08.09.17 – EB Meeting Agenda

08.09.17 – EB Meeting Agenda

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Bergen County Cooperative Library System

Wednesday, August 9, 2017 – 9:30 am

West Caldwell Public Library

1.      Minutes of Previous Meeting 

2.      Public Portion 

3.      Treasurer’s Report 

4.      Correspondence

         a)  Marie Coughlin – return to work letter 

5.      President’s Report 

6.      Executive Director’s Report 

7.      Committee Reports

         a)  Finance Committee – Spire Group Recommendations

         b)  Personnel Committee

         c)  Billing Task Force – Billing Formula Introduction and Recommendation – Dropping Shares

         d)  By-Laws Committee – Proposed Changes:  Articles I, II and V

         e)  Policies & Procedures Committee – Recommended Changes and Updates – Credit/Debit Card

               Payments and Replacement Costs

         f)   Reciprocity Task Force – Recommended Action – Net Borrowing and Reciprocal Fees

         g)  Technology Committee – Recommendation – Online Credit Card Acceptance

         h)  Committee Updates – Events

         i)   Adult Services Task Force – Ignite Your Programming with Sparks – Evaluation

         j)   Professional Development Committee – Transform Your Library on a Shoestring Budget – Evaluation

         k)  Special Populations Task Force – Serving our Diverse Populations – Evaluation

         l)   Transform Your Stacks to Drive Circulation – Evaluation

         m) Transform Your Stacks to Drive Circulation – On-Site On-Demand – Evaluation 

8.      Old Business 

9.      New Business

         a)  2018 BCCLS Budget

         b)  Annual Computer Calendar

         c)  Executive Director – Annual Evaluation 

10.     Membership Hearing 

11.     Date of Next Meeting            System Council:     Thursday, 09/14/17 @ 9:30 am – Maywood

                                                    System Council:     Thursday, 10/12/17 @ 9:30 am – Livingston

                                                    Executive Board:    Thursday, 10/12/17 after SC – Livingston

12.     Adjournment

                                                                                                     Kurt Hadeler, President

                                                                                                     August 3, 2017