01.11.17 – EB Meeting Minutes

01.11.17 – EB Meeting Minutes

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Washington Township Public Library

January 11, 2017


PRESIDING:                             Kurt Hadeler                              Mahwah

PRESENT:                                Marie Coughlin                          BCCLS

                                                  Chris Hartigan                           East Rutherford

                                                  Jen Breuer                                Glen Ridge

                                                  Mimi Hui                                   Hasbrouck Heights

                                                  Larry Bergmann                         Livingston

                                                  Tina Delucia                              New Milford

                                                  Susan Meeske                          Old Tappan

                                                  Daragh O’Connor                      River Edge

                                                  Gina Webb-Metz                       Tenafly

                                                  Laura Rifkin                              Washington Township

                                                  Samantha McCoy                      West Caldwell

ALSO PRESENT:                     Darlene Swistock                      Recorder of Minutes

GUESTS:                                   Radwa Ali                                 Bogota

                                                  Stephanie Bellucci                     Cliffside Park

                                                  Gerry McMahon                        Franklin Lakes

                                                  Kathleen McGrail                       Upper Saddle River

Kurt Hadeler, newly-elected President of the 2017 Executive Board, called the meeting to order at 9:33 am.  He welcomed everyone to the first meeting of the new year and asked members of the board and guests to introduce themselves.

1.     Minutes of the Meeting on November 16, 2016:

It was MOVED BY:  Laura Rifkin             Seconded by:  Gina Webb-Metz

To approve the minutes. 

Abstained:  Larry Bergmann and Tina Delucia

Motion carried.

        Minutes of the Meeting on December 14, 2016:

It was MOVED BY:  Daragh O’Connor    Seconded by:  Chris Hartigan

To approve the minutes. 

Abstained:  Jen Breuer, Larry Bergmann and Tina Delucia

Motion carried.

2.     Public Portion

No public present.

3.     Treasurer’s Report

Gina Webb-Metz presented the December 2016 P & L Reports.

December 2016

Of the 2016 Budget of $3,417,500

$3,779,501 has been received as of December 31, 2016

Leaving a balance of                     $362,001 *

Total expenses                             $3,502,433

Leaving a balance of                 –       $84,933

Checking Account Balance                 $6,499

NJ Cash Management                     $570,530

Scholarship                                        $30,369

* includes 2017 pre-payments by two member libraries

It was MOVED BY:  Susan Meeske                    Seconded by:  Jen Breuer

Kurt Hadeler advised that the board should vote to accept the Treasurer’s Report.  A discussion followed.  Chris Hartigan asked about the small payments from libraries and Marie Coughlin advised that they could be payments for the Friends’ Breakfast or more likely they are net sales on equipment. 

Susan Meeske asked if excess funds are kept in the Operating Account.  Marie Coughlin replied that excess funds are transferred to the NJ Cash Management account to keep the operating account under the $250,000 FDIC insurance limit, but the excess funds were needed to pay bills in January so they were not transferred to the Cash Management account in December.

All in favor to accept the Treasurer’s Report for audit.  Motion carried.

4.     Correspondence:

a)    Letter from Trustees – Rochelle Park

b)    Letter from Beattie Padovano – Rochelle Park

c)     Letter from Joseph Rotolo – Rochelle Park

d)    Letter to Rochelle Park Library Association

e)    E-mail to Christopher Lee – Roseland Obligation of Membership II

To be discussed under Old Business

5.     President’s Report

Kurt Hadeler’s report was previously distributed to the board members.

Committees – he indicated that it was a lot of work to set up the BCCLS’ committees and task forces, but he is very enthusiastic about them this year.  The Billing Task Force is a spin-off from the Reciprocity Task Force.  They will continue the work of the RTF and how members are charged for services received.  The billing structure would be introduced at the System Council in March and then Small Group Meetings would be held to explain the billing structure, the metrics and how we got there.  Members would vote at the System Council in October and billing changes would go into effect in 2018.  The Reciprocity Task Force will continue to review how individual member libraries are charged for the services they receive from BCCLS.  We need financial flexibility for BCCLS to grow and succeed. 

Brown Bag Lunches – will be held for directors at various locations throughout the year.  Directors can discuss billing, services, patrons or reinforce friendships at these informal get togethers.

Goals – understand member concerns and needs, work with committees and task forces to streamline processes, ensure committees work well with each other and BCCLS, look into ByLaws compliance, build consensus from all 77 member libraries about the new strategic plan, and ask the Technology Committee to identify a new public-facing catalog to better serve our needs.

New Officers and Standing Committees of the Executive Board –

It was MOVED BY:  Kurt Hadeler                       Seconded by:  Laura Rifkin

To appoint Jen Breuer as Vice President of the Executive Board. 

All in Favor.  Motion carried.

It was MOVED BY:  Kurt Hadeler                       Seconded by:  Jen Breuer

To appoint Samantha McCoy as Treasurer of the Executive Board. 

All in Favor.  Motion carried.

It was MOVED BY:  Kurt Hadeler                       Seconded by:  Daragh O’Connor

To appoint Samantha McCoy, Gina Webb-Metz and Chris Hartigan to the Finance Committee. 

All in Favor.  Motion carried.

