02.28.18 – EB Meeting Minutes

02.28.18 – EB Meeting Minutes

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River Edge Public Library
February 28, 2018

PRESIDING:              Kurt Hadeler Mahwah

PRESENT:                Cindy Czesak BCCLS
Christine Hartigan East Rutherford
Gerry McMahon Franklin Lakes
Ruth Springer Garfield
Jennifer Breuer Glen Ridge
Mimi Hui Hasbrouck Heights
Matthew Latham Leonia
Sai Rao North Bergen
Brian Donohue Roseland
Samantha McCoy West Caldwell

NOT PRESENT:         Laura Rifkin Washington Township

ALSO PRESENT:       Darlene Swistock Recorder of Minutes

GUESTS:                    Eric Lozauskas BCCLS
Stephanie Bellucci Cliffside Park
Ellen O’Keefe Glen Rock
Monica Smith Hawthorne
Gretchen Kaser Ho-Ho-Kus
Amy Babcock-Landry Livingston
Laurence Bergmann Livingston (Trustee)
Peter Coyl Montclair
Terrie McColl New Milford
Paul Shaver Northvale
Len LoPinto Paramus
Thomas Madru Park Ridge (Trustee)
Riti Grover Ramsey
Judah Hamer Rutherford
Michael McCue Teaneck

Kurt Hadeler called the meeting to order at 9:38 am. He asked the guests to save their comments for the Public Portion and the Membership Hearing rather than speaking throughout the meeting. He asked that if guests have already made a comment, to please give others a chance before speaking again. He also asked everyone to wait to be recognized before speaking. Lastly, he welcomed Larry Bergmann and Tom Madru, Trustees and previous Executive Board members.

1. Minutes of the Meeting on January 24, 2018

It was MOVED BY: Gerry McMahon Seconded by: Jennifer Breuer
To approve the minutes.
Samantha McCoy asked that the minutes be amended to read “The April Hoopla invoice was paid in December.”
All in favor.
Motion carried.

2. Public Portion
There were no comments from the public. Kurt Hadeler welcomed Brian Donohue, Trustee from Roseland, who was attending his first Executive Board meeting. He was travelling on business and missed the January meeting.

3. Treasurer’s Report
Samantha McCoy presented the January 2018 P & L Reports.

January 2018
Of the 2018 Budget of $3,258,900

$2,041,611 has been received as of January 31, 2018
Leaving a balance of $1,217,289

Total expenses $347,155
Leaving a balance of $1,564,443

Account balances at month end were:
• Checking $169,811
• NJ Cash Management $570,436
• Scholarship $36,432

She also provided a narrative. The 2018 capital budget and banking change will wait for the new Executive Director. Cindy Czesak provided the new Chart of Accounts based on the recommendations of the Finance Committee. Policy Recommendations will be discussed later. The auditor conducted their field work and will follow-up with the BCCLS office next week. Cindy Czesak anticipates sharing the results at the next meeting. Kurt Hadeler reminded everyone that the Chart of Accounts is the structure for the budget, not the actual budget which was passed last year. It will be entered into Quick Books once the audit has been finalized. The budget numbers were slightly revised, but it does not affect the overall budget.

It was MOVED BY: Sai Rao Seconded by: Christine Hartigan
To accept the Treasurer’s Report.
All in favor.
Motion carried.

4. Correspondence

5. President’s Report
Kurt Hadeler’s report was previously distributed to the board members. He will discuss the committee portion later in the meeting. There were no questions from the membership about his report.

6. Executive Director’s Report
The report of Cindy Czesak, Interim Executive Director, was also previously distributed to the board members. She gave an update on Rochelle Park and noted that they were very committed to rejoining BCCLS. They will need to sign the by-law certification and certify they that will receive the 1/3 mill funding as required by BCCLS by-laws. It will be necessary to reload all of their records from a back-up and update their records going forward or relink everything. One approach will cost more in dollars and the other will require more staff time. They have about 17,000 items in their collection. By comparison, Ellen O’Keefe advised that Northvale had less than 14,000 items and it look about 3 months to manually re-link everything. Northvale worked with freelancers to get this done and Ellen will coordinate with Paul Shaver to share this information with Rochelle Park. Jennifer Breuer asked if they filed their State Aid Report (No). It is anticipated that Rochelle Park will rejoin BCCLS in May or June.

