01-29-15 Minutes

01-29-15 Minutes

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Executive Board January 29, 2015

PRESIDING:                Len LoPinto                                           Paramus

PRESENT:                  Adele Puccio                                         Bloomfield

                                    Christine Hartigan                                  East Rutherford

                                    Mimi Hui                                                Hasbrouck Heights

                                    Dave Franz                                            Hillsdale

                                    Marilyn DeMolli                                      Lodi

                                    Kurt Hadeler                                          Mahwah

                                    Riti Grover                                             Norwood

                                    Chris Doto                                             Park Ridge

                                    Laura Rifkin                                          Washington Township

                                    Robert White                                         BCCLS

                                    Pat Loughnane                                      BCCLS

GUESTS:                   Marie Coughlin, New York Public Library, Tim Murphy, Eileen Karpoff, Mary Riskind, Judah Hamer, Jennifer Breuer.  

Len LoPinto welcomed Marie Coughlin, Board members and guests and asked them to introduce themselves.

  1. Minutes of Previous Meeting:  MOTION:  There being no additions or corrections to the minutes, they will stand as written.  Motion carried.

  2. Election of 2015 Vice-President & Treasurer:  It was noted that Robert White is the Secretary of the Organization.
    Following past practice, Len LoPinto made the following recommendations:

    Nominated Dave Franz for the office of Vice-President.   There being no other nominations, the Secretary casts one vote for the unanimous election of Dave Franz as 2015 Vice-President.

    Nominated Mimi Hui for the office of Treasurer.   There being no other nominations, the Secretary casts one vote for the unanimous election of Mimi Hui as 2015 Treasurer.

    Appointment of Executive Board Finance & Personnel Committees: Along with himself, Len LoPinto appointed Franz, Mimi Hui, and Kurt Hadeler to the Board Finance Committee and Laura Rifkin, Adele Puccio, and Chris Doto to the Board Personnel Committee.

    At this point in the meeting, Len LoPinto informed Board members that the Executive Director Search Committee is recommending Marie Coughlin as the new BCCLS Executive Director.  She addressed the Board and Search Committee members concerning the site visits to three BCCLS libraries on January 14th, her library experience, and what she sees as her role in supporting library directors and library innovation & ideas.  She responded to questions from several Board members about her government relations experience, financial acumen as it pertains to local library funding, her management style, and how she changed the service culture at her current library.

  3. Closed Session:  MOTION:  Kurt Hadeler moved to go into closed session to discuss the Executive Director Search.  Dave Franz seconded.  Motion carried.  Len LoPinto requested that Search Committee members stay for the closed session.  MOTION:  Kurt Hadeler moved to resume open session. Dave Franz seconded.  Motion carried.

    Notes from Executive Board Closed Session submitted by BCCLS Vice-President Dave Franz

    ATTENDING:  Len LoPinto, Dave Franz, Mimi Hui, Kurt Hadeler, Chris Hartigan, Chris Doto, Adele Puccio, Laura Rifkin, Riti Grover, Marilyn DeMolli, Tim Murphy, Eileen Karpoff, Mary Riskind, Judah Hamer, Jennifer Breuer

    Executive Board went into closed session to discuss the recommendation of the Executive Search Committee. The Executive Search Committee stayed to answer questions and discuss the search process. The issue of compensation level in regard to the candidate’s experience and qualifications was the only point of departure among the Board.

    Dave Franz made a motion to accept the recommendation of the Executive Search Committee that Marie Coughlin be hired as the Executive Director at a compensation level of $150,000 and other benefits as outlined in the current BCCLS Personnel Manual. The vote was taken. There was a discussion about protocol in light of sunshine laws. It was agreed to return to open session and confirm the vote.”

    In open session, the following action took place.  MOTION:  Dave Franz moved that the Executive Board accept the recommendation of the Executive Director Search Committee to hire Marie Coughlin for the position of Executive Director at an annual salary of $150,000 effective March 2, 2015.  Chris Doto seconded.  By a show of hands the vote was taken: five (5) in Favor; four (4) Opposed.  Motion carried.

  4. Public Portion: To a round of applause, Mary Riskind extended a personal thank you to Robert White and expressed her utmost appreciation for all he has done for BCCLS.

