Executive Board Minutes: 11-16-16

Executive Board Minutes: 11-16-16

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Minutes of


Executive Board – Joint Meeting 2016-2017 Members

Held at Hasbrouck Heights Free Public Library

November 16, 2016 


PRESIDING:                 Len LoPinto                                          Paramus

PRESENT:                    Marie Coughlin                                     BCCLS

                                      Daragh O’Connor                                 River Edge

                                      Dave Franz                                           Hillsdale

                                      Kelly Fitzgerald                                     Weehawken

                                      David Hinkley                                        Montclair

                                      Tom Madru                                            Park Ridge

                                      Gina Webb-Metz                                   Tenafly

ALSO PRESENT:         Darlene Swistock, Recorder of Minutes

GUESTS:                      Stephanie Belluci                                  Cliffside Park

                                      Chris Hartigan                                       East Rutherford

                                      Jennifer Breuer                                     Glen Ridge

                                      Mimi Hui                                                Hasbrouck Heights

                                      Kurt Hadeler                                          Mahwah

                                      Susan Meeske                                      Old Tappan

                                      Michael Cerone, Attorney                      Rochelle Park

                                      Michael Kazimir, Mayor                          Rochelle Park

                                      Kathy Baccala, Trustee                          Rochelle Park

                                      Barbara Trinkleback, Trustee                  Rochelle Park

                                      Laura Rifkin                                          Washington Township

                                      Samantha McCoy                                  West Caldwell

Len LoPinto welcomed everyone to the joint Executive Board meeting.  He asked members of the 2016 and 2017 boards and guests to introduce themselves.

1.  Minutes of the Meeting on October 20, 2016:

It was MOVED BY:  Tom Madru             Seconded by:  Kelly Fitzgerald

To approve the minutes of the open session.  Motion carried.

It was MOVED BY:  Daragh O’Connor    Seconded by:  Tom Madru

To approve the minutes of the closed session.  Motion carried.

 2.  Public Portion

Michael Cerone, attorney for the Rochelle Park Board of Trustees, spoke about the letter from the trustees of the Rochelle Park Library Association that was sent to the BCCLS office.  The trustees are concerned that the Rochelle Park Public Library is not being run as an association library, but as a department of the municipality of Rochelle Park as the Mayor and Town Council are running the library.  According to the attorney and the trustees, the town hired the library director without the association’s knowledge and she is a direct municipal employee on their Table of Organization.  He advised that the board has met with the director but has not received any reports and is considering dissolving the association as they are unable to set policies, rules and regulations.  He stated that they have taken steps to inform the Mayor and Town Council that the library is not in compliance with BCCLS’ bylaws; they also sent a letter about the library operations, but did not receive a response.  

Marie Coughlin is waiting for the memorandum from the BCCLS’ attorney if rent can be included in the 1/3 mil for an association library.  In order to be a member of BCCLS, libraries need to be a municipal or association library.  The library has submitted a Bylaws certification signed by the Director and Board President that they are in compliance for 2016. 

Mayor Kazimir asked if this meeting was a discussion or hearing and was advised that this was just a discussion based on the letter sent to the BCCLS’ office.  He did not make any comments at this time.  

 3.  Treasurer’s Report

Gina Webb-Metz presented the October 2016 P & L Reports.

October 2016

Of the 2016 Budget of $3,417,500

Leaving a balance of                                         + $  69,960 * 

Total expenses                                                  $2,856,732

Leaving a balance of                                          – $630,728 

Checking Account Balance                                  $103,543

NJ Cash Management                                       $  775,530

Scholarship                                                            $28,100 

        Total budgeted income 2016                    $3,417,500

* Total income received as of 10/31/16            $3,487,460

It was MOVED BY:  Dave Franz             Seconded by:  David Hinkley

To accept the Treasurer’s Report for audit.