7. Committee Reports

a) BCCLS Executive Director Search Committee – Kurt Hadeler advised that, as of the deadline of February 11, there were 11 candidates for the position of Executive Director, 1 subsequently withdrew and 4 were eliminated after preliminary interviews with the EDSC; the remaining 6 candidates were interviewed by the EDSC on February 26. There will be individual presentations by the 3 finalists followed by a panel discussion on March 13. Directors and BCCLS office staff are invited to attend and the BCCLS office staff will have a chance to meet with the finalists afterward. The EDSC will meet on March 14 to determine their recommendation which will then be presented to the Executive Board at a Special Executive Board Meeting on March 15. Bradbury Miller Associates (BMA) will then make an offer to the selected candidate and handle subsequent negotiations. Several directors asked questions or made comments: if Directors have questions for the candidates, they should submit them to BMA ahead of time as they will be moderated; can trustees attend (yes), will resumes be shared ahead of time (yes, the day before), and can other library staff attend (no, this is for directors and trustees).

b) Government Relations & Public Policy – Riti Grover, chair, shared the Federal Advocacy Toolkit which was one of the committee’s charges. It will also be posted to the Knowledge Base. Riti Grover and Jenifer May focused on the federal portion first and then the new Advocacy Committee will work on the state and local level sections next. Cindy Czesak mentioned that she will be attending National Legislative Day and would be happy to share any library stories from directors with federal legislators.

c) eBCCLS Committee – Samantha McCoy, co-chair, advised that BCCLS is ready to sign a contract for e-content with a new vendor. The committee has already met with Policies & Procedures to go over any policy changes. The current vendor was not able to deliver what they promised and the new vendor built what BCCLS wanted. Libraries will be able to individually purchase content and share it, similar to how print collections are shared. The contract will be ready to be approved at the Special Executive Board meeting on March 15. It will be a tight timeframe to transition (about 60 days), but the vendor will provide training and move licensing and content to the new platform. Samantha McCoy will arrange the beta libraries as soon as the contract is signed. There were some questions: will the new platform support all devices (it will support the widest array of devices possible), when should patrons be advised of this change (as soon as the contract is signed), many staff are not aware of this change (the current vendor has not yet been notified so information has been limited; directors hearing details at Executive Board and System Council should share information with their staff), BCCLS will start buying for the central collection as soon as the contract is signed and there is a $250 buy-in cost for each library that wishes to purchase content which will be credited back to use to purchase content.

8. Old Business

a) Delivery – Kurt Hadeler advised that the holds queue will be unfrozen and patrons will be able to place holds on Monday. We need to slowly reinstate this and monitor it so we don’t overwhelm Expak. Then we will begin to return floating collections. We need to submit claims for items that were lost after January 8 within 60 days. If libraries have items “in storage”, they need to be returned so we can see what is really lost. The BCCLS office will consolidate these claims. Cindy Czesak recently attended the Library Network Review Board meeting; the LNRB will make some delivery recommendations to LLNJ. She noted that BCCLS libraries represent 20% of the membership but represent 60% of the volume of the delivery in the state. There are 6 regions and a flat amount was allocated to each region and the bulk of the budget was based on population. No decisions or recommendations were made and their next meeting is in August. Cindy Czesak will clarify with Mary Chute who patrons can write to about the importance of delivery and delivery issues. Kurt Hadeler advised that the newly created Delivery Task Force met 3 times during the last 3 weeks to consider immediate, short-term and long-term options if the State Library defunds LLNJ. They are recommending that BCCLS bring in its own vendor during the transition through July to cover the summer reading program.

Stephanie Bellucci, chair of the Delivery Task Force, thanked Kurt Hadeler for putting together the task force. The DTF contacted various vendors about the services they can provide. The cost for most vendors was prohibitive and our internal grass roots efforts are not viable. NJLS made an in-person presentation. They anticipate 1-2-day delivery turnaround and have a warehouse in Union. They would need 2 weeks’ notice to start. Library staff will be trained in forward sorting and the anticipated cost will be $95,000 for 5-day delivery; the difference with 3-day delivery was negligible and it is important to return to a “normal” standard as quickly as possible. Scanning is an option, but it was determined the extra cost was not necessary and scanning will also create delays (multiple scans required). NJLS will customize delivery routes taking into account high-volume libraries. We are hoping to use modified TForce labels, the existing plastic bags and blue bins. Expak will still be used for Jersey Cat items and we will try to request some type of reimbursement from LLNJ. The cost is $14.95 per stop so it is important that NJLS is notified when libraries are closed. Samantha McCoy advised that the money would come from the budget: $16,000 (delivery), $50,000 (half of the money designated for BCCLS office staffing of a new position yet to be hired) and $35,000 from e-content for a total of $101,000. If this turns into a long-term situation, we will need to look at next year’s budget. The discussion continued: if the level of service improves from Expak, can we delay using our own vendor? (the level of service is not likely to improve and we also need to consider the impact on our finances vs the impact of non-delivery; January circulation is down 8% across the board and down 30% in some libraries). The BCCLS office will manage the delivery contract. There was concern about the burden this will put on the short-handed BCCLS office staff: LLNJ has 1 person dedicated to monitoring delivery issues. If delivery is the priority, the BCCLS office would need to prioritize what gets done and what does not. It was suggested that the remaining $50,000 designated for BCCLS office staffing could potentially be used to hire a consultant to manage this.