  5. Treasurer’s Report: Mimi Hui presented the November and December 2014 P&L Reports.  Board members received a Guide to Financial Reports from Robert White in advance of the meeting.  No questions.

    Of the 2014 Budget of        3,090,948                            $3,170,926         has been received
    leaving a balance of                 79,978                            Total expenses                2,847,549
    leaving a balance of              -243,399                            NJ Cash Management        1,365,252
    Checking Account                  282,853                             Scholarship                          28,300

    The financial reports have been filed for audit.

  6. Bylaws Committee:  Len LoPinto asked Bylaws Chair Eileen Karpoff to present the attached Bylaws recommendations.  She reported on the background discussions with regard to restructuring the composition of the Executive Board from 4 At Large with two years terms and 5 Rotation members with one year terms to 5 At Large members and 4 Lottery members each serving two year terms staggered in odd and even years.  It was noted that changes are planned for the nominating process but that the Nominating committee will continue to make the recommendations to the membership. Kurt Hadeler recommended that the phrase ‘two consecutive terms’ in Article II Section 2.(a) be changed to read ‘four consecutive years’.  MOTION:  Chris Doto moved that the revised Bylaws recommendations be sent to the membership for introduction in March and approval in May.  Kurt Hadeler seconded.  Motion carried.
  7. Correspondence:  Letter dated January 13, 2015 from Verona Library Director Cheryl Ashley requesting information regarding fees associated with joining BCCLS.  Robert White will respond with some preliminary info.  He advised Ms. Ashley to make a formal request for consideration and implementation in 2016.

  8. President’s Report: Len LoPinto’s report was distributed to Board members earlier.  He commented on the expansion of the world language subscriptions in 2015, the Friends of the Library Task Force, and the Johnson Legislation Task Force.  He will announce the hiring of Marie Coughlin as the new Executive Director to the membership next week

  9. Executive Director’s Report: Robert White’s monthly report was distributed to Board members earlier.  He reported that Northvale is close to hiring an interim director this month. It was noted that Northvale will submit a formal request to be readmitted to BCCLS and that formal ratification by Boards of Trustees is not required of a Bergen County library.

  10. Committee Reports: 

    Reciprocity Task Force – Dave Franz reported that the committee plans to wrap up their charge this year and asked that any questions about reciprocity issues be sent to him.

    Advocacy Services – Written evaluation submitted for ‘Beyond Library Law’ on 11/12/2014 attended by 60 people.

    CALM – Written evaluation submitted for ’10 Written Policies Your Library Should Have on Hand” on 12/2/2014 attended by 36 people.

    Technology – Written evaluation submitted for ‘Google! Going Beyond the Basics” on 11/20/2014 attended by 57 people.

    Youth Services – Written evaluation submitted for ‘Mock Newbery, Caldecott, and Printz Awards’ on  01/16/2015 for 36 people.

  11. Old Business:

    (1)  Rochelle Park Library – Len LoPinto reported that the Executive Board subcommittee for Rochelle Park consisting of himself, Dave Franz, Kurt Hadeler, and Christine Hartiganmet earlier to review and discuss the Township of Rochelle Park plan that would bring the library into compliance with BCCLS Bylaw Article 1, Section 3(a)(ii) Qualifications for Membership.  MOTION:  Dave Franz moved that the Executive Board approve the recommendation of the Rochelle Park subcommittee to accept the Township of Rochelle Park plan to comply with BCCLS Bylaws Article I, Section 3(a)(ii) in 2015 and that their plan be reviewed annually. Kurt Hadeler seconded.  Motion carried.

    Len LoPinto remarked that the Bylaws committee will review the governance requirements for membership for association libraries.

    (2) Website Policies & Legal Notices – Len LoPinto referred to the list of long-standing Policies posted on the website.  He recommended, and Board members concurred, that the listing be changed to Website Polices & Legal Notices and that the entries be delineated as such. He also recommended that policies be sent to the membership for approval.

  12. New Business:

    (1)  2015 Committee Assignments & Charges will be posted to the membership next week.

    (2) BCCLS Newsletter – Len LoPinto remarked that initial publication of the Cobalt newsletter has been well received and will help to disseminate general information to the entire membership.

  13. Membership Hearing:  None

  14. Date of Next Meeting:  Wednesday, February 25, 2015

  15. Adjournment:  12:45 p.m.