05.23.18 – EB Meeting Minutes

05.23.18 – EB Meeting Minutes

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West Caldwell Public Library
May 23, 2018

PRESIDING: Kurt Hadeler Mahwah


Cindy Czesak BCCLS
Christine Hartigan East Rutherford
Gerry McMahon Franklin Lakes
Ruth Springer Garfield
Jennifer Breuer Glen Ridge
Mimi Hui Hasbrouck Heights
Matthew Latham Leonia
Sai Rao North Bergen
Nancy Kirby Roseland
Samantha McCoy West Caldwell

NOT PRESENT: Laura Rifkin Washington Township

ALSO PRESENT: Darlene Swistock Recorder of Minutes


Eric Lozauskas BCCLS
Holly Belli Bloomfield
Stephanie Bellucci Cliffside Park
Adele Puccio Fair Lawn
Ellen O’Keefe Glen Rock
Monica Smith Hawthorne
Amy Babcock Landry Livingston
Laurence Bergmann Livingston (Trustee)
Peter Coyl Montclair
Leonard LoPinto Paramus
Jennifer Overton Roseland

Kurt Hadeler called the meeting to order at 9:40 am. He welcomed the guests and asked everyone to sign in and follow parliamentary procedures by waiting to be acknowledged before speaking.

1.   Minutes of the Meeting on April 25, 2018
It was MOVED BY: Gerry McMahon Seconded by: Sai Rao
To approve the minutes.
All in favor.
Motion carried.

2.   Public Portion

3.   Treasurer’s Report
Cindy Czesak noted that copies of the audit prepared by Dorfman, Abrams Music, LLC were distributed to the members of the Executive Board prior to the meeting; if anyone else would like a copy, let the BCCLS office know. Samantha McCoy presented the April 2018 P & L Reports. She thanked Eric Lozauskas and Bernadette Hard for the hard work in updating the chart of accounts and noted that they will also be working with Spire to generate new reports.

2018 Budget $3,092,899
Current Expenses $1,299,405

Account balances at month end were:
• Checking $67,253
• Scholarship $38,432
• Payroll $22,327
• Petty Cash $1,181
• NJ Cash Management $892,123

Kurt Hadeler pointed out that the check register includes an explanation in the memo section for all entries. Samantha McCoy noted that the audit was much improved over last year with just 4 major recommendations; the BCCLS office worked hard to respond to the recommendations in the prior year’s audit. The recommendations are addressed in the Corrective Action Plan that was distributed prior to the meeting. A discussion followed. Can a CPA help prepare the reports for audit? (Spire will help clean-up records before the information goes to the auditor; in the past, the auditor cleaned up financial records before conducting the audit.) Are there any concerns about account overages? (eContent has been underspent and spending should resume shortly, and the resolutions for delivery need to be reflected in the budget. Previously someone had advised BCCLS that the county grant is not guaranteed so it should not be included in the revenue for the budget. If that is the case, the corresponding Net Plus Reimbursement expense should not be included either because that payment is covered by the grant. The BCCLS office will work with Spire to correct that.) Samantha McCoy asked about the life insurance expense and Cindy Czesak explained that the carrier did not charge BCCLS correctly for life insurance over the last 10 years. They will not bill us retroactively, but the quarterly payment will now be $1,000 higher going forward so there will be an overage this year. Personnel has been underspent since several positions have been open for a while.

It was MOVED BY: Christine Hartigan Seconded by: Jennifer Breuer
To accept the Treasurer’s Report, the audit and the bills for payment.
All in favor.
Motion carried.

4.   Correspondence

5.   President’s Report
Kurt Hadeler’s report was previously distributed to the board members.
• He has spent most of his time on the Delivery Task Force and the Small Group Meetings about the delivery situation. He reported that the attorney confirmed that BCCLS is a 501c3 organization and does not need to follow state purchasing guidelines when looking for a delivery vendor because it is not a contracting unit. He was asked about OPRA requests and will request a legal opinion about them.
• The BCCLS Committees (155 volunteers) have been established and most have held their first meetings.
• He also spoke about the billing structure and specifically eContent. Should it be based on number of cardholders or per capita? Kurt will prepare a side-by-side comparison for the next Executive Board meeting. If libraries purchase and share content, can that expense be taken out of their BCCLS bill? (There is a combined $125,000 minimum spend for central collection and individual libraries with OverDrive). This is a good way to encourage local collection development, but it does not eliminate eBCCLS. Mimi Hui advised that the Reciprocity Task Force met yesterday and talked about on-line content. The RTF also needs to consider the impact of purchasing limited eContent (by time or checkouts). That will be discussed further at the next Executive Board meeting.
There were no questions from the membership about his report.

