Executive Board Minutes: 06-22-16

Executive Board Minutes: 06-22-16

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Executive Board

Held at BCCLS Office

June 22, 2016

PRESIDING:             Len LoPinto                           Paramus

PRESENT:               Marie Coughlin                       BCCLS

Dave Franz                            Hillsdale

Daragh O’Connor                  River Edge

David Hinkley                        Montclair

Mary Orlando                        Lyndhurst

Kelly Fitzgerald                     Weehawken

Edna Ortega                         Demarest

David Marks                         Haworth

Tom Madru                           Park Ridge

Gina Webb-Metz                  Tenafly

ALSO PRESENT:    Karen Horton, Recorder of Minutes

GUESTS:                   Stephanie Bellucci              Cliffside Park

Jennifer Breuer                    Glen Ridge

 1.   Minutes of the Meeting on April 27, 2016:

It was MOVED BY:  David Marks    Seconded by:  Tom Madru

To approve the minutes.  Motion carried

 2.     Public Portion:  No public present.

 3.    Treasurer’s Report:  Gina Webb-Metz presented the May 2016 P & L Reports.

May 2016

Of the 2016 Budget of $3,417,500

$3,271,729 has been received as of May 31, 2016

Leaving a balance of                          – $145,771

Total expenses                                   $1,642,208

Leaving a balance of                        – $1,775,291

Checking Account Balance                   $369,430

NJ Cash Management                       $1,550,530

Scholarship                                             $23,475

It was MOVED BY:  Daragh O’Connor      Seconded by:  Kelly Fitzgerald

To accept the Treasurer’s Report for audit.

Unanimously approved by voice vote.  Motion carried.

David Franz suggested that there be a mechanism to keep the checking account under $250,000 as directed by the auditor.  Marie indicated that we have four accounts, but since we are unprotected for anything over the total of $250,000 we might have to use different banks.

It was decided that if there is a new account opened at a different bank, it will be formally approved at the next Executive meeting.

4.    Correspondence:  

BCCLS submitted a letter of recommendation for Bergen Community College in support of their In Translation project to develop an oral history project with English language learners and teachers in the community.  

A letter was submitted to the County requesting a grant of $200,000, $150,000 of which is to be allocated for net reimbursements.  The remaining $50,000 would be used for eBCCLS and the replacement of one of the vans.  County Executive Tedesco spoke informally to Len LoPinto and informed him that $150,000 is probably what they would be able to do for us this year.  He did request more details about the vehicles, so hopefully we get $150,000 plus a van.  

Two inquiries were received from Libraries outside of BCCLS about potentially joining BCCLS.  One was from Jersey City and the other from Ringwood. 

5.     President’s Report:  Len LoPinto’s attached report was previously distributed to the Board Members.  He added that our By-Laws need to be looked into to make sure they are strong with regards to contracting.  There are constant changes in State shared services, acts, laws and updates.  The By-Laws Committee will be looking into it.  We now have an Election Committee.  They will soon be calling for nominations and may also recruit if necessary.  Hopefully we will have the nominations by the August meeting.   He emphasized that the Strategic Plan will take time.

 6.    Executive Director’s Report: Marie Coughlin’s attached report was previously distributed to the Board Members.  She gave an update on the following:

Office Hiring – The interviews for the Senior Cataloguing Librarian position were conducted and Marie has narrowed it down to two candidates.  She anticipates filling the position by the end of July at the latest.

Supervisor Training Program – BCCLS received very good reviews for this series.  There will be a few changes to the curriculum for the upcoming session.  There is money in the budget for this program.

Budget – Due to Personnel transitions, Marie anticipates a possible savings of $200,000 by the end of the year.  There will also be savings in other lines of the 2016 budget.  There are however some large expenses that need to be taken care of.  In 2017, we will need to update the servers.  There is a contingency fund for this, but we need to keep building that fund for future expenses.  We need to plan for possibly moving the BCCLS office in 2019 when the lease expires.  Staffing and services for next year might also change.  The Budget Committee will meet with Marie in August and the 2017 budget will be discussed at the August meeting.  Small group meetings to discuss the budget will be scheduled in early September.  

Small Group meetings – Small group meetings are set up for July to discuss eBCCLS. 

 7.    Committee Reports:  None

 8.    Old Business:  David Marks asked that his name be added to the minutes from the last meeting. 

 9.    New Business: 

a)    2015 BCCLS Audit and Financial Report – Copies of the financial report and the BCCLS audit were distributed.  The only change from the previous report is the reduction of the contingency reserves from $411,000 to $381,000.   This is due mainly to the overlap of Marie and Robert White’s salaries.   After our 2014 audit by Dorfman Abrams Music, Spire Group was brought in to assess some of our financial practices.  They made some recommendations for changes which we followed, but even though this will not be reflected until we do the 2016 audit, Marie is still not entirely happy with the 2015 audit.   She again consulted with the Spire Group and has gotten a different opinion on some of the recommended practices made by Dorfman Abrams Music.  She is now considering the various options.  Len would like the Budget Committee to work with Marie to determine what should be done.

The audit will be accepted at the next meeting. 

b)    Englewood Cliffs had an arrangement for 47 years with Englewood to contract for Library Services.  This was limited services as the Englewood Cliffs patrons were not receiving BCCLS services.  Although their 1/3 of a mill would be over $1,000,000, they were paying Englewood approximately $225,000 for these services.  Englewood Cliffs decided to shop around to find a better deal and they are now in negotiations with the Fort Lee Library to pay approximately $150,000.  Marie made it very clear that BCCLS has no say in what Libraries do in terms of contracting with other municipalities.  Those patrons however do not get any BCCLS services.  The BCCLS staff will not be involved with making the migration of these patrons from Englewood to Fort Lee. 

c)    We need a resolution in support of the Johnson Legislation Bill 81427 and the Library Construction Bill that is coming before the Assembly.    Motion made by David Franz, seconded by Daragh O’Connor.  Motion carried.

10. Membership Hearing:  None

11. Next Meetings:            Executive Board August 24th Location TBD

                                      System Council Meeting September 22nd at Millburn.

12. Adjournment:

It was moved by:  Tom Madru    Seconded by:  David Franz

To adjourn at 10:45 am

Unanimously approved