 4.   Correspondence:

a)    Letter from Trustees – Rochelle Park – discussed during Public Portion.

b)    E-mail to Christopher Lee – Roseland Obligation of Membership II – to be discussed under new business.

c)     Letter to Bergen County Executive – 2017 Grant Request – Marie Coughlin revised the draft of the letter presented at the last meeting and sent it to the County Executive.  Her goal is to return to our previous grant levels and be able to use the grant for eBCCLS, net reimbursement, technology, training and programming which were identified as priorities by the member libraries.

d)    E-mail from Daragh O’Connor – World Language Task Force – Boosting Essential Services:  Serving the World was an excellent program and very well received by the member libraries.

e)    E-mail from Catherine Dodwell – Book Club Bonanza – this was another excellent program and very well received by the member libraries. 

 5.  President’s Report

Len LoPinto’s attached report was previously distributed to the Board Members.  Len thanked the committees and the board members for their hard work.  He is proud of the committees and was amazed that 66 of the 77 libraries used Beanstack and that over 1,200 children participated in the summer reading program in Maplewood.  After his board term as President concludes, he plans to be an active participant to help everyone work together and keep BCCLS strong.  There were no questions from the membership about his report.  Daragh O’Connor thanked Len for his 3 years of service, said he was a true professional and did great work for BCCLS. 

6.  Executive Director’s Report:

Marie Coughlin’s attached report was previously distributed to the Board Members. 

  • She thanked the board for being great advocates and commented how much was accomplished in 2016. 
  • She also thanked Len LoPinto and Dave Franz for their hard work as President and Vice President. 
  • She thanked the new board as they are already active participants and looks forward to working with them in 2017. 
  • She was invited to see the renovation at the Belleville Library and will meet with the director who is retiring. 
  • She will circulate the upcoming 2017 schedule for Executive Board meetings shortly.
  • North Bergen wants to allow Guttenberg full access to BCCLS’ services and will have a schedule showing their progression  (increasing their payments by 15% each year) to paying the required 1/3 mil ($317,000) to allow them access to full BCCLS’ services.  A letter is expected from North Bergen with full details soon.
  • The contract for Axis 360 has not been signed yet as there are some questions about transferring materials; with their current program, libraries would not get credit for their circulated materials after they have been transferred.  We need to confirm that Axis 360 will be able to provide exactly what we need or we will keep looking to see what other vendors offer that meets our needs.
  • Len mentioned that there is still a lot to be done with cataloging.  Marie noted that we expect to catalog about 60,000 items in 2016 rather than the previous projection of 70,000 items.   

There were no questions from the membership about her report.

 7.  Committee Reports

Policies & Procedures – Proposal

Jen Breuer, chair, recommended 4 changes to Polaris: 

a)    Replacement costs

b)    Marking an item’s value

c)     Cataloging submissions criteria for submission

d)    Mislinked items

It was MOVED BY:  Kelly Fitzgerald             Seconded by:  Tom Madru to accept the policy recommendation.  A discussion followed.  Gina Webb-Metz asked how the figure of $50 was established for the museum passes and Jen Breuer explained that $50 is the amount of the deposit charged by libraries.  There was no other discussion.  A motion was made to send this proposal to System Council in March.  Motion carried. 

Other committees provided reports, program evaluations and year in review. 

8.  Old Business

a)    Trustee Representation – 2017

Montvale and Elmwood Park were chosen to have one of their trustees participate on the BCCLS Executive Board in 2017.  Both libraries recently informed us that they were unable to send a representative in 2017, but Montvale asked to be kept in mind for 2018.  As a result, 2 new libraries were drawn at the Executive Board meeting.  Dumont and New Milford were selected with Livingston and Teaneck chosen as alternates.

b)    Executive Director – Annual Evaluation

Dave Franz made a motion to move to closed session to discuss the Executive Director’s annual evaluation and contract.  It was seconded by Kelly Fitzgerald.  Motion passed. 

Len LoPinto noted that Marie Coughlin’s evaluation was discussed at the last meeting and he will meet with her in a week or so for the signing.

c)     Executive Director – Contract

Len LoPinto advised that there were a few slight wording changes, requested by the Executive Director, made to the contract and they were discussed at the last meeting.  Marie Coughlin verbally agreed to accept the new contract.  It was MOVED BY:  Tom Madru     Seconded by:  Daragh O’Connor to formally accept her signature.  There was no further discussion.  Motion passed.  Len thanked her for doing such a great job and said he really appreciates everything she has done for BCCLS. 