6.   Executive Director’s Report
The report of Cindy Czesak, Interim Executive Director, was also previously distributed to the board members.
• The transition from cloudLibrary to OverDrive was a little bumpier than expected because OverDrive had not transferred so much content for a customer before. She thanked Margaret Rose O’Keefe, Eric Lozauskas and Mike Grgurev for their efforts. There will be a webinar about Advantage Plus for beta test libraries on June 5.
• Brian Simoes, new IT Support Technician, joined the BCCLS office on May 7. He has been shadowing Joe Guida.
• The reintegration for Rochelle Park is moving along. The BCCLS office had to fix the library’s network because they redirected things and cut cables. The library will be hosting a celebration on Saturday, June 9 at noon to celebrate their return to BCCLS and their change from association to municipal library.
• Cindy Czesak, Eric Lozauskas and Darlene Swistock will be visiting potential office spaces with the BCCLS realtor on June 7.
• Cindy Czesak, Eric Lozauskas and Sai Rao visited North Bergen’s new Guttenberg location which will be opened as a Resource Center in The Galaxy. Guttenberg will be paying 1/3 mill to North Bergen so they will receive full BCCLS services. They will now have North Bergen cards rather than courtesy cards.
There were no questions from the membership about her report.

7.   Committee Reports

a) BCCLS Executive Director Search Committee – Kurt Hadeler advised that Directors are welcome to attend the individual presentations and panel discussion with the Executive Director candidates on July 11 in Mahwah. Remote access will not be available this time.

b) Delivery Task Force – Stephanie Bellucci, chair, reported that 75 of the 77 libraries (including Rochelle Park) attended the 6 Small Group Meetings in May about delivery. At the first meeting, the discussion focused on the possibility of BCCLS hiring an outside vendor as a contingency in January in the event that state-provided delivery was not acceptable. After taking a straw poll at each meeting, the directors wanted to explore BCCLS-managed delivery regardless of the delivery provided by LLNJ as that is expected to change. It is anticipated that delivery start-up costs will be about $600,000 including start-up costs like bins and bags. Discussions will continue at the next Delivery Task Force meeting on June 5. Kurt Hadeler noted that one Director mentioned using the remaining funds in the Delivery expense line to purchase bins, bags and totes this year to lessen next year’s impact. Small libraries are unable to purchase large collections because either they do not have the funds or the space to put their collections so the delivery expense could be considered part of their materials budget.

Kurt Hadeler outlined the next steps:
• 6/28 – brief introduction at System Council and straw poll
• 9/27 – formal introduction at System Council to amend budget
• 10/25 – vote at System Council, requires a supermajority vote and then becomes part of the budget thereafter

A discussion followed: Kurt Hadeler explained that BCCLS is unlikely to get any money for delivery from LLNJ, but it is a possibility from the State Library if BCCLS works with other consortia. He felt we are most likely to receive additional funding for delivery from the Bergen County freeholders, especially if we can market delivery as supported by the freeholders. Eric Lozauskas mentioned that NJLS, with a longer contract, would now buy/lease delivery trucks that could be branded “Delivery Brought to You by the Bergen County Freeholders”. Stephanie Bellucci said that directors need to know how to sell this plan to their boards. Some directors felt their boards might say no if their BCCLS bills increased significantly last year. In order to pay for delivery for all libraries in NJ, LLNJ needs an additional $400,000 more than originally allocated and has asked the State Library for help. If BCCLS handles delivery on its own, will the contract allow the vendor to pull out? (Yes, but it will be a 2-way clause; since it was a short contract, 21 days termination notice was reasonable; for a longer contract, 3-4 months termination notice would be reasonable. BCCLS research also confirmed that the cost should be closer to $25 per stop rather than $14 per stop.) We need to educate our trustees on the value of delivery. (There will be one or two webinars for trustees after the June System Council and before the September System Council.) What happens if something goes wrong with the new vendor; we can’t return to LLNJ. (NJLS has agreed to open their books and share their routes with BCCLS.) Non-Bergen libraries count on state-provided delivery for Jersey Cat. If LLNJ is able to provide 3-5 day delivery and if it is adequate for most libraries, why do we want to go on our own? (Delivery was 7+ days for some libraries with others averaging 10-14 days and we are losing patrons as we are competing with Amazon for next day delivery.) There was concern that BCCLS does not have the expertise to set up delivery routes and we might consider a transportation consultant that can provide some guidance. The DTF will check with other consortia who manage their own delivery for assistance.

