06-25-14 Minutes

06-25-14 Minutes

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Executive Board June 25, 2014

PRESIDING:                Len LoPinto                                           Paramus

PRESENT:                   Rita Browning                                        Cresskill

                                    Tim Murphy                                           Fair Lawn

                                    Laura Kirsch                                          Hackensack

                                    Judy Heldman                                       Harrington Park

                                    Dave Franz                                           Hillsdale

                                    Richard Mariconda                                Little Ferry

                                    Kurt Hadeler                                          Mahwah

                                    Martin Gilbert                                        Tenafly

                                    Marianne Willms                                    Wallington

                                    Robert White                                         BCCLS

                                    Pat Loughnane                                      BCCLS

GUESTS:                     Rochelle Park Mayor Valenzuela, Administrator Davidson, Township Clerk DeMaria 

  1. Minutes of Previous Meeting:  MOTION: There being no additions or corrections to the minutes, they will stand as written. Motion carried.

  2. Public Portion:  The Rochelle Park entry under New Business moved to Public Portion.  The Rochelle Park Mayor, Administrator, and Township Clerk addressed Executive Board members about the Township’s failure to fund their association library in accordance with the BCCLS Bylaw calling for an increase of 15% per year until the one-third of a mill of equalized valuation is reached.   Brief discussion ensued with regard to the history of financial payments to the library by the town, the current appropriation, the past and current management of the library, the recommendations of the library consultant hired in early 2013, and the strides the library is now making with a new director in place.  It was noted that Rochelle Park wants to continue its BCCLS membership and the township officials asked for consideration with regard to funding the library and complying with the BCCLS Bylaw.  Mr. White advised that Rochelle Park Township’s record of payments to the library will be referred to the Bylaws Committee for a determination.

  3. Treasurer’s Report: Tim Murphy rendered the April & May P&L Reports. 

    Of the 2014 Budget of        3,115,948                            $2,967,276   has been received
    leaving a balance of             -148,672                            Total expenses are   1,435,967
    leaving a balance of          -1,679,981                            Checking Account       239,862
    Cash Management             1,489,861                             Scholarship                  22,515

    It was noted that the financial reports have been filed for audit.

  4. Correspondence:Letter from scholarship winner Sara Keegan thanking BCCLS for awarding her the Mary Lou Abrams Memorial Scholarship.
  5. President’s Report: Len LoPinto outlined his goals for the remainder of 2014.

    • Assist BCCLS in preparing for a new Executive Director
    • Serve on Search Committee to assist in hiring the best new Executive Director
    • Assist with the preparation and presentation of the 2015 BCCLS budget
    • Review the presentation of the BCCLS Treasurer’s Report
    • Continue to build consensus among the membership
    • Assist committees in achieving their charges and goals
    • Enforce the BCCLS bylaws as necessary
    • Assist in ensuring that new directors are involved in BCCLS
    • Assist new directors in understanding how decisions concerning BCCLS are made

  6. Executive Director’s Report:Mr. White’s monthly report was distributed earlier to Board members. He commented on the following:

    • No word yet on passage of the state budget – of primary concern is continued funding for the delivery service
    • Assemblyman Johnson’s proposed legislation which would allow individual libraries to raise their minimum funding level above the 1/3rd of a mill by local referendum  
    • Collection HQ staff training will take place in early July followed by training in September for up to 15 libraries

      He reviewed the attached copy of his mid-year progress report on the 2014 Goals established in January with Board members.Board members received the attached Executive Director digital action plan on how the 2014 Historical New York Times money should be re-allocated with some pathways for the 2015 expenditures for Zinio, Hoopla, and Axis 360 plus an eBCCLS action plan from Luca Manna. Robert White recommended that $80,000 be re-allocated to ebooks this year and endorsed the seven points in Luca Manna’s plan: (1) decrease current wait time from 25 to 21 days (2) lower holds ratio for eaudiobooks and ebooks (3) increase copy caps (4) increase minimum title purchases for new content for eaudiobooks and ebooks (5) purchase titles to fill gaps in collection (6) increase loan periods (7) add Simon and Schuster titles to the 3M Cloud library.

      MOTION: Laura Kirsch moved that $80,000 in 2014 Historical New York Times funds be re-allocated to ebooks this year.  Richard Mariconda seconded.  Following brief discussion about 3M and Simon & Schuster, Mr. White remarked that the eBCCLS Task Force should make the decisions on how the funds will be disbursed.  Mr. LoPinto called for a vote.  Motion carried

      County Grant in the amount of $125,000 has been confirmed – Freeholder resolution is expected in July.  There is also a possibility of $40,000 in capital funds being awarded to BCCLS.  More info as it becomes available

      He extended kudos to North Bergen Library for hosting Selected Shorts last evening and noted that he attended the grand opening of the new Children’s Room at the Norwood Library on June 21st.

