Executive Board Minutes: 08-24-16

Executive Board Minutes: 08-24-16

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Minutes of


Executive Board

Held at Maywood Public Library

August 24, 2016

PRESIDING:                 Len LoPinto                              Paramus

PRESENT:                    Marie Coughlin                          BCCLS

                                      Daragh O’Connor                      River Edge

                                      David Hinkley                            Montclair

                                      Kelly Fitzgerald                         Weehawken

                                      Edna Ortega                             Demarest

                                      Tom Madru                               Park Ridge

                                      Gina Webb-Metz                       Tenafly

ALSO PRESENT:        Darlene Swistock, Recorder of Minutes

GUESTS:                     Radwa Ali                                Bogota

                                     Stephanie Bellucci                  Cliffside Park

                                     Jennifer Breuer                       Glen Ridge

                                     Katharine Glynn                      Englewood, Board President

                                     Riti Grover                               Ramsey

                                     Kurt Hadeler                            Mahwah

                                     Judah Hamer                           Rutherford

                                     Caitlin Hull                               Maywood

                                     Samantha McCoy                    West Caldwell

                                     Gerry McMahon                       Franklin Lakes

                                     Susan Meeske                         Old Tappan

                                     Lori-Ann Quinn                         Waldwick

                                     Laura Rifkin                              Washington Township

                                     Mary Witherell                           Englewood

  1. Minutes of the Meeting on June 22, 2016:

                           It was MOVED BY:  David Hinkley                      Seconded by:  Kelly Fitzgerald

                           To approve the minutes.  Motion carried

      2.  Public Portion

                           No public present.

      3.  Treasurer’s Report

                          Gina Webb-Metz presented the June and July 2016 P & L Reports.

                          July 2016

                          Of the 2016 Budget of $3,417,500

                          $3,277,637 has been received as of July 31, 2016

                          Leaving a balance of                   – $139,863

                         Total expenses                            $2,154,946

                          Leaving a balance of                – $1,262,554

                         Checking Account Balance               $84,611

                         NJ Cash Management                 $1,425,530

                         Scholarship                                       $23,625

                         It was MOVED BY:  Kelly Fitzgerald                   Seconded by:  Tom Madru

                        To accept the Treasurer’s Report for audit.

 4. Correspondence:

                  a)    County – BCCLS submitted a letter to the County Executive requesting a donation of a van to replace the 2000 Ford 

                         Econoline van.  The county previously donated a 2007 van in 2009.

                 b)     Beattie Padavano, LLC – BCCLS requested an opinion regarding the use of credit/debit card payments.  Discussed under

                         Committee Reports.

                c)      Beattie Padavano, LLC – BCCLS requested an opinion regarding the transition of Google e-mail accounts for former employees.

                        Marie is awaiting the official memo.

                 d)    Allendale Board of Trustees – BCCLS sent a letter to the Board President requesting an update on their search for an MLS-

                        certified director; they have been without one since March 28 and, per BCCLS’ bylaws,  have 6 months to comply.  To date no

                        response has been received.  BCCLS will follow the steps in the bylaws if Allendale becomes non-compliant.

                e)    Selected Shorts – received 2 e-mails about the great program.

                 f)    Englewood Public Library – Mary Witherell spoke about Englewood Cliffs entering into an agreement with Fort Lee while they

                       were still in negotiation with Englewood.  The Bylaws Committee is reviewing the situation.  

        5.     President’s Report:

Len LoPinto’s attached report was previously distributed to the Board Members.  Len met with Margaret O’Keefe and Matthew Mitchel about the cataloging situation. BCCLS is expected to catalog over 75,000 items; about half of them have circulated only once.  We need to look into this further.

      6.Executive Director’s Report:

Marie Coughlin’s attached report was previously distributed to the Board Members.  She recommended a new meeting schedule, adding 1 additional meeting per year; under the current schedule, there are no System Council meetings November-February.

                Small Group meetings – Small group meetings are scheduled for September to discuss the 2017 budget.

     7.        Committee Reports

Bylaws – see Section 4.  Correspondence

Collection Development & Reference Committee – Melissa Singlevitch and Julia Nock recommended that the format “Preloaded Tablet” be added to list of formats in the catalog.  This would refer to tablets preloaded by the vendor only.

It was MOVED by:  David Hinkley           Seconded by:  Kelly Fitzgerald

To accept the proposed new format.

Elections Committee – Lori-Ann Quinn advised that voting for the new Executive Board will take place on-line via Election Buddy from 9/22-9/27.  The top vote getters will assume the 3-year terms and the lowest vote getter will have the 1-year term.  One of the 7 new board members will be elected President.  There will be a short break during the System Council meeting on September 22 to allow for electronic voting using iPads, iPhones and Chromebooks.  Lori will compile biographies for the candidates to share by September 7. 

eBCCLS Task Force – Samantha McCoy explained that Marie and the committee are looking for one platform for e-books and audio books.  The committee met with vendors twice; first for their general presentation and then a second presentation with our criteria built into their proposal.  The committee liked B&T’s Axis 360 for numerous reasons.  Len thanked Marie and the task force for their hard work.  Marie will send a letter to Overdrive to cancel our agreement and the new agreement with Axis 360 should be in effect in January. 

