12-09-15 Minutes

12-09-15 Minutes

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Joint 2015/2016 Executive Board December 9, 2015

Paramus Library

PRESIDING:                Len LoPint o                                           Paramus

PRESENT:                   Adele Puccio                                         Bloomfield

                                   Edna Ortega                                           Demarest

                                   Christine Hartigan                                    East Rutherford

                                    Mimi Hui                                                Hasbrouck Heights

                                    David Marks                                          Haworth

                                    Dave Franz                                            Hillsdale

                                    Chris Doto                                              Park Ridge

                                    Tom Madru                                             Park Ridge

                                    Daragh O’Connor                                     River Edge

                                    Christopher Lee                                       Roseland

                                    Gina Webb-Metz                                    Tenafly

                                    Carol Shaw                                             Wallington

                                    Laura Rifkin                                            Washington Township

                                    Kelly Fitzgerald                                      Weehawken

                                    Marie Coughlin                                      BCCLS

                                    Pat Loughnane                                      BCCLS

GUEST:                        Stephanie Bellucci, Cliffside Park; Kristin Nelson, Fairview

Mr. LoPinto asked 2015 and 2016 Board members to introduce themselves. 

  1. Minutes of Previous Meeting:  MOTION:  There being no additions or corrections to the minutes, they will stand as written.
  2. Public Portion: None

  3. Treasurer’s Report: Reports will be rendered in January.

  4. Correspondence: None.

  5. President’s Report: Len LoPinto reminded incoming Board members to review the current Bylaws and to read the 2015 Executive Board Minutes to familiarize themselves with the Board’s role and responsibilities.  He named the Executive Board committee assignments: Personnel will consist of David Marks, Edna Ortega, and Kelly Fitzgerald – they will meet as needed to address personnel issues;   Finance will consist of Dave Franz; Gina Webb-Metz, and David Hinkley – they will work with the Executive Director on financial management and developing the budget.  He reminded Board members that the Executive Director manages the BCCLS staff and that any staff issues should be referred directly to Marie Coughlin.  In response to a question about the issues that should be given priority next year, several directors mentioned Leap vs. Polaris Client billing, organizational governance, and whether or not the organization can support and sustain an increase in the number of libraries joining BCCLS. Marie Coughlin advised that the Reciprocity & Strategic Planning task forces will address many of these issues along with establishing a new, equitable billing formula in 2017.

  6. Executive Director’s Report: Ms. Coughlin’s attached monthly report and 2016 Goals & Objectives were distributed to Board members earlier.  She touched on the following:

    • Strategic Plan Timeline – all library directors will receive a survey asking them to prioritize various long-term core initiatives and solicit feedback about what BCCLS should be and where we need to be during the next five years. Considerable work will be done in 2016 on the plan and the survey is the first step in ensuring that all voices are heard during this process. Task force members will assess the feedback and the initial introduction of the plan will take place at the March System Council meeting followed by small group meetings in April.

      Additional commentary took place about revising the Bylaws as it pertains to the composition of the Executive Board, utilizing the strategic planning process as a road map by looking at system uniformity such as fines and loan periods, training for library staff, friends & trustees, and media outreach.

    • Rochelle Park – Dave Franz pointed out that BCCLS will need confirmation that the Rochelle Park Library is in compliance with BCCLS Bylaws for calendar year 2015.

    • Lynda Pro – Laurie Meeske has developed a monthly timeline for course registration as well as vetting guidelines.

    • Catalog & Collection Development Librarian Ruth Greenberg retires from BCCLS after 13 years of hard work in the office – her last day in the office is December 31, 2015. Her tasks will be delegated to other office staff while we recruit a new staff member.  Brief discussion took place about how the position may evolve as a result of the SkyRiver implementation.

    • Job Descriptions that require significant changes and also warrant a different title will be submitted at the January meeting for Board approval.

    • BCCLS-wide conference in the fall with committees is in the preliminary stages.  More info as it becomes available.

  7. Committee Reports: Len LoPinto read off the names of the Strategic Planning Task Force members: Chair Dave Franz, Jennifer Breuer, Amy Babcock-Landry, Terrie McColl, Gina Webb-Metz, Samantha McCoy, Arlene Sahraie, Marie Coughlin.  He noted that the task force will synthesize the survey results and encouraged the membership to send suggestions or offer opinions to task force members at any time.  He listed the Committee Chairs and noted that the 2016 Assignments and Charges will be distributed soon.

  8. Old Business: 

    1. 2015 Executive Director Evaluation

      A copy of Marie Coughlin’s 2015 Evaluation was distributed to Board members.  Len LoPinto reminded Board members that the evaluation is confidential.  He mentioned the Executive Director Evaluation process this year and Dave Franz laid out the timeline for the process that commences with the Executive Director’s Goals & Objectives and concludes with the approval of the synthesis of the individual evaluations at the November Board meeting.  Following Dave Franz’s comments about restructuring the composition of the Executive Board, Carol Shaw spoke about her positive experience on this year’s Board.

      Brief discussion ensued about the role and duties of the staff catalogers and how the backend workflow might evolve once the transition to the SkyRiver online software is fully implemented.   Marie Coughlin mentioned that staff are creating installation procedures and guidelines for searching and importing records to BCCLS.  In response to a question from Mimi Hui, she reported that Arlene Sahraie will take over the Book of the Day and BCCLSVisor tasks when Ruth Greenberg retires and that Luca Manna and Margaret O’Keefe will pick up the additional cataloging for a time.

  9. New Business:

    1. 2016 Executive Director Contract. MOTION: Mimi Hui moved to accept the contract as written.  Chris Hartigan seconded. On a voice vote, Dave Franz, Chris Doto, Mimi Hui, Carol Shaw, Adele Puccio, Laura Rifkin, and Chris Hartigan voted Aye; Motion carried.

      Len LoPinto suggested, and Board members concurred, that Ruth Greenberg be presented with a BCCLS lifetime membership library card.  MOTION:  Mimi Hui so moved; Chris Hartigan seconded.  Motion  carried.

  10. Membership Hearing: Daragh O’Connor extended kudos to Marie Coughlin and Eric Lozauskas for visiting with River Edge staffers on November 4th.  Mimi Hui mentioned the reduction in Thursday hours at the Hasbrouck Heights Library commencing January 1st.

  11. Date of Next Meetings: January 27, 2016 @ the BCCLS Office 9:30 a.m.
  12. Adjournment: 10:35 am.