02-26-14 Minutes

02-26-14 Minutes

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Executive Board February 26, 2014

PRESIDING:                 Len LoPinto                                           Paramus

PRESENT:                    Rita Browning                                        Cresskill

                                    Tim Murphy                                           Fair Lawn

                                    Laura Kirsch                                          Hackensack

                                    Judy Heldman                                       Harrington Park

                                    Dave Franz                                           Hillsdale

                                    Richard Mariconda                                Little Ferry

                                    Kurt Hadeler                                          Mahwah

                                    Marianne Willms                                    Wallington

                                    Robert White                                         BCCLS

                                    Pat Loughnane                                      BCCLS

GUESTS:                      Wendy Bloom, Ramsey Library Director

  1. Minutes of Previous Meeting:  MOTION: There being no additions or corrections to the minutes, they will stand as written.  Motion carried.

  2. Public Portion:  Len LoPinto welcomed Wendy Boom to the meeting.

  3. Treasurer’s Report: Tim Murphy presented the January 2014 P&L Report. In response to a question, it was noted that all 2014 pre-payments have been received. No further questions.   

    Of the 2014 Budget of        3,115,948                            2,672,637       has been received
    leaving a balance of             -443,311                            Total expenses                 519,730
    leaving a balance of          -2,596,218                            NJ Cash Management     1,364,553
    Checking Account                524,959

    The financial report has been filed for audit.

  4. Correspondence: None.

  5. President’s Report: Len LoPinto mentioned that the three small group meetings held this month were very successful and well attended – Robert White will prepare an action plan on the particular issues discussed at the meetings for Executive Board review. He noted that Robert White spoke to Ridgewood Library Director Nancy Greene last evening and he also distributed a survey to directors soliciting feedback on libraries charging for BCCLS services. He spoke about the Mission Statement program being co-sponsored by Advocacy Services and CALM committees and the work of the Reciprocity Task Force. It was reported that Robert White will render a written report on the history of the collaboration between BCCLS and Bergen Electronic Library for Schools (BELs) at the April Executive Board meeting.

    The Executive Director Search Committee has not met but he plans to add one more person to the committee. He will send email to directors asking for feedback, speak to the BCCLS staff, and convene small group meetings when the search for a new Executive Director commences.

  6. Executive Director’s Report: Robert White’s monthly report was distributed to Board members earlier. He reported that Maplewood Library will ‘go live’ on March 12.

    He reviewed the paragraphs of Bylaws Section 3.1 Obligations of Membership (copy attached) and offered anecdotal information about each. He reported that 14 resumes have been received to date for the cataloger position and those interviews are scheduled for March 3rd and March 6th. The goal is to have the position filled by April 1st.

    While reviewing his 2014 Goals (copy attached) he focused on the following:

    • The introduction of a web client which will be available for circ activities in 2014 and cataloging back room activities in 2015.
    • Decoupling BELS from BCCLS – in response to a question from Dave Franz about the BELs catalog impeding the implementation of Muse Global for BCCLS and the amount of staff time devoted to it, Mr. White responded that Muse Global will be ready to go in mid-March and that Polaris worked on the customization.
    • Passage of legislation sponsored by Assemblyman Johnson seeking to set a minimum higher than 1/3rd of a mil. Kurt Hadeler mentioned the strategy being employed by NJLA to get support for the legislation during National Library Week. Len LoPinto mentioned that 84% of public libraries responding to a survey support the legislation
    • Development of an electronic submission process that would replace photocopy submissions
    • Streamline the offerings to members in terms of technical support and exit some marginal offerings for 2015 such as service contract support for network laser printers and Kirkus.

    He reported that the consensus of the three small group meetings was to not renew the New York Times Historical in June. The remaining funds will be reallocated to eBooks, Zinio and other projects. He is also exploring in-library use only for the New York Times. Len LoPinto advised that an action plan is forthcoming with regard to BCCLS administering subscriptions ala the Region.

  7. Committee Reports:   
    (1) Policies & Procedures – Committee submitted the attached recommendations for approval. MOTION: Tim Murphy moved that the attached recommendation be sent to the membership for approval. Richard Mariconda seconded. Brief discussion took place about the criteria for catalog submissions, Collection HQ helping to develop quality collections, and giving catalogers an additional mechanism for submissions. Motion carried.