It was MOVED BY: Samantha McCoy Seconded by: Christine Hartigan to accept the Delivery Task Force’s recommendation to engage NJLS to provide short-term delivery service for BCCLS. All in favor. Motion carried.

b) By-Laws Committee – Recommended Changes
Gerry McMahon, chair, shared the attorney responses to the recommended changes to by-laws that were accepted at the January 24 Executive Board meeting pending legal review: Article I: Organization & Membership – Qualifications for Membership and Obligations of Membership; Article II: Governance – System Council and Executive Board; Article IV: The BCCLS Computer Consortium; Article VII – Policies and Article VIII: Meetings. The attorney agreed with the recommendations.
The recommendations will be presented at System Council in March with a vote at System Council in June.

9. New Business

a) Policies & Procedures Committee – Recommended Changes
Jennifer Breuer, chair, reviewed the recommended changes to the Policies & Procedures Manual:
• Patrons >> Restricted Card Requirements >> Courtesy Cards
• Lend and Send >> Initiating Requests >> Restricted Cards
• Collections Development >> Missing Items
• Policies & Procedures >> Patrons >> Registration >> Uniform Manner of Entry Policy
• Policies & Procedures >> Lend & Send >> Loan Period
• Policies & Procedures >> Lend & Send >> Resource Sharing

It was MOVED BY: Gerry McMahon Seconded by: Mimi Hui to send the recommended Policies & Procedures changes to System Council in March. All in favor. Motion carried.

b) Guttenberg – Full BCCLS Services – Sai Rao explained that Guttenberg used to pay 1/3 mill and received full BCCLS services until about 2012. Since then, due to financial reasons, they have not been paying 1/3 mill and are members of the North Bergen Library. The new mayor would like to resume full-BCCLS services by increasing their appropriation by 15% each year. There is a question about what is permitted under BCCLS by-laws and the state by-laws. Kurt Hadeler will ask our attorney to review the situation and discuss further at the next meeting.

c) Selected Shorts 2018 – Cindy Czesak received a request asking if BCCLS would share the cost of hosting Selected Shorts in May. The total anticipated cost is $6,000-$7,000 and BCCLS portion would be $3,000-$3,500. Samantha McCoy recommended that we suspend Selected Shorts this year based on our budgetary constraints and recent delivery issues.

It was MOVED BY: Samantha McCoy Seconded by: Christine Hartigan
To suspend Selected Shorts this year.
All in Favor. Motion carried.

d) Realtor Agreement – The BCCLS office is looking to relocate from its present location in Hackensack when its lease expires in March 2019 and Cindy Czesak would like to enter into an exclusive arrangement with a local realtor. The commission would be paid by the new landlord.

It was MOVED BY: Jennifer Breuer Seconded by: Mimi Hui
To enter into an exclusive agreement with Newmark Real Estate of New Jersey, L.L.C., d/b/a Newmark Knight Frank.
All in Favor. Motion carried.

Samantha McCoy recommended that the BCCLS staff follow the IRS guidelines for travel reimbursement until the Finance and Personnel Committees meet to formulate a policy for the Personnel Manual.

It was MOVED BY: Samantha McCoy Seconded by: Gerry McMahon
That the BCCLS staff follow the IRS guidelines for travel reimbursement until the Finance and Personnel Committees meet to formulate a policy for the Personnel Manual.
All in Favor. Motion carried.

Samantha McCoy recommended that reimbursements for refreshments for non-public facing committee meetings be put on hold until a policy of what is reimbursable and what is not reimbursable is put into place next month. The library that hosts the committee meeting will be responsible for refreshments unless other arrangements have been made.

It was MOVED BY: Samantha McCoy Seconded by: Christine Hartigan
That committee reimbursement for non-public facing meetings be put on hold until a formal policy is put into place next month. This new policy will be included in the Policies & Procedures Manual.

e) Resignations – Daniel Lane (moving out of state) and Richard Woldan (retiring) in the BCCLS office have tendered their resignations. The BCCLS office will look to fill Richard Woldan’s position right away and may wait for the new Executive Director to fill Daniel Lane’s position.

10.  Membership Hearing

11.  Next Meeting Special Executive Board: Thu, 3/15/18 @ 9:30 am – Old Tappan
Executive Board: Wed, 4/25/18 @ 9:30 am – Roseland
System Council: Thu, 3/29/18 @ 9:30 am – Mahwah

12.  Adjournment

It was MOVED by: Jennifer Breuer Seconded by: Mimi Hui
To adjourn at 11:51 pm.
Unanimously approved.

dms: 3/3/18