02-25-15 Minutes

02-25-15 Minutes

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Executive Board February 25, 2015

PRESIDING:                Len LoPinto                                           Paramus

PRESENT:                  Adele Puccio                                         Bloomfield

                                    Christine Hartigan                                  East Rutherford

                                    Mimi Hui                                                Hasbrouck Heights

                                    Dave Franz                                            Hillsdale

                                    Marilyn DeMolli                                      Lodi

                                    Kurt Hadeler                                          Mahwah

                                    Riti Grover                                             Norwood

                                    Chris Doto                                             Park Ridge

                                    Carol Shaw                                           Wallington

                                    Laura Rifkin                                          Washington Township

                                    Robert W. White                                         BCCLS

                                    Pat Loughnane                                      BCCLS

  1. Minutes of Previous Meeting:  MOTION: Riti Grover moved that the January minutes be approved. Kurt Hadeler recommended that the Notes from the Closed Session on 1/29/2015 be integrated into the January minutes.  Chris Doto seconded. There being no further revisions to the minutes, they will stand as written. Motion carried.  MOTION: Laura Rifkin moved that the Notes from the Closed Session on 1/29/2015 be approved. Mimi Hui seconded. Motion carried.

  2. Public Portion: None

  3. Treasurer’s Report: Mimi Hui presented the January 2015 P&L Report.  No questions.

    Of the 2015 Budget of        $3,278,405                            $2,819,477         has been received
    leaving a balance of                458,928                            Total expenses                         819,547
    leaving a balance of            -2,458,858                            Checking Account Balance      657,709
    NJ Cash Management         1,300,323                             Scholarship                                 30,400

    The financial report has been filed for audit.

  4. Correspondence: Letter dated February 4, 2015 informing the Rochelle Park Board of Trustees that the Library is in compliance with BCCLS Bylaws for calendar year 2015 based on the presentation of their 2015 budget plan.  Letter dated February 19, 2015 to County Executive James Tedesco III and the Board of Chosen Freeholders seeking a grant in the amount of $125,000 for 2015. Len LoPinto reported that he plans to schedule a presentation before the Freeholder Board prior to July 1 with Executive Director Marie Coughlin and several Board members.

  5. President’s Report: Len LoPinto mentioned that Robert White’s last day in the office is Friday, February 27th but that he will continue to work on the Analyzing Expenses spreadsheet, the history of BCCLS, and consult with the new Executive Director as needed through the end of June. He personally thanked Robert for his guidance throughout the years and remarked that a wonderful way to honor Robert is to give to the Robert White BCCLS Scholarship. Carol Shaw offered a personal anecdote about Robert appearing before the Wallington Board of Trustees in 1993 urging them to join BCCLS.

  6. Executive Director’s Report: Robert White’s monthly report was distributed to Board members earlier. He commended Ruth Greenberg and Margaret O’Keefe for their planning and implementation of Collection HQ. He mentioned the upcoming visit to Suffolk County by the Technology committee to review and discuss the SkyRiver catalog submission software. He informed Board members that Northvale Library has hired Ellen O’Keefe as director and has retained attorney Michael Cerone, Jr.

  7. Committee Reports: 

    Bylaws – Chair Eileen Karpoff recommended that a recent complaint regarding a library’s policy of assessing a fine to anyone who borrows one of its 1 day DVDs or brand new video games and does not return the item(s) to the owning library be addressed by the Policies & Procedures committee as the Bylaws committee does not believe that this practice violates the Bylaws, specifically the section forbidding libraries from charging for reciprocal services among libraries.

    Nominating – Len LoPinto advised Board members that the attached Charge will be added to the 2015 Committee Assignments and Charges posted online.

    Policies & Procedures – The committee submitted the following recommendations and procedures for approval. MOTION: Chris Doto moved that the changes to Presentation of Library Card, Open Borrowing and Library Closing and Renovations be approved. Mimi Hui seconded. Motion carried.