Dave Franz made a motion to return to open session and it was seconded by David Hinkley.  Motion carried. 

d)    Executive Director – Contract

Contract for Executive Director for 2017 approved.

9.  New Business: 

a)    Roseland – Obligation of Membership II – Len LoPinto sent an e-mail to the Director indicating that Roseland was non-compliant with attendance at System Council meetings by attending only 1 of 5 meetings this year.  The Director can send a representative if unable to attend.  Roseland complied in 2015, but not in 2012, 2013 and 2014; no action was taken in those years.  He asked for input on how to proceed.  It was suggested that he call the Director and follow-up with a letter putting them on notice for 2016 and what is expected in 2017, as well as indicating what they missed in voting (e.g. budget, new digital platform).  He will also send an e-mail to the Executive Board and the new board can decide how to proceed.   

b)    BCCLS Committees – Proposal – There are a lot of committees, but they do important work.  Starting in 2018, we will establish the committees and approve the charges earlier so they can start working in January.  It was too late to implement this timing for 2017.  Kurt Hadeler reviewed the proposed committees and reassignments and advised that the call for participants will go out within the week.   

It was MOVED BY:  Gina Webb-Metz                       Seconded by:  Daragh O’Connor

to accept the plan for BCCLS Committees.  Motion carried.  

A discussion followed and Tom Madru asked how trustees can continue to participate once their terms on the board are over.  Being a part of the Trustee Development Committee (formerly the Trustee Education Committee) provides the opportunity for trustees to stay involved.

c)     Rochelle Park – Status as Association Library – The Board of Trustees sent a letter stating that they are non-compliant with the BCCLS’ bylaws. 

It was MOVED BY:  Dave Franz              Seconded by:     Tom Madru to conduct a public hearing for both sides.  We need to confirm that the unsigned letter, not on letterhead, is from the Rochelle Park Board and verify the information stated.  

Len LoPinto advised that he will appoint a hearing committee to listen to both sides, make a determination and recommendation to the Executive Board.  The committee will be comprised of Gina Webb-Metz, Daragh O’Connor, Kurt Hadeler, Susan Meeske, Len LoPinto and Marie Coughlin.  After the hearing, there will be a special Executive Board meeting.  If Rochelle Park is found to be in non-compliance, they will have 30 days to submit an action plan and rectify the situation.  

It was MOVED BY:  Daragh O’Connor          Seconded by:  Gina Webb-Metz to accept the hearing committee. 

10.  Membership Hearing

Kurt Hadeler advised that Mahwah has started a “Borrow by Mail” program.  It had a slow start, but it is nice to offer a new and different service to its patrons.  The Mahwah Library subsidizes the $1 charge and all packages are tracked. 

Jen Breuer talked about the success of their pop-up library which provided 24-hour service and was very well received at the Glen Ridge train station.  She hopes to implement pick-up lockers soon.  

Len LoPinto mentioned that the tentative opening for the Paramus Library is now late January/early February.  He thanked Dave Hinkley for being on the Executive Board and wished him good luck on his retirement or next career.  He also stressed that he wants the issues with Rochelle Park to work out with the best outcome for all so we can move ahead. 

Tom Madru thanked everyone for the opportunity to be on the Executive Board.  He shared that he learned a lot, including that BCCLS exists.  It is a fantastic organization and he likes that it is moving forward in a technological way and offered his assistance in the future.  Marie Coughlin thanked him for his service as an Executive Board member as well as his service in Park Ridge.  

11.  Next Meeting:             Special Executive Board – Rochelle Park Matter – TBD

                                           Executive Board – 1/11/17 at 9:30 am – TBD

12.  Adjournment:  

It was MOVED by:  David Hinkley                       Seconded by:  Tom Madru

To adjourn at 11:17 am

Unanimously approved.

dms:  11/21/16