06-24-15 Minutes

06-24-15 Minutes

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Executive Board June 24, 2015

PRESIDING:                Len LoPinto                                           Paramus

PRESENT:                  Adele Puccio                                         Bloomfield

                                    Mimi Hui                                                Hasbrouck Heights

                                    Dave Franz                                            Hillsdale

                                    Marilyn DeMolli                                      Lodi

                                    Kurt Hadeler                                          Mahwah

                                    Riti Grover                                             Norwood

                                    Chris Doto                                             Park Ridge

                                    Carol Shaw                                            Wallington

                                    Marie Coughlin                                      BCCLS

                                    Pat Loughnane                                      BCCLS

GUEST:                      Jennifer Breuer, Glen Ridge, Judah Hamer, Rutherford 

  1. Minutes of Previous Meeting:  There being no additions or corrections to the minutes, they will stand as written. Motion carried.
  2. Public Portion: 

  3. Treasurer’s Report: Mimi Hui rendered the April & May P&L Reports.

    Of the 2015 Budget of        $3,278,405                            $3,132,317         has been received
    leaving a balance of               -146,088                            Total expenses                      1,898,243
    leaving a balance of            -1,380,162                            Checking Account Balance       101,166
    NJ Cash Management         1,585,530                             Scholarship                                38,761

    Len LoPinto advised that a Contingency/Reserve line will be added to the financial reports. It was noted that the financial reports have been filed for audit.

  4. Correspondence: Letter dated April 14, 2015 from PALS Plus President Jody Treadway reaching out to BCCLS to gage interest in merging the two consortia. Following a brief discussion the following action took place.  MOTION: Chris Doto moved that Executive Director Marie Coughlin reply to Ms. Treadway stating that one of her main objectives is to develop a long-term plan that will strategize future expansion of BCCLS and we will not consider increasing the number of BCCLS’ libraries at this time until the strategic plan is approved by the membership. Marilyn DeMolli seconded. On a voice vote the Motion carried. 

  5. President’s Report: Len LoPinto’s report was distributed to Board members earlier. He pointed out that the bulleted items reflect the issues and items that are being addressed by both the Executive Board and the membership. He mentioned the implementation of the Leap Client software & training and the costs associated with Polaris operating shares. Dave Franz questioned the charge on the 2015 Rate Card for the Leap Client since implementation has not yet taken place.

  6. Executive Director’s Report: Marie Coughlin’s report was distributed earlier to Board members. She reported on the meeting with cataloging staff to formalize a plan to tackle the backlog and set realistic goals in getting it under control. It was noted that a lot of cataloging staff time was devoted to the implementation and training of collectionHQ and to eBCCLS. Brief discussion took place about evaluating collectionHQ library usage. While discussing a proposed meeting with the Bergen County Board of Chosen Freeholders, Len LoPinto mentioned that several Board members should also attend the session with Marie Coughlin to lobby for increased funding. He also suggested inviting Freeholders to any special library events. Marie Coughlin mentioned that she also plans to meet with stakeholders in Essex, Hudson, and Passaic counties.

    Proposal for Accounting Consultant – a detailed proposal to hire a qualified consultant from an accounting firm with consortia experience to provide a thorough review of our financial practices and to ensure a viable financial future for BCCLS was sent to Board members earlier. MOTION: Mimi Hui moved that the Executive Director be authorized to proceed with the search for an accounting firm. A lengthy discussion ensued with regard to the estimated cost of hiring the consultant from $100/hr to $400/hr, $4000 to $12000 for the first month and up to $36,000 for three months. Following additional discussion about the fiduciary responsibility of the Executive Board to the organization; the need to hire a qualified consultant to review financial reports, practices, and internal control; the role of the Finance Committee in reviewing the selected firm(s); convening a special meeting to select the consultant; and developing an RFP to include a statement of work and costs; Board members agreed that Marie Coughlin will secure at least three accounting firms by the end of July and meet with the Finance Committee in advance of the August Executive Board meeting to present the proposals. Mimi Hui rescinded the Motion.

  7. Committee Reports: 

    Advocacy Services – Written evaluation submitted for the NJLTA Road Show Workshop on May 13 for 40 people at Secaucus Library.

    Johnson Legislation – Len LoPinto reported that the legislation should come to a vote next year and explained that the law will allow libraries to seek from their local voters the right to set a minimum higher than 1/3rd mil. 

    C.A.L.M. – Adele Puccio reported that the committee will host three Community Circle breakfasts in the fall.

    eBCCLS – Committee will revisit the Hoopla cap at the July meeting after they analyze the April-June stats.

    Friends of the Library Task Force – Mimi Hui reported on the program held on May 19 for 60 people at the Paramus Library. She recommended that the task force become a full committee in 2016. MOTION: Mimi Hui moved that the Friends of the Library Task Force become a full committee in 2016. Dave Franz seconded. Motion carried.

     – Slate of candidates will be presented at the August Board Meeting.

    Personnel & Administration – Kurt Hadeler and Riti Grover reported that the committee has distributed the first ever BCCLS benefits survey and will also distribute a revised salary survey questionnaire in July. They updated Board members on their efforts to conduct a workshop on progressive discipline and noted that the Madison Group has quoted the committee a price of $6,000 for two half day sessions or $78 per attendee. Directors have been surveyed about their willingness to attend such a program. The survey results will dictate when the program is offered and if it will require that we make a formal proposal next year.

    Len LoPinto recommended that a line item be added to the 2016 budget for committee expenditures.