    (2) Collection Development & Reference – As the expenditure of $64,000 in capital funds for a subscription to Collection HQ was contingent upon the approval of the committee, Co-chair Laura Leonard submitted a written report recommending that BCCLS purchase the subscription. She noted that training and support will be a key to the successful implementation of the product. MOTION: Kurt Hadeler moved to accept the Collection Development & Reference Committees recommendation to purchase Collection HQ. Tim Murphy seconded. Motion carried.

    (3) Reciprocity Task Force –
     Dave Franz reported on the issues discussed at the first meeting – inequities of service, materials budgets; reviewing statistics to measure usage, and the norms of borrowing. Richard Mariconda mentioned Little Ferry’s budget cuts and Laura Kirsch commented on budget issues and making libraries relevant.

    At this point, Len LoPinto reported on the Community Circle breakfasts and the New Director breakfast being sponsored by CALM and the Selected Shorts programs scheduled for June 24th at the North Bergen Library.

    (4) Technology –
     Kurt Hadeler reported on the topics on the committee’s ‘wish list” – refresher and advanced staff training & education; ½ day workshops on Google Cloud and Makerspaces; building dynamic websites; monthly tips, getting Evanced to the finish line; book club software; transitioning committees to Knowledge Base software, replacing the current listserv software with a product with more features, and online catalog submissions.

    Len LoPinto reported that the Bylaws committee will review the structure of the Executive Board; Public Relations has developed a new bookmark with a logo celebrating BCCLS 35th Anniversary, Youth Services is working on a training program for youth services librarians and a program to help directors advocate for youth services.

  8. Old Business: Ridgewood Library
    Len LoPinto led off the discussion by informing Board members that Robert White will report on his phone conversation with Ridgewood Library Director Nancy Greene last evening. Mr. LoPinto did note that 41 libraries immediately replied NO to the survey question about charging for BCCLS services. Robert White reported that the Ridgewood Library Board met last evening and that Nancy Greene spoke to him about local autonomy. He paraphrased her comment about “how is the public good served by forcing Ridgewood to forego the capacity to charge”. He suggested that he attend a Ridgewood Library Board of Trustee meeting. Len LoPinto enumerate Bylaws Section 5 (b) Removal from Membership 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. He pointed out that we have to be very clear with every procedure we undertake concerning the non-compliance of the Ridgewood Library with the BCCLS Bylaws.

    Following commentary from several Board members about the effect on BCCLS if Ridgewood withdraws, beginning a dialog with the Ridgewood Board, and convening a special System Council if necessary, the following action took place.

    MOTION: Dave Franz moved that the Ridgewood Library be informed that following the hearing conducted on Wednesday, January 29th and following discussion today, the 2014 Executive Board of BCCLS finds the charges brought against the Ridgewood Public Library to be accurate and as the Ridgewood Library is in violation of the Bylaws they be given up to thirty (30) days to present a plan to conform to the Bylaws. Laura Kirsch seconded. Roll call vote taken on the Motion: Franz – Yes; Mariconda – Yes; Hadeler – Yes; Heldman – Yes; Willms- Yes; Murphy – Yes; Browning – Yes; Kirsch – Yes. Motion carried.

    Mr. White was directed to immediately write the letter to the Ridgewood Library Board of Trustees stating that the Executive Board has found them not in compliance with the Bylaws and that he spell out the thirty (30) day timeline to present a plan to conform and inform them of the timeline involving the System Council if they fail to present a plan. He will also ask to be put on the Agenda to visit with the Ridgewood Library Board. Letter will be vetted by the Executive Board before being sent to Ridgewood Library first class mail.

    Tim Murphy remarked that we have to follow the procedure as outlined in the Bylaws slowly and methodically no matter the timeline. He stated that he deeply resents being put in this position by Ridgewood for $8,000.

  9. New Business: None

  10. Membership Hearing: Wendy Bloom commented on the number of Ridgewood patrons picking up their loans at the Ramsey Library because of the charging at Ridgewood

  11. Date of Next Meeting:  System Council 3/20 @ Upper Saddle River; Executive Board 4/23 @ BCCLS   

  12. Adjournment: 11:30 a.m.