04.17.19 – EB Meeting Minutes

04.17.19 – EB Meeting Minutes

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Glen Rock Public Library

April 17, 2019 

PRESIDING:                 Kurt Hadeler                              Mahwah 

PRESENT:                    Dave Hanson                            BCCLS

Stephanie Bellucci                     Cliffside Park

Gerry McMahon                        Franklin Lakes

Jennifer Breuer                          Glen Ridge

                                    Ellen O’Keefe                            Glen Rock

Mimi Hui                                   Hasbrouck Heights

Sai Rao                                    North Bergen

Matthew Latham                        Ramsey

Laura Leonard                           Wyckoff

NOT PRESENT:            Sally Diaz                                 Norwood

Dave Marino                             Waldwick 

ALSO PRESENT:         Darlene Swistock                      Recorder of Minutes

GUESTS:                      Eric Lozauskas                          BCCLS

Christine Zeni                            BCCLS

Danielle Cesena                        Glen Rock

Laurence Bergmann                  Livingston

Peter Coyl                                Montclair

Leonard LoPinto                       Paramus

Thomas Madru                          Park Ridge

Jennifer Overton                        Roseland

Lori Quinn                                 Waldwick 

Kurt Hadeler called the meeting to order at 9:36 am.  

He reminded everyone to sign in on the sign-in sheet.  He thanked Ellen O’Keefe for hosting today’s meeting.  In an effort to follow parliamentary procedure, he asked guests to wait to be to recognized and identify themselves before speaking.  He advised that there will be an Executive Session/Closed Session to discuss the format of the Executive Director’s probationary evaluation at the end of the meeting. 

1.  Minutes of the Meeting on February 27, 2019

It was MOVED BY:  Gerry McMahon                   Seconded by:  Matthew Latham

To approve the minutes. 

All in favor.

Motion carried.

Minutes of the Special Meeting on April 1, 2019

It was MOVED BY:  Ellen O’Keefe                      Seconded by:  Stephanie Bellucci

To approve the minutes. 

All in favor.

Motion carried.

2.  Public Portion


3.  Treasurer’s Report

The Budget vs Actual and Check Register were previously distributed to the membership.  Dave Hanson provided additional detail on the following: 

  • 6207.1  Postage.    Line is over by 287%; Postage is not a regularly scheduled expense.  We have a base number and simply refill as needed.  
  • 6402  eContent.     We spent significantly in March to facilitate the office change in personnel.  We ordered enough so that as responsibilities were absorbed by other areas, there would be no lag in purchasing.  The aggregators met recently to go over their current plan and are on track with spending throughout the rest of the year.
  • 6252.2  Committee Events.     This number represents the LAMP Manager’s training.  There is an income share so the line will not always present as a normal line item.  It is exactly the expense we expected.  

He also provided a Delivery Expense Report and noted that delivery expense is low for now until things ramp up in a few months. 

There were questions about the financial reports: 

  • Ellen O’Keefe asked about the billing for Constant Contact (it is an annual billing, but the Spire Group made a year-end adjustment to cover payments for 2109).   
  • Jennifer Breuer asked about the 2 entries labeled “Technology” in the Fines Paid via credit Card Account/Petty Cash Account (Dave Hanson will look into this). 

It was MOVED BY:  Mathew Latham                   Seconded by:  Jennifer Breuer

To accept the Treasurer’s Report.

All in favor.

Motion carried. 

4.  Correspondence


5.  President’s Report

Kurt Hadeler’s report was previously distributed to the board members and the membership.  He commented that the Knowledge Base is not a good fit for our current needs and the needs of the membership.  He asked Dave Hanson for a new package as soon as practical, but by the end of the year.  Dave Hanson’s goal is to have a recommendation at the August Executive Board meeting before the budget hearing, and implement in November/December as the change will probably impact the budget.  The Knowledge Base contract expires in February.  Kurt Hadeler asked if the Technology Committee will be involved (Yes).  There were no questions from the membership about his report.

6.  Executive Director’s Report

Dave Hanson’s report was previously distributed to the board members and the membership.  He received the first draft of the audit this week and will discuss it with the auditor and then review it at the next Executive Board meeting.  He also mentioned the HR calendar:  a review of staff benefits in June/July so the review can be incorporated into the August Executive Board meeting, the open position, and staff allocation based on the Strategic Plan.  He also mentioned that a foundation approached BCCLS to provide functional assistance in taking donations for libraries with no foundation or Friends Group.  Ellen O’Keefe thought that about 40% of the member libraries do not have a foundation or Friends Group.  Jennifer Breuer asked if this would help BCCLS get a raffle license for a tricky tray at the Friends Breakfast.  Ellen O’Keefe mentioned that not having a BCCLS foundation has affected the Friends Breakfast, specifically the inability to have a 50/50 or tricky tray, but this would not help BCCLS obtain a raffle license.  Kurt Hadeler asked if the foundation would help libraries receive funds by going after larger donations to benefit the membership rather than acting as a pass-through agency.  He is uneasy with the later function.  Dave Hanson sees this foundation’s purpose to provide the functional ability to take donations and grant funds rather than to fundraise and compete against libraries.  Stephanie Bellucci pointed out that some organizations will only donate to 501c3s.  Peter Coyl explained that some grants may only be offered to 501c3 organizations and libraries are not set up as 501c3 organizations and this could help.  Leonard LoPinto mentioned the NJ Foundation which is set up to help charitable organizations to collect money.  They take care of the lawyer fees, tax returns and investments.  Kurt Hadeler thought there are other mechanisms to help individual libraries receive funds, but utilizing someone to help source larger donations to help the entire membership is worth pursuing.  Ellen O’Keefe asked if the board was giving Dave Hanson the authority to continue exploring this idea (Yes).  Kurt Hadeler asked about audit services (Dave Hanson plans to prepare an RFP this summer).  He also asked who will be conducting the benefits review (Dave Hanson replied that one of the library board members shared documentation and provided some referrals).  Kurt Hadeler asked that he review this information with the Personnel Committee so it can be evaluated in May/June.  There were no further questions from the membership about his report. 