    The committee submitted the attached policy changes for approval by the membership.
    MOTION: Chris Hartigan moved that the BELS policy change be sent to the membership for approval.  Following discussion about reciprocity with the BELS consortium of school media centers, JerseyCat, and school/library cooperation, the following action took place. MOTION: Carol Shaw tabled the original Motion and moved that the BELS section be referred back to Policies & Procedures. Kurt Hadeler seconded. Motion carried.

    MOTION: Kurt Hadeler moved that the new Subscription policy be sent to the membership for approval.  Following a brief discussion, it was decided to revise and replace the word “Subscriptions” with “Electronic Resources” throughout the section. Laura Rifkin seconded. Motion carried.

    Public Relations – The 2015 BCCLS PR Committee recommended the purchase of LibGuides by SpringShare at a cost of $4,000 annually. The PR Committee envisions the software being used for book club kits, BCCLS Visor, Invite an Author, Book of the Day, and also being utilized by other committees. MOTION: Laura Rifkin moved that $4,000 be expended annually to purchase LibGuides software. Chris Hartigan seconded. On a voice vote, Motion carried.

    At this point in the meeting, Len LoPinto mentioned the need to establish a line item such as “Miscellaneous” in the budget to fund productivity tools such as LibGuides throughout the year.

    C.A.L.M. – Chair Adele Puccio reported that 8 community circle breakfasts have been scheduled along with the New Director breakfast on May 5th at the Hasbrouck Heights Library.

    Friends of the Library Task Force – Chair Mimi Hui mentioned the successful Friends Talk on Membership Development on February 18th. The next program is on March 18th on Book Sales. She has been approached by NJLA for information about the Task Force. Kurt Hadeler suggested she reach out to NJLTA. Len LoPinto advised that the Task Force will become a permanent committee next year.

    Personnel – Chair Laura Rifkin reported that the committee will distribute three surveys – salary, benefits, volunteers. The New Professionals breakfast is scheduled for June 5th at the Millburn Library. Committee is planning a workshop for directors – part 1 on addressing staffing issues and progressive discipline and part 2 on the next step-legal counsel.

    Public Relations – Len LoPinto mentioned the BooksNJ2015 festival on June 14th at the Paramus Library.  Funding for the event is underwritten by the Paramus Library & BCCLS at $5,000 each and Berkeley College at $10,000.  A grant request has also been sent to the State Library.

    Technology – Kurt Hadeler reported that the committee is working on re-tooling Tech Tuesdays by making it more interactive and webinar based. He also mentioned the road trip to check out the functionality of the SkyRiver software in Suffolk County.

    Supervisory Training Task Force – Kurt Hadeler outlined the planned supervisory training model: ½ day training a month from September through June for up to 20 people utilizing a paid facilitator. Topics will be developed by the task force with modifications by the trainer as needed. Libraries will fund a part of the costs.

    Structure & Organization – Len LoPinto advised that the packet of documents developed by the task force is important information that all Boards of Trustees should have on hand before they are faced with replacing an existing director. All documents will be posted in the knowledgebase. The section pertaining to trustees will be sent to the Advocacy Services Co-chairs and the new director section distributed to new directors.

  8. Old Business: Robert White responded to questions about the LEAP web client and Hoopla timelines. Len LoPinto mentioned the new BCCLS newsletter Cobalt.

  9. New Business:

    (1) Northvale Public Library – Board members received a request for reinstatement in BCCLS from the President and Treasurer of the Northvale Library Board of Trustees. MOTION: Carol Shaw moved that the Northvale Public Library be reinstated in the Bergen County Cooperative Library System. Marilyn DeMolli seconded.  On a voice vote, Motion carried.

  10. Membership Hearing: Kurt Hadeler complained, and Board members concurred, about the poor delivery and customer service from Dynamex over the last several months. Robert White will follow up with LibraryLink Executive Director Cheryl O’Connor and the membership.

  11. Date of Next Meeting: System Council 3/19 @ Maywood; Executive Board 4/15 @ BCCLS

  12. Adjournment: 11:10 a.m.