
  • Dave Marino pointed out that the person chairing the meeting has the ability and authority to control the meeting.  Run the meeting as meetings should be run and use common sense.  It is hard to cover all of these points in writing.
  • Ellen O’Keefe thought walking to the podium would also give speakers a chance to compose their thoughts and how they are said.
  • Camille Valentino thought the meetings would go much longer if speakers use the podium.  She also mentioned the texting and the comments in the back of the room during meetings.
  • Stephanie Bellucci suggested a reminder about proper conduct at the beginning of the meetings.
  • Cindy Czesak suggested separating the civility and meeting code of conduct from the harassment code of conduct.
  • Kurt Hadeler will ask Amy Babcock Landry and Peter Coyl if they are able to continue their work on this to create 2 policies and bring this back to the Executive Board later this fall.

c)   BCCLS 40th Anniversary     (VOTE)

Ellen O’Keefe, co-chair of the Friends & Trustees Committee, shared BCCLS 40th Anniversary logos designed by Emiliana Tuohey, Fair Lawn.  One would be for corner usage and the other for larger formats.  The Executive Board asked for a few changes and she will forward the revised logos to them.  Efforts to promote the 40th anniversary will include 40 Years/40 Stories, and commemorations and special displays created by the libraries.

d)    2019 BCCLS Budget     (VOTE)

Dave Hanson advised that there were a few slight changes to the budget after it was distributed.  He reviewed the personnel percentages for each bucket, explained that computer costs have gone up, but there are cost savings (internet service savings with Verizon, no more move-related expenses and the rent savings at the new office).  Delivery includes a proposed 6th route and 6th van which would make the delivery cost to each library $7,962 which allows for 2% increases for 7-8 years before the original $9,000 budget is hit.  The updated 1/3 mill were received from the state.  74 of the 77-member libraries will see lower bills next year.  Increased bills to 3 libraries are as a result of the 3-year phase in under the new billing formula and computer service contracts for 1 library. 

  • Kathleen McGrail asked about the drop in personnel costs for eServices.  Dave Hanson explained that the FTE for eContent was used for the Business Manager position and he is now handling eContent.  Kathleen McGrail pointed out the cost of the Executive Director filling that role vs the cost of the eContent staff member and the real cost for eContent is not authentic. 
  • Paul Shaver asked for the percentages for the personnel buckets and Dave Hanson will provide them.
  • Kurt Hadeler and Dave Hanson explained that delivery affects all percentages and how personnel is allocated will affect the membership’s bills.
  • Ellen O’Keefe asked about the salary increase for Dave Hanson.  Gerry McMahon replied that it was discussed at the Finance Committee meeting and the Executive Board must make this decision.

It was MOVED BY:  Ellen O’Keefe                            Seconded by:  Gerry McMahon

To move into closed session to discuss salary for the Executive Director.

All in favor.

Motion carried.

The Executive Board went into closed session at 11:04 am.

The Executive Board returned to open session at 11:22 am.

It was MOVED BY:  Jennifer Breuer                    Seconded by:  Gerry McMahon

To increase the Executive Director’s compensation comparable with other BCCLS employees.

All in favor.

Motion carried. 

  • Kurt Hadeler advised that Statement of Conduct, if approved, will be a standalone document.
  • The budget will be adjusted to allow for the Executive Director’s compensation and to establish a small contingency line for delivery as a standalone line to cover overages like fuel costs, warehouse costs or van maintenance.
  • Kathleen McGrail asked if there was any consideration for reallocating personnel for eServices; she felt that 4 hours a week (10% of the work week) is not enough.
  • Kurt Hadeler asked if $15,000 was enough for personnel to manage eContent.  Dave Hanson replied that it does not reflect the actual costs and he could reallocate some of the Web Development Coordinator to the eServices bucket.  
  • Kurt Hadeler asked about also re-allocating some of the Business Manager’s time from Core to eServices.  He pointed out that if BCCLS is just managing the platform and not content, that 10% may be reasonable. 
  • Dave Hanson noted that there is a lot of uncertainty in eServices due to the rapid changes within the eContent industry.
  • Kurt Hadeler asked if only Dave Hanson and Joseph Palmer (primarily platform support) will be involved in eServices (yes).
  • Gerry McMahon asked if the Business Manager will also be involved.  Kurt Hadeler suggested moving some of the Executive Director, Web Development Coordinator and Business Manager’s time from Core into eServices. 
  • Kurt Hadeler mentioned moving personnel time from Core and IT into eContent.  The amount will be determined by the Executive Director.
  • Ellen O’Keefe asked if the Executive Board would need to approve the budget again after these 2 changes.  Kurt Hadeler advised that they are not budget changes to lines and the budget can be a conditional approval as presented with changes to personnel for eServices and delivery contingency.  The Finance and Personnel Committees will be meeting in early September and can review the changes at that time.

It was MOVED BY:  Stephanie Bellucci               Seconded by:  Gerry McMahon

To conditionally approve the budget as presented with changes to the personnel components, shifting money into eServices and adding a continency line for delivery.  Final approval of the budget will be done during the meeting of the Finance and Personnel Committees on September 9 since the majority of the Executive Board will be present.

All in favor.

Motion carried.

10.   Membership Hearing


11.   Next MeetingSystem Council:   Thu 9/19/19 @ 9:30 am – Wyckoff

System Council:   Thu 10/17/19 @ 9:30 am – Mahwah

Executive Board:  Thu 10/17/19 – after System Council – Mahwah

 12.   Adjournment

It was MOVED by:  Dave Marino                                     Seconded by:  Gerry McMahon

To adjourn at 11:41 am

Unanimously approved.

dms:  8/9/19