It was MOVED by Kurt Hadeler                         Seconded by:  Chris Hartigan

to appoint Laura Rifkin, Jen Breuer and Mimi Hui to the Personnel Committee.

All in favor.  Motion carried.

There were no other questions from the membership about his report

6.      Executive Director’s Report:

Marie Coughlin’s report was also previously distributed to the Board Members.  

She started her report by stating that BCCLS lost a very influential person when Robert White passed away last month and thanked New Milford for hosting the memorial service on December 21.  She also reiterated her support of Kurt’s efforts with the committees and assignments, talked about upcoming conferences, her visit to the Belleville Library and their interest in joining BCCLS, the Rochelle Park non-compliance issue, the Billing Task Force, the Strategic Planning Task Force, cataloging of travel materials, support ticket statistics and her goals as Executive Director.  There were questions about the number of support tickets not originated by libraries, but by BCCLS on their behalf.  Marie Coughlin advised that tickets for Cisco Meraki and Polaris are automatically generated, but still must be manually closed by tech support so they are included in the numbers.  She also advised that directors can always ask for the stats to see activity because libraries do not know the purpose of the tickets until they ask.  Tickets will be more detailed in 2017 and tickets are often generated as alerts to issues.  The BCCLS catalogers recommended changes to the cataloging of travel guides based on the feedback and complaints of patrons who requested travel guides and often received one that was several years old rather than the most current guide.  There was a question about the service impact and effect of cataloging changes on the front-line staff and users.  Kurt Hadeler asked about guidance from the field for BCCLS internal policy changes.  Should there be input from the membership, Executive Board or committee level?  A discussion followed and it was decided that the committee level would be appropriate.  It was agreed that CD&R review potential changes to internal cataloging procedures that impact on public service for their recommendation, and changes that are transparent and have no effect on patrons would not need to go to committee.  

There were no other questions from the membership about her report.

7.     Committee Reports:  

a)    Policies & Procedures – Proposal

Jen Breuer and Gerry McMahon recommended a change to Patrons – Registrations – Library Cards:  that library cards are not transferrable to another person.

It was MOVED BY:  Laura Rifkin and Seconded by:  Mimi Hui to accept the policy recommendation. 

A motion was made to send the P&P recommendation to System Council for a vote in March.  All in favor.  No further discussion. 

b)    eBCCLS Task Force – Cloud Library

Samantha McCoy and Kathleen McGrail explained that the proposal from Axis 360 changed and there were multiple issues that were not consistent with previous conversations so the committee continued its search for a new vendor.  The committee now recommends that Cloud Library can better meet eBCCLS’ needs.  Samantha and Kathleen explained how Cloud Library facilitates member libraries purchasing materials for local collections, how those items would be holdable by other libraries patrons, and how use statistics would be credited towards the purchasing library.  BCCLS will stop ordering from Overdrive, its current vendor.  Migration takes about 90 days. 

A motion was made to contract with Bibliotechia for Cloud Library for single e-content vendor.  It was MOVED BY:  Samantha McCoy and Seconded by:  Chris Hartigan.  All in favor.  No further discussion.

c)    Trustee Education – Long Range & Capital Planning – Evaluation

This event was very well received with 109 attendees.  Kurt Hadeler advised that his trustee liked the event and thought the content was brought to an understandable level.  Marie Coughlin thanked Gina Webb-Metz for hosting such a large audience.

d)    Youth Services – Unconference Evaluation

This event was also very well received. 

8.     Old Business

a)    Rochelle Park Library Association – Compliance/Non-Compliance with BCCLS Bylaws Rochelle Park – Status as Association Library – We want to give them every opportunity to participate in BCCLS as an equal member and for them to get proper funding from the township.  Termination of membership is a last resort if the town cannot fund them properly, turn over governance and control of the library.  They have 45 days (February 1, 2017) to submit an action plan to rectify the situation.  Marie Coughlin’s letter spelled out exactly what is needed to comply with BCCLS’ ByLaws.  She will follow up with their board or their attorney for an update.  BCCLS’ attorney, Beattie Padovano advised that the township cannot withhold funds for rent; they must give the full appropriation to the library and then they can charge for ancillary services like snow removal.  In 2014, their funding made them non-compliant with BCCLS’ ByLaws; in 2016, governance is the issue.  Northvale is an example of a library that was terminated from BCCLS for non-compliance and then returned 4 years later as a stronger municipal library.

 b)    Roseland – Obligation of Membership II – Len LoPinto sent a letter to the previous Director indicating that Roseland was non-compliant with attendance at System Council meetings as they missed 3 of 4 meetings in 2016.  The board was unaware this was happening and that Director is no longer employed at Roseland.  The Acting Director indicated that Roseland wants to comply with BCCLS ByLaws. 

c)    BCCLS Committees – Proposal – Kurt Hadeler sent the lists to the membership yesterday and the committee chairs/co-chairs meeting will take place tomorrow in Maywood.

9.     New Business:

No new business

10.     Membership Hearing

Daragh O’Connor reported that River Edge, established in 1953, enjoyed their highest circulation ever in 2016.

11.     Next Meeting:             Executive Board – 2/8/17 at 9:30 am – New Milford

12.     Adjournment:  

It was MOVED by:  Jen Breuer               Seconded by:  Laura Rifkin

To adjourn at 11:26 am

All in favor.

dms:  1/17/17