It was MOVED BY:  Daragh O’Connor                Seconded by: Edna Ortega

To approve the contract for Axis 360.

Unanimously approved by voice vote.  Motion carried.

Policies & Procedures – Jen Breuer and Gerry McMahonspoke about adding Money Orders as an option to pay for lost items.  The payee should be the owning library. 

It was MOVED BY:  Daragh O’Connor                Seconded by:   Kelly Fitzgerald

To approve the recommendation for submission to System Council.

Technology and Policies & Procedures Committees

Radwa Ali explained that the committee researched options to accept debit and credit cards to pay fines.  They recommend Comprise because of a better compliance rate than Envisonware.  They will focus on Smart Pay on-line payments first:  patrons log in to the Comprise website to see and pay fines.  This will be linked to Polaris so fines are cleared immediately.  Fines will go into 1 account, with BCCLS as the fiscal agent, and will be distributed quarterly accordingly to the reports. 

There are 2 open items:  (1) Should a convenience fee be charged to recover the processing fee that we will be charged?  There are 2 options:  2.75% + 18 cents or a flat transaction fee of 43 cents.  Marie noted that Radwa suggested that it would be easier to remove the convenience fee at a later date if it is not needed, rather than to institute it afterward.  (2) What should be our minimum charge to pay a fine via credit card?  It cannot be more than $10 per our attorney.  Patron refunds will not be processed on-line due to logistical challenges.  Pricing has not yet been negotiated as we are not ready to sign a contract. 

Radwa will send information and a survey and this will be discussed further at the Small Group Meetings in September.  Judah requested an auditor’s letter that could be shared with boards listing the talking points (i.e. how the income will be handled).  Len suggested asking the Spire Group for the letter.  Len also reminded everyone that the board is not voting today; this is for informational purposes only and will be included in the budget and System Council will vote next year. 

     8.        Old Business

a)    2015 BCCLS Audit & Financial Report

This report was distributed to the Board Members at the prior meeting on June 22, 2016.  

It was MOVED BY:  Gina Webb-Metz           Seconded by: Tom Madru

To accept the 2015 BCCLS Audit & Financial Report for submission to System Council.

Unanimously approved by voice vote.  Motion carried.

b)    Job Descriptions

Marie updated the job descriptions with recent title changes and salary adjustment recommendations based on her research.  Once approved, they will be posted so everyone has access to them and is aware of who handles which responsibilities.

It was MOVED BY:  Tom Madru                   Seconded by:  Kelly Fitzgerald

To accept the Job Descriptions as presented.

Unanimously approved by voice vote.  Motion carried.

     9.         New Business: 

a)    2017 BCCLS Budget

Marie reviewed the budget and pointed out the $40,000 increase to e-content and web products and the savings of $235,000 in personnel costs due to positions being open for 13 months.  Marie will have estimated billing numbers for each library at the Small Group Meetings next month.

It was MOVED BY:  Gina Webb-Metz          Seconded by:   Edna Ortega

To accept the recommendation for submission to System Council in September and then be voted at System Council in October.

Unanimously approved by voice vote.  Motion carried.

b)   Executive Director – Annual Evaluation

Len will ask each member of the Executive Board to complete the performance evaluation form for the Executive Director by October 1.  The Evaluation Committee (Len, Dave Franz and Gina Webb-Metz) will analyze the responses.

     10.        Membership Hearing

a)        Paramus Renovation – Daragh noted that the Paramus staff and patrons have been appreciative and understanding of the situation during the renovation.

 b)        Rutherford Re-opening – Judah was pleased to announce that Rutherford, after a 9-month renovation, will host a concert for donors on September 17 prior to the ribbon cutting on September 19. 

 c)         Progressive Discipline Workshop – Laura advised that this workshop for directors will take place on Friday, September 30 at the Hasbrouck Heights Library.  There are 2 sessions:  9:00 am – 12:00 pm or 1:30 pm – 4:30 pm.

 d)        Paramus Library Day – in honor of Paramus Library Day, Len reminded everyone that Paramus Mini Golf is offering a round of mini golf at half price to customers who present their library cards.  

 e)        Glen Rock Library – Marie let everyone know that Glen Rock is still closed due to the fire.  They are taking things day-by-day and will re-open as soon as staff can re-enter the building.

      11.      Next Meetings:               System Council  –  9/22 @ 9:30 am  – Millburn

System Council  – 10/20 @ 9:30 am – Upper Saddle River

Executive Board – 10/20 – after SC  – Upper Saddle River

      12.      Adjournment:  

It was MOVED by:  David Hinkley                       Seconded by:  Kelly Fitzgerald

To adjourn at 11:45 am

Unanimously approved

dms:  9/2/16