06.28.18 – Special EB Meeting Minutes

06.28.18 – Special EB Meeting Minutes

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Hasbrouck Heights Public Library

June 28, 2018

PRESIDING:                 Kurt Hadeler                              Mahwah

PRESENT:                    Cindy Czesak                            BCCLS

Christine Hartigan                      East Rutherford

Gerry McMahon                        Franklin Lakes

Jennifer Breuer                          Glen Ridge

Mimi Hui                                   Hasbrouck Heights

Matthew Latham                        Leonia

Sai Rao                                    North Bergen

Laura Rifkin                              Washington Township

Samantha McCoy                      West Caldwell

NOT PRESENT:            Ruth Springer                            Garfield

Nancy Kirby                              Roseland

ALSO PRESENT:         Darlene Swistock                      Recorder of Minutes

GUESTS:                      Eric Lozauskas                          BCCLS

Allison Moonitz                          Bergenfield

                                    Stephanie Bellucci                     Cliffside Park

Ellen O’Keefe                            Glen Rock

Monica Smith                            Hawthorne

Amy Babcock-Landry                Livingston

Peter Coyl                                Montclair

Paul Shaver                              Northvale

John Trause                              Oradell

Judah Hamer                             Rutherford

1.   Call to Order

Kurt Hadeler called the meeting to order at 12:50 pm.  The purpose of this special meeting was to discuss the BCCLS office relocation. 

2.   Public Portion


3.   BCCLS Office Relocation

Cindy Czesak advised that the BCCLS office contracted with a buyer’s realtor to find a new office location.  The current office space is 5,850 sf with a bad layout and unusable space, no running water and a lack of parking.  We received a list of about 50 possible locations from the realtor and Cindy Czesak, Eric Lozauskas and Darlene Swistock narrowed it down based on accessibility, price and location.  A spreadsheet/rubric comparing the 7 locations visited, along with the current location, was distributed to the Executive Board prior to the meeting.  The top 3 locations were shaded in blue.  The realtor generated an RFP based on our input, and sent it to the top 3 locations asking them for proposals and possible floorplans. 

The preferred location will generate a cost savings of approximately $41,000 per year.  This includes a savings of $6,000 for office cleaning since daily office cleaning is included in the rent at the new location.  BCCLS is considered a very attractive and desirable tenant because it is a long-term tenant.  The office space is on the first floor which is very convenient.  It is directly accessible from the parking lot, deliveries left at the office door would not block the hallway to other tenants, and we are not dependent on an elevator.  Cindy asked the Executive Board for the go ahead to move forward.  

A discussion followed.  The cost for utilities is fixed at $1.75/sf based on usual activity.  The cost for supplemental air conditioning for the server room would be arranged and billed separately, similar to the arrangement at the current office.  Rent includes snow removal and there is plenty of parking.  The office space has slightly higher ceilings, a nice open feeling and it is an inviting space.  The training room would accommodate 12 people for computer training and would also be designed as a mixed use space that could accommodate 25-30 people for lecture-style training.  The landlord is looking for a 10-year lease due to the cost of the buildout.  There are no concerns about entering a 10-year lease since the BCCLS office has been at its current location for over 20 years.  The longer lease is beneficial to BCCLS because the base rent is locked in at a lower price.  In addition, the new space will be smaller than the current space; if the office dynamic changes in the future, the space is flexible.  If the BCCLS office needs to handle Jersey Cat items, there is an adequate work area to do so; if BCCLS manages delivery internally, that would require a warehouse in a separate location.  The budget for furniture is $15,000 based on the costs incurred by the office of another (smaller) consortia when they moved.  Most of the existing furniture is not worth moving.  The landlord’s proposal asked for 12 months’ notice of intention not to renew the lease and we will ask for 6 months’ notice per the board’s request.  There is a small space adjacent to our potential office space that the landlord may convert into a business center for the tenants in the building and BCCLS may be able to use that space for meetings or events.  Lastly, the realtor advised that when BCCLS receives proposals that look solid, our attorney would negotiate the details of the contract.  The Executive Board will have final approval.

It was MOVED by:  Christine Hartigan                             Seconded by:  Laura Rifkin

To continue to negotiations for this location

Unanimously approved. 

The BCCLS office will also be looking for a bank near its new location.  It is important that banking can be integrated with Quick Books Bill Pay.  In addition, the BCCLS office needs to give its current bank a letter with an updated list of authorized signers and the authorized signers will need to visit the bank to sign signature cards.    

4.   Membership Hearing


5.   Next MeetingExecutive Board:  Wed 7/25/18 @ 9:30 am – New Milford 

6.   Adjournment

It was MOVED by:  Jennifer Breuer                                 Seconded by:  Sai Rao

To adjourn at 1:16 pm.

Unanimously approved.

dms:  7/3/18