c) Policy & Procedures Committee – Recommended Changes
Jennifer Breuer, chair, reviewed the recommended changes to the Policies & Procedures Manual:
• Collection Development > Replacement Card
• Collection Development > New Formats and Material Types > Adding New Formats to the Catalog
• Policies & Procedures > Communication > Social Media
• Collection Development > Catalog Submissions > Submissions Requisites for all Accepted Formats
• Collection Development > Catalog Submissions > Submissions Requisites for all Accepted Formats > Information Required to Submit Materials for Cataloging

A discussion followed. How do we manage the use of BCCLS name on social media sites? (Kurt Hadeler will discuss trademarking BCCLS and Bergen County Cooperative Library System with the attorney.) Does BCCLS have a social media policy of who comments about BCCLS on social media and what is appropriate to say? (The Personnel Committee will review the Personnel Manual about social media and Samantha McCoy will share her library’s personnel manual with the Personnel Committee.)

It was MOVED BY: Samantha McCoy Seconded by: Matthew Latham to accept the recommendations and send the policy changes to System Council in June. All in favor. Motion carried.

d) BCCLS Scholarship Committee –John Trause, chair, provided a written update: On the morning of Thursday, May 3, 2018, we held the first meeting of the BCCLS Scholarship Committee at the BCCLS Office in Hackensack, NJ where we reviewed 19 applications. Decisions are still pending.

e) Personnel Committee – Mimi Hui spoke about possibly asking an HR firm to conduct an analysis of the BCCLS benefits package in comparison to other cooperatives as well as those in state plans and the average business in the private sector. The consultant’s recommendations would be needed by the end of August/beginning of September in order to incorporate them into the budget. The quotes and proposals would be discussed at a special Executive Board meeting before the June System Council. Can funds from the Personnel expense line be used to pay the consultant? (Yes.) Can the Executive Board give the EDSC the authority to negotiate benefits (salary, vacation, health benefits and other items in the benefits package) for the Executive Director? (Yes, the EDSC will come up with thresholds to be reviewed at the special Executive Board meeting. Kurt Hadeler will ask Bradbury Miller Associates to look at the benefits package for the Executive Director and how it compares with other consortia.)

8.   Old Business

9.   New Business

10.   Membership Hearing
• Ellen O’Keefe asked about the status of accepting credit cards. (There may be a soft launch in July. Matthew Latham offered the Tech Committee’s assistance to help with training and promotions.)
• Len LoPinto reported that Berkeley College donated $10,000 to BCCLS for Books NJ, $15,000 to the library for summer reading and concerts, and would be donating for scholarships for East Brook Middle School students.
• Larry Bergmann felt that libraries should still be encouraged to purchase their own eContent even if their bill goes up if the eContent billing formula is revised. If libraries purchase eContent and their BCCLS bill is reduced, they still need to purchase locally shared eContent.
• Holly Belli sees this locally purchased eContent as a way to give back to BCCLS. She also gave a general thank you to everyone for taking on extra work and committee involvement.
• Jen Breuer announced that Glen Ridge is going fine free for juveniles and young adults from June 1-September 4. This applies to Glen Ridge items that are returned to Glen Ridge. In addition, they are forgiving all fines for juveniles and young adults on May 31. It is about $1,100.

11.   Next Meeting Executive Board: Wed, 7/25/18 @ 9:30 am – New Milford
System Council: Thu, 6/28/18 @ 9:30 am – Hasbrouck Heights

Kurt Hadeler advised that a special Executive Board meeting will take place before or after System Council on June 28 for the Personnel Committee to review staff benefits and for the Executive Director Search Committee to discuss the Executive Board’s latitude to negotiate the Executive Director’s benefit package.

12.   Adjournment
It was MOVED by: Mimi Hui Seconded by: Nancy Kirby
To adjourn at 11:25 am.
Unanimously approved.

dms: 5/28/18