01-27-16 Minutes

01-27-16 Minutes

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Executive Board January 27, 2016

PRESIDING:                Len LoPinto                                            Paramus

PRESENT:                   Edna Ortega                                           Demarest

                                    David Marks                                          Haworth

                                    Dave Franz                                            Hillsdale

                                    David Hinkley                                         Montclair

                                    Daragh O’Connor                                     River Edge

                                    Gina Webb-Metz                                    Tenafly

                                    Kelly Fitzgerald                                      Weehawken

                                    Marie Coughlin                                      BCCLS

                                    Pat Loughnane                                      BCCLS

GUEST:                        Radwa Ali, Bogota  

  1. Minutes of Previous Meeting:  MOTION:  There being no additions or corrections to the minutes, they will stand as written.  Motion carried.
  2. Public Portion: Len LoPinto welcomed Bogota Library Director Radwa Ali.

  3. Election of 2016 Vice-President & Treasurer:  It was noted that Marie Coughlin is the Secretary of the Organization.  Following past practice, Len LoPinto made the following recommendations:

    Nominated Dave Franz for the office of Vice-President.   Daragh O’Connor seconded.  There being no other nominations, the Secretary casts one vote for the unanimous election of Dave Franz as 2016 Vice President.

    Nominated Gina Webb-Metz for the office of Treasurer.   Edna Ortega seconded.  There being no other nominations, the Secretary casts one vote for the unanimous election of Gina Webb-Metz as 2016 Treasurer.

    It was noted that the Executive Board committee assignments include Finance with Dave Franz, Gina Webb- Metz, and David Hinkley and Personnel consists of David Marks, Edna Ortega, and Kelly Fitzgerald.  Personnel will review the newly revised job descriptions with Vice-President Dave Franz.

  4. Treasurer’s Report: Gina Webb-Metz presented the November and December 2015 P&L Reports. No questions.

    Of the 2015 Budget of             3,278,405                          3,358,712              has been received
    leaving a balance of                     80,307                         Total expenses                 3,478,862 
    leaving a balance of                   -200,457                          NJ Cash Management        750,529  
    Checking Account                      267,902                          Scholarship                        32,545

  5. Correspondence: 

  6. President’s Report: Len LoPinto’s attached report was distributed to Board members earlier.  He mentioned several of the challenges confronting the organization in 2016: Executive Board restructuring; strategic planning; Leap client billing; revised formula for BCCLS charges; and SkyRiver implementation.  He reported that committee assignments and charges have been distributed and that committee chairs were reminded to post agendas, minutes and proposals to the Knowledge Base site and provide short, bulleted, written reports for System Council.

  7. Executive Director’s Report: Marie Coughlin’s attached report was distributed to Board members earlier.  She reported on the positive feedback from the SkyRiver beta training and mentioned that training for the full membership will be announced soon.  In response to a question, she noted that a predicted hit rate of 80%, and possibly more, is expected  when SkyRiver implementation is completed.   It was reported that newly revised job descriptions will be reviewed by the Executive Board Personnel committee in advance of submission at the February Board meeting.   She noted that she and bookkeeper Bernadette Hard are working with QuickBooks Online at the same time Bernadette is duplicating the entries into the desktop software.  It is expected that the online version will generate cleaner reports for the membership.   

    Brief discussion took place about the long-term financial implications for the organization as to maintenance costs associated with the Polaris desktop client and Leap web-based software.  Ms. Coughlin responded to a query from Daragh O’Connor with regard to patron confidentiality in a web-based environment.  

    Ms. Coughlin reported that the deadline for submission of the Strategic Planning Survey is January 27th.  Board members will contact the library directors who have not as yet completed the questionnaire as every submission contributes to the health and well-being of the organization.

    At this point, Board members reviewed and approved Marie Coughlin’s Goals & Objectives for 2016.  Dave Franz pointed out that the Executive Director evaluation process commences with the Goals & Objectives.

    Further discussion took place concerning libraries buying and building their own digital collections with additional copies from eContent providers such as Overdrive, applying the P&P policy on sharing circulating items after six-months to digital materials, the future role of eContent collection development, and the proposal from 3M Cloud Library and Baker & Taylor’s Axis 360 offering free migration from Overdrive to their platforms. 

  8. Committee Reports: 

    Advocacy Services – Written evaluation submitted for ‘Library Law and Beyond” on 11/19/2015 attended by  50 people.  

    Youth Services – Written evaluations submitted for the Unconference held on 11/13/2015 for 53 people and ‘BCCLS Mock Awards’ on 1/6/2016 for 45 people.

    Policies & Procedures – Len LoPinto pointed out that P&P recommendations are approved by the Executive  Board for addition to the manual without being referred to the System Council.  Policy changes are sent to the membership for approval.  Committee submitted the attached policy changes for approval.

    MOTION:  Dave Franz moved that the recommended policy on Adding New Formats to the Catalog be sent to the membership for approval.  Gina Webb-Metz seconded.  Motion carried.  

    MOTION:  Dave Franz moved that the recommended policy on Adding New Material Types to the ILS be sent to the membership for approval.  Kelly Fitzgerald seconded.  Motion carried.

    MOTION:  Gina Webb-Metz moved that the recommended policy on Expiration of Privileges be sent to the membership for approval.  Edna Ortega seconded.  Motion carried.

    MOTION:  Dave Franz moved that the recommended policy on Restricted Card Requirements be sent to the membership for approval.  Kelly Fitzgerald seconded.  Brief discussion took place about how the cards will be utilized.  Motion carried.   

    At this point in the meeting, Executive Board members concurred with the suggestion that BCCLS staff members who are not residents of a BCCLS’ library community be given a full-service library card.   

  9. Old Business: None

  10. New Business: None

  11. Membership Hearing: Dave Franz remarked that BCCLS will require confirmation that the Rochelle Park Library is in compliance with BCCLS Bylaws for calendar year 2015. 

  12. Date of Next Meetings: Wednesday, February 24, 2016 @ BCCLS office – 9:30 a.m. 
  13. Adjournment: 10:35 am.