    Policies & Procedures – Jennifer Breuer, aided by Judah Hamer, presented the attached committee proposal “Enhancing the User Experience”. She related a number of issues that happen every day between circulation staff and patrons at our libraries. Discussion took place about working with member libraries to achieve consensus and develop more consistent loan periods, renewals, and fines. She pointed out that PALS Plus and M.A.I.N. consortiums have achieved uniformity in the three areas. The plan is to meet with committee chairs, conduct small group meetings, survey the membership, present hard data to the membership as a result of analyzing renewals and loans periods, educate and arm directors with the maximum amount of information to present to their Boards of Trustees, and putting the focus on making the customer service experience user friendly. Marie Coughlin remarked that the small group meetings that will be convened in early 2016 to discuss the strategic plan will also focus on the user experience. In response to a question from Len LoPinto, Carol Shaw stated that the commentary taking place is an eye opener. Board members concurred that the committee proposal should proceed. Handouts will be prepared for directors and a presentation will be made at the September System Council. Kurt Hadeler remarked that he is not in favor of uniformity as we are moving as whole away from local library autonomy. 

    Public Relations – committee submitted a report on BooksNJ2015 held on June 14 at the Paramus Public Library for an estimated 3,000 readers and about 100 authors.

    Technology – Kurt Hadeler submitted a recommendation to subscribe to SkyRiver cataloging utility that member libraries can use to search more than 50 million item records to submit to BCCLS staff for inclusion in the catalog at a cost of $51,300 including one-time implementation fees in 2016. It was pointed out that the product will save time for library staff and potentially saves BCCLS cataloging staff time and that we must commit to the purchase by August 15 to secure the $51,300 pricing. Discussion ensued about the SkyRiver hit rate percentage, training, and deleting products such as Muse Global, Naxos, & Career Cruising in order to take the funds from the 2015 budget. Len LoPinto disagreed with the elimination of Career Cruising from the membership offerings. Dave Franz stated that the Executive Board should not approve an ongoing expense of approximately $50,000+ annually for five years without membership input and approval but rather build it into next year’s budget. MOTION: Dave Franz moved that the SkyRiver subscription be included in the 2016 Budget proposal along with a review of current product subscriptions such as Muse Global and Naxos. Kurt Hadeler seconded. On a voice vote Motion carried.

    Supervisory Training Task Force – Kurt Hadeler presented the proposal for a Library Leaders Training program to be conducted by Marzena Ermier. Objective of the program is to improve leadership abilities by focusing on core competencies and building the skillsets of selected participants in a specialized training program. Program includes a series of training courses addressing competencies that directly impact leadership and supervisory skills of the selected participants and will consist of a combination of full and half day sessions. The maximum number of program participants is 20. Project cost is $10,000 with a charge of $200 per participant recommended for each student which would offset BCCLS expenses by $4000 resulting in $4000 participants / $6000 BCCLS split. MOTION: Kurt Hadeler moved that the Library Leaders Training Program be approved. Marilyn DeMolli seconded. On a voice vote, all in favor; 1 abstention; Motion carried.

  8. Old Business: None

  9. New Business:

    Helpdesk/Ticket System Proposal – Marie Coughlin presented a proposal developed by Eric Lozauskas. She reported that of the three products evaluated by BCCLS staff and the Technology Committee, the ZenDesk product at a cost of $6,376 annually which reflects a 30% non-profit discount is recommended. Implementation will include redirection of the helpdesk form to a trouble ticketing system which will assist BCCLS staff in managing and responding to member libraries requests for support and also handle both external inquiries such as Feedback. The product will also help us to gather meaningful statistics. MOTION: Chris Doto moved that BCCLS purchase the ZenDesk helpdesk product at $6,376 annually. Dave Franz seconded. On a voice vote, Motion carried. 

    Lynda Pro Project Proposal – Marie Coughlin presented a proposal developed by Laurie Meeske which addresses the increased demand for training for staff members at a cost of $6,000 per year for 20 licenses. Brief discussion took place about the implementation of Lynda Pro by LibraryLinkNJ and Jennifer Breuer commented on her positive experience with the product in Glen Ridge. Len LoPinto recommended, and Board members concurred, that the Lynda Pro online training resource be included in the 2016 budget proposal.

    Len LoPinto suggested, and Board members agreed, that condolences be sent to the Charleston County Public Library for librarian Cynthia Hurd. 

    Committee Reports – MOTION: Kurt Hadeler moved that reports be solicited from Committee Chairs in advance of System Council meetings and be appended to the packet for distribution. Carol Shaw seconded. Motion carried.

    Len LoPinto recommended, and Board members concurred, that in the interest of time questions from the membership about the Treasurer’s Reports be emailed before the System Council meetings so that correct answers can be rendered at the meetings.

    At this point in the meeting, the following action took place. MOTION: Dave Franz made a motion to accept the 2014 Audit & Governance Reports. Mimi Hui seconded. Motion carried.

  10. Membership Hearing: Judah Hamer commented on the transition from the ‘free director logon’ to the Leap Client charge and suggested that the introduction of the 2016 budget be placed earlier on the Agenda. Kurt Hadeler suggested six (6) System Council meetings annually. Jennifer Breuer suggested that the Scholarship awards be presented at the annual Friends Breakfast. Len LoPinto recommended convening small group meetings in September prior to System Council to review the proposed 2016 budget documents.

  11. Closed Session: MOTION: Mimi Hui moved to go into closed session to discuss the three-month Executive Director evaluation. Riti Grover seconded. Motion carried.

    MOTION: Mimi Hui moved to resume open session. Riti Grover seconded. Motion carried.

    Len LoPinto advised that at a future date to be determined the Executive Board Evaluation Committee will meet with Marie Coughlin to discuss the three-month evaluation as she continues in her position as the BCCLS Executive Director. The six-month evaluation will take place in August, which will conclude the probationary period. 

  12. Date of Next Meeting: Wednesday, August 26, 2015

  13. Adjournment: 1:30 p.m.