11-12-15 Minutes

11-12-15 Minutes

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Joint 2015/2016 Executive Board November 12, 2015

Hasbrouck Heights Library

PRESIDING:                Len LoPint o                                           Paramus

PRESENT:                   Adele Puccio                                         Bloomfield

                                   Edna Ortega                                           Demarest

                                   Christine Hartigan                                    East Rutherford

                                    Mimi Hui                                                Hasbrouck Heights

                                    David Marks                                          Haworth

                                    Dave Franz                                            Hillsdale

                                    Marilyn DeMolli                                      Lodi

                                    Kurt Hadeler                                          Mahwah

                                    David Hinkley                                        Montclair

                                    Gina Webb-Metz                                    Tenafly

                                    Chris Doto                                             Park Ridge

                                    Tom Madru                                            Park Ridge

                                    Kelly Fitzgerald                                      Weehawken

                                    Marie Coughlin                                      BCCLS

                                    Pat Loughnane                                      BCCLS

GUEST:                        Stephanie Bellucci, Cliffside Park

Mr. LoPinto asked 2015 and 2016 Board members to introduce themselves.  He asked incoming Board members to familiarize themselves with the Bylaws and to read the 2015 minutes to familiarize themselves with the Executive Board’s role and responsibilities.  He welcomed Stephanie Bellucci to the meeting. 

  1. Minutes of Previous Meeting:  MOTION:  There being no additions or corrections to the minutes, they will stand as written.
  2. Public Portion: None

  3. Treasurer’s Report: Mimi Hui presented the October P&L report.      

    Of the 2015 Budget of   3,278,4053,339,151                   has been received
    leaving a balance of                 60,746Total expenses                 3,073,816 
    leaving a balance of                  -204,589  NJ Cash Management        640,530 
    Checking Account                      65,395Scholarship                         43,643

    Marie Coughlin responded to a question from David Hinkley about the Income over Budget line.  Dave Franz suggested that questions about the financial report be sent to the Executive Director and Treasurer in advance of the meeting. Chris Doto suggested that contact info – email & phone #’s – be provided to Board members.

  4. Correspondence: No correspondence but Mr. LoPinto mentioned the types of correspondence that are both received in, and sent out from, the BCCLS office.

  5. President’s Report: Mr. LoPinto’s attached November report was distributed to Board members earlier. It was noted that he will again appoint two Executive Board committees: Finance and Personnel.  Finance will work with the Executive Director on the audit, financial management, and developing the budget.  Personnel could be called on to review the BCCLS Personnel Manual and Job Descriptions.  He mentioned the Executive Director Evaluation process and Dave Franz laid out the timeline for the process that commences with the Executive Director’s Goals & Objectives and concludes with the approval of the synthesis of the individual evaluations at the November Board meeting.  Len LoPinto pointed out that Marie Coughlin will present her 2016 Goals & Objectives at the Joint 2015/2016 Executive Board meeting on December 9th.   He spoke about the earlier than usual committee signups, appointing committee chairs, the role committees will play in contributing to the strategic planning process and commented on the successful Friends of the Library & Supervisory Training Task Force initiatives.
  6. Executive Director’s Report: Ms. Coughlin’s attached monthly report and summary of BCCLS office highlights 11/2014-10/2015 were distributed to Board members earlier.  She touched on the following:

    • Office Job Descriptions – Ruth Greenberg announced her retirement at her job description meeting.  Her official retirement date is December 31, 2015. Meetings with the remaining staff members have been completed.  Job descriptions that require significant changes and also warrant a different title will be submitted at the January meeting for Board approval.
    • She and the cataloging staff will visit Somerset County Library on November 13th to see SkyRiver in action; Luca Manna will begin SkyRiver beta training in January with full membership training commencing in February.
    • Lynda Pro – Laurie Meeske is currently working on the administrative workflow – the first year is crucial.
    • Annual Report – a comprehensive report will be presented to Board members at the February meeting and to the membership in March.
    • Strategic Plan Timeline – survey will be distributed to all Library Directors asking them to prioritize various long-term initiatives and solicit feedback about what BCCLS should be and where we need to be during the next five years. Survey results should be completed in early January followed by task force meetings to assess the feedback.  Initial introduction of the plan will take place at the March System Council meeting followed by small group meetings in April.
    • Spire Group – Ms. Coughlin summarized the reasons for the meetings with the Spire Group and their final report to the Finance Committee.  She commented on the new financial reports and the implementation of new and/or revised financial practices for the BCCLS office.  In response to a question from David Marks about past recommendations from our auditor, it was noted that the journal entry recommendations will be instituted. BCCLS will purchase the online version of QuickBooks in December.

  7. Committee Reports: None

  8. Old Business: None

  9. New Business: None

  10. Membership Hearing: None

  11. Date of Next Meetings: December 9, 2015 at the Paramus Public Library@ 9:30 a.m.

  12. Closed Session: MOTION:  Adele Puccio moved to go into closed session to discuss the Executive Director’s Evaluation and Employment Contract.  Dave Franz seconded.  Motion carried.  MOTION:  Mimi Hui moved to resume open session. Chris Doto seconded.  Motion carried.

    MOTION: Dave Franz moved to formally accept the Executive Director’s Evaluation.  Marilyn DeMolli seconded.  On a voice vote, Adele Puccio, Chris Hartigan, Mimi Hui, Dave Franz, Marilyn DeMolli, and Chris Doto voted Aye; Kurt Hadeler Abstained; Motion carried.
    MOTION:  Marilyn DeMolli moved that the Executive Director Employment Contract be extended to a calendar year January thru December and that the Evaluation Committee meet with Marie Coughlin to discuss the contract terms.  Chris Doto seconded.  On a voice vote, Adele Puccio, Chris Hartigan, Mimi Hui, Dave Franz, Marilyn DeMolli, and Chris Doto voted Aye; Kurt Hadeler Abstained; Motion carried.
  13. Adjournment: 11:20 a.m.