  7. Committee Reports:   

    Advocacy Services – Written evaluation submitted for the NJLTA Road Show Workshop on May 14th for 74 people at Closter Library

    Bylaws – Committee is looking into restructuring the Executive Board and will review the Rochelle Park situation.

    Collection Development/Reference is working on Collection HQ implementation.

    C.A.L.M. will host four additional community circle breakfasts in the fall and sponsor a program on critical policies every library should have.

    Nominating – Len LoPinto reported that Tim Murphy has resigned from the Committee

    Personnel – 2014 Salary Survey questionnaire will be distributed on July 8th.

    Policies & Procedures – Committee submitted the attached modifications to the Policies & Procedures Manualfor approval.  MOTION: Tim Murphy moved that the attached P&P recommendations be sent to the membership for approval.  Judy Heldman seconded.  Brief discussion took place about the section on Reciprocal Borrowing for Bergen Community College.  Mr. LoPinto called the vote.  Motion carried.

    Technology – Kurt Hadeler reported on the committee’s current projects and recommendations:

    – Makerspace program on May 8th at the Mahwah Library attended by over 80 people
    – Evanced – Laurie Meeske is working with the vendor to remedy page load times
    – Knowledgebase – he queried how to clarify and codify what documents are posted to the site. Len LoPinto suggested a Board committee comprised of 3 people to establish a Knowledgebase policy.  Judy Heldman volunteered – Len LoPinto will recruit other directors
    – Committee recommends purchasing a subscription to Constant Contact, an email marking system. MOTION:  Kurt Hadeler move that BCCLS purchase a subscription to Constant Contact at a cost of $15,984 annually to be made available to all libraries.  Tim Murphy seconded.  Motion carried.
    – Committee recommended that text messaging for users be turned on.  It was noted that implementing this feature will require a minimal change in the Polaris configuration.  Board members concurred with the committee recommendation that the BCCLS office proceed with the texting feature by Labor Day.
    – After careful review, the committee recommended that accepting credit cards on a system-wide level by tabled for 12-18 months.

    Kurt Hadeler reported on the committee’s work in outlining functional requirements for an online system to submit items for inclusion in Polaris and the feedback from Robert White, Ruth Greenberg, and Luca Manna.  Mr. White commented on Morris County’s submission process and mentioned a possible utilization of Baker & Taylor records.  Mr. Hadeler mentioned that due to the growing complexity of the undertaking, a vendor/consultant may need to be engaged to build the product as packaged products don’t work for our application.   The committee will look at developing a flow chart and look into B&T cataloging records.  Robert White commented on future funding for the product and Mr. LoPinto remarked that an online submission process will be more efficient for everyone. 

    World Language Task Force – Len LoPinto reported that the committee is working on expanding the language offerings through subscription.

    Search Committee – Dave Franz reported on the three small group meetings convened by the BCCLS President to solicit feedback from directors on the organization’s strengths, weaknesses, challenges and what qualities we are seeking in a new Executive Director. It was noted that consultants John & Beth Keister attended two of the three  meetings in order to familiarize themselves with the culture of BCCLS and the needs of our libraries. Commentary     took place among Board members about setting a uniform fine policy with the suggestion that P&P look into the issue. 

  8. Old Business: None

  9. New Business:

    (1) Rochelle Park – already done

    (2) Website Policies – Board members received a document outlining a variety of policies for posting on our website. It was noted by Len LoPinto that the policies have been through attorney review for approval and that the document codifies specific policies. Following discussion about disclaimers on library websites and how, when and where the website policies were developed, the following action took place. MOTION: Tim Murphy moved that the Website Policies be posted on the BCCLS homepage. Laura Kirsch seconded. All in favor; one abstention; Motion carried.

    (3) Closed Session: MOTION: Tim Murphy moved to go into closed session to discuss the six-month contract extension for the Executive Director. Dave Franz seconded. Motion carried.  MOTION: Tim Murphy moved to resume open session. Dave Franz seconded. Motion carried.

    In open session, the following action took place. MOTION: Laura Kirsch moved that the Executive Director’s contract be extended for six months through June 30, 2015. Judy Heldman seconded. Motion  carried.

    It was noted by Len LoPinto that the contract extension will be officially signed when Robert White submits his letter of resignation to the Executive Board.

  10. Membership Hearing: None

  11. Date of Next Meeting:  Wednesday, August 27, 2014   

  12. Adjournment: 12:05 p.m.