10-16-14 Minutes

10-16-14 Minutes

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Executive Board October 16, 2014

Closter Public Library, 9:00 a.m.

PRESIDING:                Len LoPinto                                           Paramus

PRESENT:                   Rita Browning                                        Cresskill

                                    Christine Hartigan                                  East Rutherford

                                    Tim Murphy                                           Fair Lawn

                                    Judy Heldman                                       Harrington Park

                                    Dave Franz                                            Hillsdale

                                    Richard Mariconda                                Little Ferry

                                    Kurt Hadeler                                          Mahwah

                                    Martin Gilbert                                        Tenafly

                                    Marianne Willms                                    Wallington

                                    Robert White                                         BCCLS

                                    Pat Loughnane                                      BCCLS

  1. Minutes of Previous Meeting:  MOTION:  There being no additions or corrections to the August minutes, they will stand as written.

  2. Public Portion:  None

  3. Treasurer’s Report: None 

  4. Correspondence: Letter from West Orange Public Library dated September 23, 2014 seeking membership in BCCLS along with an Expense Projection spreadsheet was distributed to Board members. Discussion ensued about the financial implications and benefits to existing members and contiguous libraries of admitting West Orange to the Cooperative. A question was also raised about the rate of non-participation by Essex County libraries in committee work. In response to a question from Len LoPinto, Robert White assured Board members that the impact on BCCLS staff time and training will be minimal. MOTION: Tim Murphy moved that the request for membership by the West Orange Public Library be forwarded to the membership for approval. Marianne Willms seconded. Motion carried.

  5. President’s Report: Len LoPinto mentioned that John Keister informed him that some resumes have been received for the Executive Director position – none from New Jersey, however.  More information when it becomes available.

  6. Executive Director’s Report: Robert White informed Board members that Innovative/Polaris reduced their staff by 22% company-wide in advance of the Polaris Users Meeting last week.

  7. Committee Reports:   

    (1) Youth Services – Written evaluation submitted for the Common Core Boot Camp for 86 people on 9/12/2014 at Ridgewood Library.

  8. Old Business:

    (1) Rochelle Park Library
    Len LoPinto reviewed the various steps taken by the Rochelle Park Acting Director/Consultant in 2013, the BCCLS Executive Board on June 25, 2014, the BCCLS Bylaws Committee on August 13, 2014, the BCCLS Executive Board on August 27, 2014 with regard to the failure of the Rochelle Park Library to comply with the 1/3rd of a mill requirement of Bylaws Article I, Section 3. (a)(ii) Qualifications for Membership.  At the conclusion of a brief discussion about the timeline moving forward, the following action took place.  MOTION: Christine Hartigan moved that an investigation of the charge of non-compliance with Bylaws Section 3. (a)(ii) by the Rochelle Park Library has been found to be valid and that written notice be sent to the Director and Board of Trustees along with a hearing date not to exceed thirty (30) days.  Tim Murphy seconded. Motion carried.  Mr. LoPinto will report on the status of the Rochelle Park Library to the System Council at the membership meeting.

  9. New Business:

    (1) Open Borrowing – Reciprocity Task Force
    Dave Franz summarized the discussion at the Task Force meeting on October 7th with regard to renewing the existing Open Borrowing Memo of Agreement. Task Force members concurred that BCCLS renew the contract with the understanding that BCCLS supports and defends Rutherford Library’s decision to not participate in the program.  Task force members also recommended that the reimbursement amount be increased to $.42 from $.25.  Following discussion about the rationale for Rutherford declining to participate, the statistics covering borrowing and lending between OB partners, increasing the reimbursement rate, and asking Bylaws to take up the issue of denying a library’s participation in such a program if they have withdrawn from BCCLS, the following action took place.  MOTION: Dave Franz moved to accept the Reciprocity Task Force recommendations on renewing the Open Borrowing Memo of Agreement for one year and increasing the reimbursement amount to $.42 per item.  Martin Gilbert seconded.  Motion carried.

  10. Membership Hearing: None

  11. Date of Next Meeting: Wednesday, 11/12/2014 (Joint 2014/2015 Executive Board)

  12. Adjournment:  9:50 a.m.