7.  Committee Reports

a)    Advocacy Committee – Mission Possible:  Communicating Your Library’s Value – Event Evaluation.  Kurt Hadeler commented that this was an awesome program and he complimented the Advocacy Committee for their efforts. 

Ellen O’Keefe, co-chair of the Friends & Trustees Committee, mentioned 2 upcoming programs:

  • 4/30 – Mission Accomplished:  Success Stories – Maywood Public Library
  • 6/11 – Foundations 101 – Location TBD 

8.  Old Business

a)    BCCLS Office Relocation – Dave Hanson advised that the office has completed its relocation to Fair Lawn and held an Open House on April 5.  He thanked Eric Lozauskas and Darlene Swistock for their efforts with the move.  He also wanted to let everyone know that the conference room and training room are available to the membership for off-site training, staff meetings and board meetings.  Contact the BCCLS office to reserve the conference room or training room. 

b)    Delivery – Dave Hanson also provided an update on delivery.  Warehouse negotiations are in process for a 5-year lease.  Kurt Hadeler explained that this warehouse space is different than the original plan because the rent and insurance costs of drive-in warehouse space became prohibitive.  Since the space is significantly smaller, there will be a significant cost savings to the membership.  As a side benefit, it will be close to the BCCLS office so staff can easily move between the locations depending on responsibilities.  Vans will not be able to pull in and park in the warehouse and sorting will take place outside the building weather permitting.  Dave Hanson advised that the financial considerations cannot be overstated as funding delivery is a big concern for the membership.  The day before the meeting, there was a fire at the plant making the delivery bins and the mold for the bins was destroyed.  There is no word on when the vans will be delivered and Christine is evaluating the “break even” point for renting vans to get started.  The testing period will probably be compressed in order to keep the launch of delivery on track for June.  Ellen O’Keefe asked about the location of the facility (Christine Zeni will find out). 

9.  New Business

a).  Report of the 77 – Dave Hanson visited all 77 libraries and his report with the findings will be used in the Strategic Planning Group as one of the sources of data.  He noted that directors felt that IT, Delivery and ILS/Reciprocal Borrowing were vital and key benefits of being a member of BCCLS.  The major challenge was delivery price/cost of their bill.  Although the directors referred to themselves as “have” and “have nots” to describe how they are feeling in terms of what BCCLS does or in terms of their own library funding, some of the board members asked that different descriptions be used going forward.  Leonard LoPinto asked what is the frustration of the have nots and Kurt Hadeler asked if they are frustrated with BCCLS or a perceived imbalance of funding.  Dave Hanson replied that they perceive that their position is not understood, there is a disparity of funding and their world needs to be represented in their eyes.  In addition, some of the smaller libraries think things are moving too fast while some of the larger libraries feel that things move too slowly.  He also mentioned the group is fragmented in their concerns and unification is a challenge.  Ellen O’Keefe opined that the phrasing “have and have not” is inflammatory.  Kurt Hadeler agreed and asked if there is another way of recognizing the differences in membership that is not divisive. This is not a final report in terms of data collection; it provides a snapshot and he plans to do this again in a year as part of BCCLS Strategic Plan.  Leonard LoPinto asked about the definition of “infrastructure” (Dave Hanson answered that it is what BCCLS provides to the membership, and it is important to keep that in mind when deciding where to focus in the future) and noted that Cataloging was mentioned by 16% of the directors (Dave Hanson replied that the ILS cannot exist without centralized cataloging.)  This report shows what directors wanted to talk about; there was no menu.  Kurt Hadeler pointed out that directors use ILS and Cataloging interchangeably and that it was the top category.  Leonard LoPinto commented that libraries are a part of BCCLS so they can borrow materials and visit other libraries and patrons can return materials at other libraries.  Mimi Hui and Leonard LoPinto thanked Dave Hanson for conducting all of these meetings, analyzing the data and for creating a great report.  

10.  Membership Hearing

  • Leonard LoPinto shared that Paramus will be putting on an addition of 1,500-3,000 sf depending on the outcome of the grant for the Construction Bond Act. 

11.  Executive Session – Executive Director – Probationary Evaluation

It was MOVED BY:  Mimi Hui                 Seconded by:  Laura Leonard

To go into closed session to discuss the format of the probationary evaluation of the Executive Director.

All in favor.

Motion carried.

The Executive Board went into closed session at 10:34 am.

The Executive Board returned to open session at 10:57 am.

They will proceed with the plan that was in the board packet.  The Personnel Committee will meet on May 6 at 10:00 am in Mahwah to review the evaluations. 

In addition, the Finance Committee will meet on April 29 at 10:00 am at the BCCLS office to review the draft of the audit. 

12.  Next MeetingExecutive Board:  Wed, 5/15/19 @ 9:30 am – Montclair (Branch)

                                            System Council:   Thu,  6/27/19 @ 9:30 am – Hasbrouck Heights

13.  Adjournment

It was MOVED by:  Mimi Hui                  Seconded by:  Stephanie Bellucci

To adjourn at 11:03 am

Unanimously approved.

dms:  4/19/19